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How to connect Xbox One to my PC? Hi guys, I have a very simple question to ask which I don't know the answer so please help me how to connect Xbox One to my PC. I80171WaitingEric E Ander...17-09-201410Feature tips
How to copy files from Excel to JTable?please help Hi guys, I want to know how to copy data from Excel to JTable (Netbeans).I have a lot of rows in fact more than 100 which I need80124WaitingJose K Vince...14-09-20147General
How to create 3 arrays using JAVA input?help Hi everyone, I'm really new to programming and design and I'm still in the perfect learning80229WaitingKenneth A Wa...18-09-20147Java
How to disable touchpad in ASUS Windows 7? Hi, I want to disable touch pad in my laptop. It is ASUS with Windows 7 and I find this touch pad really annoying and it comes up eve80235WaitingGuy J Lopez18-09-201423Windows 7
How to download Video in Windows 8?please help Hi guys, I want to know how to download videos in Windows 8? Actually I'm not an expert in using PC specially I'm new in usin80142WaitingLuz M Terry16-09-201415General
How to download videos and Gifs in Ipad?help Hi friends, I'm back with a new problem looking for its answer actually not a problem but I don't know how to download videos80234WaitingJohn B Loar18-09-201424iPad
How to edit a video in Windows 7?please help Hi guys, I want to know how to edit a video which I have taken in my laptop which runs on Windows 7 64-bit Professional pow80145WaitingJohn L Krug16-09-201414General
How to fix modem problems?please help Hi everyone, Can anybody please help me with this modem issue I'm experiencing since few days. The problem is I connec80223WaitingThomas O Nee...17-09-201416General
How to ignore or bypass iCloud activation in Iphone 5?help Hi guys, Please help me I don't want to activate my icloud account on Iphone. The thing is I bought a new Iphone, but it'80116WaitingJames J Khan14-09-201422iPhone
How to import web page into our database Hello there experts! Can anybody help me on how we can import a web page including its full content80103WaitingJack M Gates22-08-2014130Misc Databas...
How to remove adware bug from my PC?help Hi guys,  I have windows 8 and while searching internet I'm able to see many adds that my desktop screen is filled with ads80173WaitingAllen K Park...17-09-20143Anti-Virus
How to remove adware from my PC completely?please help Hi everyone, My PC is infected with adware and I want to remove it the earliest possible. So to remove this adware I tried uninstalli80218WaitingJesse G Pere...17-09-201416General
How to remove malicious software from my PC? Hi guys, I was searching on web today morning and guess what happened I downloaded Gtalk from a site and while downloading the malici80172WaitingDavid E Barn...17-09-20145General
How to remove Malware from my PC? Please help Hi guys, I want to know how to remove Malware from my PC? I think m PC is infected with Malware. I use Microsoft Security Essentials80140WaitingChristopher ...16-09-201412Latest Threa...
How to reset chrome settings?please help Hello everyone, I want to know how to reset chrome settings. I got too many pages saved and bookmarks in my chrome browser and I want80236WaitingLester J Hya...18-09-201428General
How to save data on external hard drive from my PC?help Hi guys, I have a PC from Acer and a laptop also but my PC is too old now its been 4 years I bought it and I know any time it may cra80122WaitingJoseph D Sau...14-09-201416General
How to save GIFs from Tumblr on mobile?help Hello friends, I want to save Gifs from Tumblr on my mobile. Actually previously I used Iphone which was really to save GIFs fro80126WaitingLloyd S Lebr...14-09-201417General
How to share the screen of Window phone. Windows Phone 8: How do I project my phone onto another screen? How do I pair a Bluetooth accessory with my phone?  How can I accept the Xb80227WaitingMichael B Ro...17-09-201423Mobile Softw...
How to solve Mouse problem?please help Hi everybody, Please guys help me I'm really disappointed because of this problem. I bought a new laptop its from Leno80231WaitingAlan V Harri...18-09-20149General
How to speed up my Lenovo G40 laptop?Please help Hi everyone, Its just 4 days I purchased Lenovo G40 laptop. I like its specs for general use and purchased it right away. It'80112WaitingPaul S Dougl...13-09-201433Laptops/Note...
How to speed up My PC? Please help Hi guys, I have windows PC which is XP 2000 and it is very very slow and I want to speed it up. So what should I do to speed my PC pl80182WaitingRoberto P Wa...17-09-201417General
How to test for a hardware failure in my PC? Hi friends, Hi I windows XP 2003 and I'm experiencing many problems with this PC every day there is a new problem and I want to g80170WaitingMaurice M Pe...17-09-20148PC Laptops
How to transfer music from Windows 8 to Galaxy S4? Hi guys, I want to  ask a very simple question that how to transfer music files from Windows 8 to Samsung Galaxy S4? I tried to80130WaitingMarco P Hamm14-09-201423Windows 64-b...
How to Upgrade Dell KACE Hi There! I would like to upgrade my Dell Kace Appliance (K1000) from 5.5 to version 6.0. There is a80089WaitingJames E Gons...22-08-201461Misc Hardwar...
How to use iMovie to make MP3 file?help Hi friends, I want to record a song but don't know how to use garage band to do it.So I thought this can be done easily by using80129WaitingJames D Cost...14-09-201421General