How to make schedule of work in Red Hat Linux?

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I want to make a schedule of data backup for my system. Is there any tools that I can use for them in Red Hat Linux?

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How to make schedule of work in Red Hat Linux?



Hi Monty,

This is very simple job for Linux OS ☺, I will explain. Here is a tool name “cron “it can help you to pick you up.

The cron mechanism allows processes to be invoked periodically.

Crontab file format is listed below. Crontab file has five fields that are elaborated below.

1. minute 0-59
2. hour 0-23
3. day of month 1-31 below
4. month of year 1-12
5. day of week 0-6 (0 = sun day)

# crontab –e command create a file for you where you edit as follows for  your schedule.

# crontab -e -u eric   (eric is user name)

Example :
* 17 */1 * * /bin/cp -r /etc /usr/backup    (Every day at 5pm system is taking a copy of etc folder into /usr/backup directory)

Britnu Salu


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