Computer overheating power off issue

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My computer shuts down unexpectedly, while i am in the middle of working. It just power offs. 

I turned it back on and after beeping ,it displayed the following message: CPU was shutdown due to a thermal event.

I then have the option to proceed with starting up the computer normally or to enter set-up of the system. 

A few times it failed to start back up and the only way i was able to get it back on was to remove the power cable from the power supply and plugging it back in.

I think that my computer is overheating and i tried installing a CPU cooler, but the one that i purchased did not fit.

What exactly do i need to do to prevent my computer from overheating?

I noticed a few days ago that if i leave the computer open ,the frequency decreases.


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Computer overheating power off issue


Hi there, Phillip here

You are probably right, your computer is probably overheating so it's causing various hardware issues and affecting the whole system. Probable causes and fix for it would be:

  1. Purchase a fan or cooler for your PC. Make sure it's compatible with your system. Better quality the better. Purchasing a fan for your system is the most basic way to prevent your system for overheating and can be the solution to your problem.
  2. Place your computer in a nice, cool place. There is a possibility that the place where your PC is, is too hot and is causing the system unnecessary heat thus overheating.
  3. Try to determine what the cause of the overheating is; have it checked by a technician. It could be one or two of your PC's component is broken already and is causing overheating for your computer.
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Computer overheating power off issue



  •  You are facing overheating problem because possibily the CPU cooling fan is not in contact with your processor with no proper thermal grease(also thermal paste or thermal gel). 

Here a solution for your problem:

  1. Solution purchase a pack of thermal grease or thermal paste(a small pack will work).
  2. Open your CPU panel put the thermal paste above the processor or at the bottom of the CPU cooling fan.
  3. Tightly fix the CPU cooling fan above the processor(make sure that the 4 screws number may vary) and close the CPU panel.
  4. Now you can start your computer with no overheating problem.



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