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Internet Security

Internet Security

My friends are using my laptop whenever they visit me at home. I was shocked when I saw some of my original pictures stored on PC are showing on a search engine.

I asked my friends if they touched my files, but they said they didn't. I trust them very much so I started thinking maybe someone is trying to break into my computer anonymously, and that's why someone was able to get those pictures.

Is there a way to check if someone is trying to access my computer unauthorizedly?

Please let me know your inputs about this?

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

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I recently had some spyware installed on my computer which I removed using the Malwarebytes, however after this it had been removed and I lost connection to the internet.

I am connected to the wireless signal fine with no problem but there is only local access. I have checked the firewall settings and they are ok and the internet is working fine on other computers.

I am running Windows Vista operating system in my PC. I have run Malware bytes again in safe mode and there were two files  still found. I have removed these a couple of times but they still appear on the scan. So I don't know if these are causing the problems that occur.

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Virus is one of the biggest problem on the net. There is none who having these type of problems in his/her daily life. I was looking for a help to know that I have been affected by a virus that taking information from my Pc or getting my system slow?

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Kaspersky or Norton?

Which is the best?

What are better than these two?

Can I get the free versions of these to use?

Where can I get them?

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