Yahoo Messenger: I can’t Sign In!

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I'm now frustrated with this problem in Yahoo Messenger Client! I've been using this app for many years and I just met this weird issue. I logged in and the a trouble shooter dialog box appeared for a second only and lost, "how will I know my problem?" πŸ™

I already tried clean uninstalling and installed a new version, but still I can't log in. There's nothing wrong with my account, I can even sign-in to Yahoomail and messenger and it works fine. So I changed my password, just thinking if it would solve the problem and unlucky me "it didn't". I already tried configuring it in my IE but nothings work, also in Connection Preferences. My friends can log-in, and I think only me is having this weird issue.

You might be thinking that why I didn't ask for Yahoo Group help because it's useless their chat support is offline and I can't even send my report πŸ™  And I tried to wrote on their Facebook wall but when I came back to their wall just to check if someone advised me, and I was surprised because they erased it!

I can't see it anymore πŸ™ I'm beginning to hate Yahoo huhuhu πŸ™

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Yahoo Messenger: I can’t Sign In!


1. If you are using proxy server then check proxy setting in yahoo messenger.

2. If you are using older version of yahoo messenger then upgrade it or install newer version because older versions does not support dual messengers installed in windows.

3. Remove all the cookies before logging into yahoo messenger.

4. Check whether you ID is banned or not, if so create new ID

5. Sometimes your ID is banned so try not to login through banned ID.

6. If you faced an error during the installation of yahoo messenger, so remove it from control panel and reinstall it.

7. Click the "Messenger" menu in Yahoo! Messenger and select "Connection Preferences.".Enable the "No network detection" .

8. Contact customer care and provide them with answers to the following questions.

9. On your computer, are you able to sign in to Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 with any other Yahoo! ID? If yes then there is some problem with your ID.

10. You can also login thorough web messenger.

11. Close all your browser sign in first in yahoo messenger and then open your browsers.

12. Check your internet setting options in your browser.

13. Use Cleaner to clean all the temporary files.

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Yahoo Messenger: I can’t Sign In!

Hi Donna,
1st you must know what version of YM is compatible with your pc, don’t just upgrade your YM, here is the link of all version of all YM. Link
Download the version for your OS, uninstall your current YM and Install the version you downloaded, now test your YM if you can log in without having a problem.
If these not solve the problem, your system might be infected with virus,
Run a virus scan to your system; use Kaspersky anti virus trial version if you just want to try it first.
You can download it here.
After you download the antivirus, update it first before run a scan in your system.
When the scan is finish and your system is clean, try again to reinstall the YM.
If this still won’t work, then you have to reinstall your OS as a last option.
Hope this help,

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