How to assign disc quota for users?

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I have one samba server where I need some restriction regarding disc space for individuals?

I don’t want give them more then 1GB of space each person, so what will be solution?

Can you help me out?

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How to assign disc quota for users?


Hi Dunley ,

You don’t need to worry about that. You can do your job easily using Red Hat Linux quota package.

Just type the following commands below 

# mount -o remount,usrquota /home 
# quotacheck -cM /home
# setquota -u Eric  0   0   972800   1024000    /home

Here Eric is a user, we are assign quota for him.
Here you have soft limit 950MB and hard limit is 1GB

# vi /etc/fstab   [edit the fstab for permanent ]
/home  /home ext3   defaults,usrquota   0   0

Check the quota for user –
# dd if=/dev/zero of=newfile bs=1000M count=1 (you can check quota for user with this command)

Britnu Salu

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