Top 10 Cafe Software

Managing the customer’s system at an internet café is very important for the owner. To prevent any unusual activity or any violent activity is a very important responsibility of the owner.

So here are the most popular top 10 software used-

1. Pancafe proIn a busy internet café, it’s very important to manage each computer carefully. Procafe is free software that can be installed in any hosting system in a café. Whole control, management, managing tariffs can be done using this software. The important thing about this software is is that it can also be installed in client-server. Different sessions are there for using this software. The remote control is the main feature of all these types of software.

2. KStreetThis comes in the second position of our list as it is very useful but there are some limitations. It is also free. It is mainly for the Windows system. Here, the server installation as well as other files are required to activate this software. You need to separately install this software on both the client and the server system. All the features like monitoring, blocking some features, controlling the functions, restricting some features are provided in this software.

3. NetcafeThis is the most simple-to-use software that we can use to manage all the systems in the café.
This software is also free and very easy to understand and work on. Configuring this software takes some time, but the user manual is very simple. All the features are included in this software. TightVNC configuration is really needed to install this software. The server can also chat with the different client systems. Accessing the task manager is very easy in this software.

4. iCafe ManagerIt is also free software to manage different systems in a café. You can stop any activity from the server system, revoke any function, or even identifying risky downloads.

5. My Café CupThis software is also freely available in the network. Accessing all the systems to giving input into the client’s system can be done using this software. Managing all the systems in a complex environment is a good feature of this software. Here, you can add members, define rates, and view sessions, as well as users, can also generate reports on the system.

6. My Cyber Café

This software is specifically for Windows 7, but other versions also support this software.
This is also free software. Gaming control, printing information are some extra features in this software. Rest all features are in this software.

7. CyberCafe Pro

All the above features are also present in this software. It was the most downloaded software a few times. Permission from the server system, anti-theft systems are some extra features in this software.

8. True CaféIt is considered one of the best software as it provides many new features. It was created in 1999 for windows. Features are upgraded from time to time in this software. Reviews of this software are also very good. There is a license key to this software without which you can not deactivate this software from any system.

9. MC3 Cyber Café

It is also free software used in café for perfect monitoring of the systems in the café. It should be installed in all the systems for perfect managing. The main unique point is that it is only for Mac.

10. Handy CaféIt was the most popular software in 2016. It is also free on the internet. Managing all the resources, handling all the sites, viewing all the activities are some main features. It is used worldwide by most cafes. There is also a system for maintaining a time log for all the activities on the client system.


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