Is there a web-app that can collect images from people?

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I am collecting images from a recent event from a few different people.

I can use email, but the emails will probably be too big. I could use cloud storage, but that means everyone must have an account for that provider.

So, I am looking for a free web-app to allow other people to share pictures with me.


  • free
  • gives me a link I can share with the people
  • doesn't require the other people to register/give any information – but it could ask for a password
  • be as easy to use as possible
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Is there a web-app that can collect images from people?


You may try to run a FTP server by your own or using some free FTP site on the net. They are quite easy to use and users should be able to upload easily. Another option is to create a google form with file attachment function, however, it is not easy because you have to modify the script of the form. If the images could be shared among different people from the event, you may create a new cloud storage account and ask them to upload to that particular account.

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