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Internet Security

Internet Security


I have recently installed Norton Internet Security 2010 and it worked fine when one day I got this error message, see below.  After which, I get this error message every time I start my PC. 

I have searched the web and learned that this might have been caused by a virus or malware.

  I am not sure on how to resolve this. 

Any advice will be much appreciated. 

ccSvcHst.exe – Application Error

The instruction at “0x00000001” reference memory at “0x00000001”. The memory could not be “read”.

Click on OK to terminate the program

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I was trying out the beta version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 when I got this internal error message with code 2771. 

I tried searching the web and saw an article on how to repair code 2771. 

It has this repair tool button which I was not sure of if it would really repair my problem. 

Can someone guide me to a correct repair procedure instead? 

Hope to get feedback soon ASAP since my PC isn’t secure. 


Screenshot below:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Beta

Internal Error 2771. SandboxFeature


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Can my computer become instantly infected with a virus if I unknowingly open a malicious mail?

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I'm just curious if the strongest or the most durable Firewall can still be affected by a virus?

I know Firewall is for the computer hardware but I'm also curious about the security for online transactions especially when we deal with out payment information. 

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My computer's internet connection has been affected by spyware to the extent that I can no longer access it.

I am not sure how to save the antispyware program to a CD and then install it onto my laptop (my laptop does not
have a disk drive) and run it.

What should I do about it?

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I am trying to uninstall unnecessary programs on my computer because it is no longer responding as fast as it used to. When I go to All Programs, I see this item there that says XPS Viewer. I want to just uninstall it because I don't think I have ever used it but I am afraid that it could be useful in the future. I don't even know what it does. Could somebody please enlighten me? Thanks.

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Hello guys. I need to reformat my laptop because of a virus. Now here’s the thing. I’m using windows vista home premium. I had already changed the boot sequence, but it won’t boot from cd-rom.

It brings me to this part (see picture below) and restart after that part. Any help?


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I was having problems with my laptop long before. I can hide and undhide certain files without worries.

If I wanted to hide a file it was easy to show it in any folder by going to the folder options.

But it is different now, I had enabled "Do not show hidden files" on the folder options quite long ago and now, no matter how I clicked the "Always show hidden files" button, the files which are hidden do not show.

I keep on going back to the folder options menu and still the "Do not show Files" is still enabled.

How is this possible?

Is this a work of a virus?

Please help me.

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I am using a Kaspersky Antivirus 2011. Every time I start my computer, it reports to me that "The databases are absolute, update now." When I update, it keeps on repeating the same error message and adding that it never completed updating. What is the problem with it as I have a good internet access.

Thank you in advance.
Yours James Jude.
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This morning I noticed this error message showing on my security software “Win32/FakeIE”. I am using a CA internet security suite plus V7 on my computer. It also says false positive.

I just got this software installed few weeks ago and I just don’t know what to do with it.

I’m quite scared to touch it because I might not be doing the right thing here. Help me please ASAP!

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