How to create boot loader for RHEL?

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I have a problem with a boot loader, my Linux OS is not booting, and I lost my Linux to access.

I found the problem that when I install Windows it killed my Linux OS, anyone can help me out?

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How to create boot loader for RHEL?


Hi Salu,

Don’t worry too much; you can get your links back within few commands
just following this instruction below.

If the boot loader corrupted:

Start with startup disk, the first command will

# Linux rescue


# chroot /mnt/sys_image
# /sbin/grub-install /dev/hda
# exit
# exit

If the problem will continue next step will…

# e2label /dev/hda0 -X

if found /boot and its number , put the before /boot
number on the # root (hd0,X) command in the grub
prompt .

# grub
# root (hd0,X)
# setup (hd0)
# quit

I hope you have your Linux back now

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