Lost Internet Connection due to spyware

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I recently had some spyware installed on my computer which I removed using the Malwarebytes, however after this it had been removed and I lost connection to the internet.

I am connected to the wireless signal fine with no problem but there is only local access. I have checked the firewall settings and they are ok and the internet is working fine on other computers.

I am running Windows Vista operating system in my PC. I have run Malware bytes again in safe mode and there were two files  still found. I have removed these a couple of times but they still appear on the scan. So I don't know if these are causing the problems that occur.

I have just run LSP fix after knowing about it from another person but it didn't find any problem and the internet is still not connected and I have suffered a lot. How can I get out of this problem?

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Lost Internet Connection due to spyware


Sometimes running a virus scan is not enough to remove the virus infection on your computer. It needs a thorough process to totally wipe off the infections on the computer. Here are the steps that you can follow to remove the infections on your computer.

Solution 1: Disable System Restore. There are viruses that attack the restore points and if they get infected, there is a big chance that the virus can re-occur on your computer. It is sometimes necessary to disable the system restore before running a scan.

1. Click on Start, right click on My Computer then click on Properties.
2. In the System Properties screen click on System Restore Tab.
3. Remove the check mark on Turn off System Restore check box. Or click the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box.
4. Click OK.
5. Click Yes if you receive this dialog box “You have chosen to turn off System Restore. If you continue, all existing restore points will be deleted, and you will not be able to track or undo changes to your computer".

Note: Disabling the System Restore will delete the restore points. Once the System Restore is enabled, it will create new restore points. After disabling the System Restore, please update your Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a complete scan.

Solution 2: Remove unnecessary files on the computer like Temporary and Prefetch files. Since infections are also programs, they can leave some remnants on the Temp and Prefetch folders.

To remove temp files here are the steps:

1. Click Start button, click Run then type %temp%.
2. Click Ok.
3. In the Temporary Files screen click EDIT then click Select All.
4. Press Shift + Delete on the keyboard at the same time.
5. If prompted to delete the files click YES.

To remove the Prefetch files here are the steps.

Solution 3: Run a scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner.

1. Open IE and go to link
2. Click on Download Now Button.
3. Click run and follow the prompts to finish the installation.

Solution 4: Run a scan using Microsoft Malicious Software Removal tool.

1. Click the Start button and then click Run.
2. In the run box type mrt.
3. Click Next.
4. It will prompt you what type of scan you want, select Full Scan and click Next.
5. Just wait for the scan to finish and restart the computer.

Solution 5: Run a scan using McAfee AVERT Stinger.

1. Open IE and go to link

2. It will prompt you to run or save the file. If you want a copy of the file, click save but if you want to run the program just click Run.

3. On the Stinger screen click Preferences, change the Sensitivity Level to Medium, click on Report Application check box and then click OK.

4. After clicking Ok, it will go back to the main screen of Stinger. Click on Scan Now.

5. Just wait for the scan to finish and restart

Solution 6: Run a scan using Vipre Rescue Scanner from Sunbelt Software. This scanner is a command line based scanner.

1. Open IE and go to link

2. It will prompt you to Run or Save the file. If you want a copy of the file click save but if you want to run the program click Run.

3. After downloading the file, it will ask you to click Run again, so click Run.

4. After that, it will ask you "Do you wish to extract the VIPRE Rescue Scanner to your computer?" click Yes.

5. It will prompt you for a destination folder to unzip to. Keep the default (C:VIPRERESCUE) or enter a new folder, then click Unzip. Make sure the checkbox for "When done unzipping open: .deep_scan.bat" is checked.

6. VIPRE Rescue Program will download the files into the destination folder. Click Ok at the prompt.

7. The VIPRE Rescue Program will open a command line window and run a deep scan.

8. Just wait for the scan to finish and restart the computer.

Solution 7: Run a scan using TDSSKiller from Kaspersky. The TDSSKiller scanner is an Anti-Rootkit utility. These rootkits are infections that hide themselves in your computer and most of the time they are hard to remove.

1. Open IE and go to link.

2. It will prompt you to run or save the file. If you want a copy of the file click save but if you want to run the program click Run.

3. Once the file is downloaded on your computer, you just have to click Start Scan.

4. Just wait for the scan to finish and it will provide options what to do with the file. You can delete, cure, quarantine or skip on the detected file.

5. Restart the computer after removing the infected files.

Solution 8: Run a scan in Safe mode with networking. To boot your computer in Safe mode follows these steps.

1. Turn-off the computer.

2. Once you press the Power button on your computer/laptop immediately tap the F8 button on your keyboard continuously until you see Windows Advance Options Menu. If F8 won’t work use F5 instead.

3. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard highlight Safe mode with networking and press Enter.

4. Just wait for the drivers and load and then it will ask you to login.

5. Once the computer is booted in Safe mode with networking you can try to run any of the scanners I’ve mentioned above. Restart the computer in normal mode after running the scan.

After doing the above resolutions in removing the viruses on your computer, please follow these troubleshooting steps to fix your Internet Connection problem:

Step 1: Check the Proxy Server of your IE if it is enabled.

1. Open IE
2. Click on Tools then click on Internet Options
3. Click on the Connections tab and then click on LAN Settings
4. Make sure that the Use a proxy server for your LAN box is unchecked.

Step 2: Optimize your Internet Explorer browser setting.

1. Open IE
2. Click on Tools then click on Internet Options
3. On the General tab click on Delete button under Browser history.
4. A window will appear, put a check mark on all boxes and then press Delete.
5. Click on Security tab then click on Reset all zones to default level.
6. Click on the Privacy tab, make sure that the Privacy setting is set to medium.
7. Click on the Content tab then click on the Clear SSL state.
8. Click on Advanced tab and then click on Restore advanced settings.
9. Click Ok
10. Open IE to check for a connection.

Step 3: Reset Winsock Catalog of your Internet Connection.

1. Click on Run and type in “cmd”.
2. On the Command Prompt type in “netsh int IP reset” and then press enter.
3. Then type in “netsh Winsock reset” and then press enter.
4. Close Command Prompt.
5. Restart the computer.

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Lost Internet Connection due to spyware



Here are some possible solutions to your problem. But first let me clarify your problem. Basically is your problem is regarding your internet connection using LAN ? And if you can still use your WiFi ? If i got it right here are the options that I know. First check your LAN card if it's installed properly (right click on the computer and click manage) if there are no marks or punctuation beside the driver then it means that all drivers are installed properly.

In this case you have to re-install your LAN card. If this still doesn’t work the last option is to reinstall your operating system. Remember to back up all your files.


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Lost Internet Connection due to spyware


Hello Gerardo,

Since you have already removed the spyware, then your system should be safe from its threats. But during the process of scanning and removing the spyware program, the internet connection settings on your computer might have disappeared and therefore you will need to reconfigure them. Use the following process to reconfigure the settings:

  • On the task bar if your computer, click on the network identity icon.
  • Click on Open Network and Sharing Center, and then Click on change adapter settings.
  • Right click on the local area network connection and then click on properties.
  • Click on IPv4 and check if the settings are there. If they are not there, then configure them again and then save them.
  • Restart your computer to refresh the settings.

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung

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