Fax or telephonic manual (telescoping)

Fax or telephonic manual (telescoping)

Fax (short for facsimile), sometimes alleged telescoping, is the telephonic manual of scanned printed actual (both argument and images), commonly to a blast cardinal affiliated to a printer or added achievement device. The aboriginal certificate is scanned with a fax apparatus (or a telescope), which processes the capacity (text or images) as a distinct anchored clear image, converting it into a bitmap, the advice is again transmitted as electrical signals through the blast system. The accepting fax apparatus reconverts the coded image, press a cardboard copy. Afore agenda technology became widespread, for abounding decades, the scanned abstracts were transmitted as analog.

Although businesses usually advance some affectionate of fax capability, the technology has faced accretion antagonism from Internet-based alternatives. Fax machines still absorb some advantages, decidedly in the manual of acute actual which, if beatific over the Internet unencrypted, may be accessible to interception, after the charge for blast tapping. In some countries, because cyber banking signatures on affairs are not accustomed by law while faxed affairs with copies of signatures are, fax machines accept a full time continuing abutment in business.

In abounding accumulated environments, standalone fax machines accept been replaced by "fax servers" and added computerized systems able of accepting and autumn admission faxes electronically, and again acquisition them to users on cardboard or via an email (which may be secured). Such systems accept the advantage of abbreviation costs by eliminating accidental printouts and abbreviation the cardinal of entering analog buzz curve bare by an office.


One accepted another is to subscribe to an internet fax service. Fax annual providers acquiesce users to accelerate and accept faxes from their claimed computers application an absolute email account. Faxes are accustomed as absorbed TIFF or PDF files, or in proprietary formats that crave the use of the annual provider's software. Some casework alike action defended faxing to accede with acrimonious HIPAA and Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act requirements to accumulate medical advice and banking advice clandestine and secure. Utilizing a fax annual provider does not crave paper, a committed fax line, or consumables.

Another to a concrete fax apparatus is to accomplish use of computer software which allows bodies to accelerate and accept faxes application their own computers. A basic (email) fax can be printed out and again active and scanned aback to computer afore actuality emailed. The sender can attach an agenda signature to the certificate file.


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