Graphic Design Software Comparison & Usage


Graphic Design Software Comparison & Usage

In the ever creative and developing world of design software, there are recognized admissible formations and implements that are used throughout the design business. What used to be composed and edited in the past entirely with hands has become basically digitally produced. The advancement and employment of highly sophisticated software has enhanced productivity and creativity.

In the design business there are two chief competitors. The first is the design king, Adobe that has a more enhanced and sophisticated software solutions beyond the average user needs. The other is Corel which offers all the essential requirements of the designers at best available cost. The two challengers being Adobe Creative Suite 4 one the one hand and CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5 on the other hand have furnished the software for image editing, retouching, vector demonstration and page organization, all integrated in one suite. The features line up is almost the same but the price difference is on the higher sides between them.

What to Look for in Graphic Design Software

  • Ease of Use: User Friendliness
  • Features: Maximum Benefit that you get from the software
  • Photo Editing: The more options you get for the editing.
  • Vector Illustration: The enhancements that you can add to the image.
  • Page Layout: The effect that the software can give to your page outlook.
  • Help/Support: The supporting document available for troubleshooting.


Photo Editing & Brush up

Adobe is at the top due to its highly rated software by all the graphic designers, Adobe Photoshop. It is able to perform any photo brush up and editing duties. It has a clear interactive surface and a simple, workspace that can be modified exhibiting all color adjustment implements & filters on single click.

Corel Photo PAINT wins accolades at this level too as it can completely merge with Photoshop with most normal operations. Both designs also have video allowance, 3D effects, web assistance, and computerized batch processing and RAW file backup. Photoshop is ahead because it has enhanced components like panorama, the 360 degree panorama, compiling and substance aware scaling.

When accessing both products for the simplicity of usability, Corel is more perceptive with palettes and the flow of work. Photoshop is inclined to do better in all most cases because it is equipped with more components. There can virtually be lots of alternatives and methods to come up to an end product, and after some more assessments a person creative enough to scheme can manage to accomplish the required purpose through either of them.

Vector Illustration

Adobe Illustrator CS4 stands tall with CorelDraw not further back again. They have been in contention for a while and CorelDraw should not be written off. The palettes in these presentations are almost the similar with capabilities and results. Just about any vector demonstration chore can be achieved without difficulty with both and with the same procedures. They both have many brushes & symbols in the arsenal. Adobe emerges tops in using the specially designed devices like 3D extruding and revolution. Illustrator CS4 enables chief time saving alternatives like the 100 individual art-boards in a document, each containing their own bleeds that can be dispatched distinctly. Translucent inclinations are one more edge for Adobe which currently is not in the offering by CorelDraw.

Page layout

Corel replicates the capabilities of CorelDraw by enabling it not only to be a program having capability of vector illustrating but with a page arrangement too. Adobe Illustrator is also an enhanced page arrangement, but Adobe contains software specifically designed for page arrangement and formatting.

Adobe InDesign is presently considered as the standard for typesetting and layout in the business. The arena that was once controlled by QuarkXPress is now under Adobe’s control, providing the capable Adobe support specifications and is created & advanced for harmony with the specifications of the business.

Initially designed for the purpose of leading programs like books, magazines and newsletters, it offers diversified file backup, paragraph typesetting, all-embracing pre-press assistance and Master Pages that guarantee the availability the most professional layout alternatives anywhere.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is software in direct competition to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. It includes CorelDraw for the purpose of vector drawing, Photo-Paint for the purpose of photo editing, PowerTRACE, and CAPTURE. It has new application Corel CONNECT through which its easier to find & manage the content on your computer, on your network and any disks. The CONNECT application can be run from within the program CorelDraw or PHOTO-PAINT or as a separate stand alone application.

Corel PaintShop Photo Prois another low-cost alternative to Photoshop and is very popular these days. Corel has added lot of digital photography features in it. In addition to the photo editing and enhancing, it also includes artistic text and tools for organization of photo. While DRAW may not be as focused, it performs almost the same as InDesign.

Quark Xpress is inspired by the designer’s passion for perfection. It stimulates the way professionals work. It strives to do better and constantly improve itself, employ the page layout and design the software which is developed helping you out to get there. It works faster and designs more with fewer clicks using the most latest and modern technique, creates stunning text and achieve the effects you want with typography through its catchy interface. It designs faster and accurately with features that you rely on every day and takes advantage of the fast and reliable PDF output with the support for layers and transparency. It is still a major force in the world of publishing. The interface is designed to facilitate everyday user.

The Verdict

Adobe has made great effort to streamline the processes and provide the tools that has drastically reduced the production time. Corel offers an intuitive workflow and has proved to be much better in most tasks in the testing phases. There will indeed be a learning curve with both of the programs but Corel is the one which will be much easier for the new user to start using. The new enhancement of Quark Xpress has changed it from something of 20th century software to a new changed and enhanced 21st century product. The Adobe’s new enhancements are very valuable and there is no doubt a professional designer or a business with aesthetic sense will pay for them but this is the point where Corel has the edge: all the needed and required functionality but at a very low and competitive price tag.


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