How can I access files & folder from linux OS?

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I can not access my file  from Linux PC, how to share folder from RHEL,

How can I access files & folder from Linux OS?

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How can I access files & folder from linux OS?


Hi Baker,

There is a way that you can access files and folders from Linux system as you are in using windows OS.

The package name SAMBA :), if you configure samba server into your Linux system you can access files from a Linux system across the Windows. Configuration is given below…

1, Install samba-{common,client,swat} packages
2, Configure /etc/samba/smb.conf
3, Chkconfig smb on
4, service smb restart

# vi /etc/samba/smb.conf  ( make sure the following lines are available for you or you are edit as follows)

Linux group (working group)
Any name ( server string )
Hosts allow = 192.168.0. 127.
Host deny = 192.168.1.
Security = user / share

Share Erics’s home directory:
coment = Erics’s home share
pathe = /home/eric
public = no
writable = yes
printable = no
valid users = %S
create mode = 0664
directory = 0775

To create samba user:
# useradd -s /sbin/false username
# smbpassw -a username (create smb password)
# smbpasswd -e username (enable user)

Now you can access to Eric home directory

Some important command to samba server:
# smbclient -L hostname or Ip -N
# smbclient    //IP/smbshare -U username (login)
# smbmount   // IP/smbshare /mnt -o username=smbusr
# nmblookup * (list all machines)

Now you can find an Eric home directory as a share folder in your windows system, now you can access to your desire file from Linux system across the windows.

See more here

Britnu Salu

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How can I access files & folder from linux OS?


Hi Baker,

Generally there are two tools for sharing:

Samba is a Windows operating system based technology that enables windows operating systems to share a file from RHEL.

Another is Network File System (shortly named as NFS).

It is mainly invented for Linux operating system for sharing.

You can get a tutorial about NFS from


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How can I access files & folder from linux OS?


Hallo Mich,

In Linux as well as other Unix-based systems,  the drives are not different. If you are using Linux, everything that you want to access stems from the top folder in the stack, and it is referred to as the root folder and it can be accessed using a single forward slash – /.

Everything else is a folder, or it could be a directory which is below the forward slash. The home folder which is the equivalent of My Documents on windows will be at /home/yourname.

That implies that  from the root folder, you will need to go into the home directory and after that go into the yourname directory.

It is crucial to remember that every folder as well as file is case-sensitive, therefore myfile is not the same as MYFILE or mYFilE.




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