Problem with Nimbuzz: Always online even after signing out

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I used nimbuzz to stay online in all my IM services at same time. Mainly i want to online with FaceBook. it was done. all are work correctly. But there is a big problem. when after i signed out, also show me as the online my friends.

But really i am not online. it is a big problem to me. because friends trying to chat with me. when i meet them they question me why are you not reply to us. but i told i am not really online.

They didn't believe me. i am in a big trouble now. i don't no how to solve it. every time show me as online. how can i solve this problem?

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Problem with Nimbuzz: Always online even after signing out


Hi Mate,

You can sign out from nimbuzz to solve your one problem. go to the nimbuzz account settings and select FaceBook account. Then click the disconnect button. Then FaceBook will be removed from your nimbuzz account.

So you never show online with nimbuzz again. It is the only way to show offline with nimbuzz to FaceBook. Other IM services are working correctly with nimbuzz.

You can use yahoo messenger to stay online with FaceBook. Ii is not like nimbuzz it only show yahoo messenger and FaceBook only and show offline correctly when you logged off use nimbuzz to other IM services use yahoo to FaceBook and yahoo.

This facility provides only with yahoo messenger 11. it is a still beta version. but work properly. this is the way to stay online FaceBook with a IM software.

You can update status to FaceBook via latest skype version. it not give chance to chat with others. only show updates and give chance to comment.


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Problem with Nimbuzz: Always online even after signing out


It is because your web activity doesn’t expire yet the time you logged out of Nimbuzz and the moment your friends saw your status there. Every website sets an expiration period on the user’s online status.

The site detects your every activity whether you are idle or doing something in a particular page. For example, the site sets an amount of 10 minutes before declaring that a user is idle.

If the page didn’t detect any activity from your connection within 10 minutes, your online status will be set to idle.

Maybe that’s what happened when your friends thought you were still online. Because of the volume of users accessing the site, sometimes your status will not be refreshed on time.

This is normal and is always happening in all social networking sites. The site might be busy processing other requests that’s why your online status wasn’t immediately refreshed.

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