Which are the best Internet Security

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Kaspersky or Norton?

Which is the best?

What are better than these two?

Can I get the free versions of these to use?

Where can I get them?

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Which are the best Internet Security


Norton would definitely be one of the best known names in the world of computer security. But Kaspersky has reached the brand name of Norton and to some extent has left it far behind. Kaspersky is way ahead of Norton.

Kaspersky provides an excellent Antivirus protection. Good anti-phishing, Solid anti-spyware/adware, accurate manual scanning, several definition update options and Easy installation. Norton only comes with great real-time protection, lighter resource footprint, and accurate manual scanning.

Norton lacks behind in anti-spyware/adware, it gives poor technical support, the UI is very difficult and the definition updates are very unclear. Kaspersky also lacks behind in a lot of sectors such as its buggy interface, very poor anti phishing and slow manual scanning.  Priced almost the same, both match each other equally but in case of protection Kaspersky clinched its way ahead of Norton.

Compared to both of the above, BitDefender Antivirus is the best one available around. It gives excellent Antivirus protection, good anti phishing, very firm anti spyware/adware, accurate and fast manual scanning, various definition updates available and a very easy installation. There are a few more brands for computer security like McAfee and Trend micro, but those have had their days and they are placed behind the others by a big margin.

So my personal preference would be to go with BitDefender. Second preference would be Kaspersky then would be Norton.
Because it is for the security that you get in a PC, where people store their very important information and documents. So, there cannot be any compromises with its security.

None of these are found for free.

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Which are the best Internet Security



Hello Navid,
For free antivirus, you can try the following options:
1. AVG – this is one of the best out there in the market, it has been touted as a full fledged antivirus and perhaps more importantly an anti spyware tool. It does pack quite a few bells and whistles under the hood and these include an email scanner, a link scanner and quite a few other options there is the option of automatically updating the virus once you are connected to the internet. It is there needless to purchase an Antivirus software when the free options pack quite a punch such as AVG.
2. Avast – my personal favorite this one. This antivirus packs among others a fully functioning antivirus and anti spyware engine shielding you from attacks from the internet. Automatic updating is enabled for this antivirus.
3. Comodo – an antivirus from comodo security which has been touted as the best on the market currently and for good reason too – the use of proprietary defense technology. Just as any other antivirus, this one will protect your computer and by extension yourself from various sources of attacks and weaknesses that may be exploited by viruses and other such malware.
4. Avira – another free antivirus that I have had the pleasure of using and which has helped me get rid of quite a number of troublesome viruses, Trojans, adware and quite a number of malware from my system. The fact that a free version exists should be a reason for you to try it out.
5. Panda –  panda cloud antivirus is another antivirus that will accord you protection from the menu of internet threats that you could come up with. Just like the other antivirus this one can also be acquired free. However what makes panda stand out is the fact that it makes use of cloud computing. This basically means that your system is scanned from servers and systems not locally on the machine thus freeing up the machine for other tasks while it is being scanned.
I hope this makes your day easier
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Which are the best Internet Security


Hello Naveed Abbas,

The best Antivirus that includes internet security I would say is AVG antivirus. AVG has a lot of features that ensure that your system is given maximum protection and therefore you do not have to worry about using the system on the internet or sharing files using it.

AVG has the link scanner feature that scans every link that you access when surfing the internet for potential viruses and malware and filter them or kill them so that your system is not attacked by the viruses. The antivirus itself is powerful and most of all user-friendly.

Clair Charles

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