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Fans / Cooling

Fans / Cooling

Hi there,

While working on my computer, after awhile when I’m in the middle of some job the computer freezers.

The following error appears.

“Oops Windows is Tired, Hey Windows is tired now. Let is freeze for sometime. See you later!”

When I select the “freeze” option, windows freezers and I can no longer carry out doing my job.

As the mouse and the keyboard do not function at this point I have to force shutdown or restart the computer.

If I select the option to “keep running”, would it in some way harm the computer?

Would this result in me having to reboot the system.

How do I overcome this issue?

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My computer shuts down unexpectedly, while i am in the middle of working. It just power offs. 

I turned it back on and after beeping ,it displayed the following message: CPU was shutdown due to a thermal event.

I then have the option to proceed with starting up the computer normally or to enter set-up of the system. 

A few times it failed to start back up and the only way i was able to get it back on was to remove the power cable from the power supply and plugging it back in.

I think that my computer is overheating and i tried installing a CPU cooler, but the one that i purchased did not fit.

What exactly do i need to do to prevent my computer from overheating?

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I need an urgent help please! I have installed Windows XP into my PC with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe as motherboard. Everything was working properly until yesterday when the following error was displayed in the computer screen “CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to continue.”

Therefore, I opened the computer chassis, checked the fan and I discovered that its sound is louder compared before.

I pressed F1 as what the message had directed me to do and it worked very fine.

The only thing that I don’t like is it happens every time I started my PC. It makes me feel uncomfortable always.

Is there somebody who can help me in addressing this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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 My best friend’s computer is experiencing the following error message every time he started his personal computer “PC fan has failed” while the black screen on the other hand can be observed. Then it directed him to hit the F2 for him to proceed to the next interface. Before, it took for about 5 minutes for his computer to shut down but recently he had observed that it already took for about 10 to 15 minutes to shut down.

One of our friends suggested to him to open the case of the system unit to double check if the fan is mounted properly and we found out that the fan is in the correct connector. We also cleaned the fan as well as the rest of the motherboard and restarted the computer again, but the same error has been displaying.

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TechyV Experts,

I am having a problem with my laptop's fan. My Operating System is Windows Vista. The model of my laptop is Acer Aspire 5532. It stopped working and I do not know how to fix it. I am kind of thrifty right now and as much as possible, I do not want to spend a cent. My laptop's fan would suddenly be put on a halt after 40 minutes or so that my laptop is turned on. Because of this, I decided to make my laptop rest for a while. But, the issue is going back. Please provide steps on how to fix this issue without spending too much.


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