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Difference Between Two HTML Tags That Are Commonly Used In HTML, there are two tags: div and span. What do each of these tags do? Are they the same? If no, then, what is the difference between these t86393WaitingChristopher ...06-04-2016171Prog\Scripti...
Oracle Support Username/Email Address Not Specified Hi experts, I have been using Oracle software since 2010 but after updating I got this error message saying “You have not provi86285WaitingHiram B Nunn31-03-201644Hardware
Skype For Business Error Help Hi everyone, I have installed latest version of Skype in my Windows 10 Operating System but when I tried to use Skype for business pu86320WaitingEdward K Ree...02-04-201655Software Oth...
Need help Could Not Sign In Hello, I am using Apple having AMD core but an error occurred during signing in saying “Could Not Sign In”. I have attach86352WaitingGabriel C Do...03-04-201686Software Oth...
Use Of An Architectural Register In Processor In a processor what is an Architectural Register and what is its purpose? Why is it necessary to make it available to the compiler or programmer86203WaitingKevin A Augu...29-03-201660Hardware
Techniques to detect hidden damage causing ads Sometimes the methods used to come across malicious ads and avoid the downloads that are available in these ads fail. How to detect harmful ads?86234WaitingJack L Matam...30-03-201631Internet
New Opera Browsers With AD Blocking Features Opera announced its new version of web browser which has AD Blocking feature in it. What is the purpose of this feature? What are its advantages86390WaitingEdward T Mil...06-04-201693Networking
Windows Script Host Error Cannot find script file Hello everyone, I am worried while getting this windows script host error. I don’t know how to fix this issue. I have showed yo86284WaitingAndre J Park...31-03-201635Anonymous
Need help Error Exporting application Hi experts, I have Android Phone and tried to connect my device with computer in order to export application but an Android IDE Plug-86317WaitingEdward K Ree...02-04-201666Windows OS
Help Word cannot edit the Unknown Hi everyone, An error message occurred trying to open or edit a word document showing “Word cannot edit the Unknown”. I a86349WaitingRichard E Do...03-04-201664Software Oth...
What Is The Functions Of Processor What is the use of router system, a hard drive controller, and a CD player driver out of these: DATA CONTROL, DATA PROCESSING, DATA MOVEMENT OR86201WaitingMatthew M Sl...29-03-201657Hardware
Introduction to a component called as memristor In the recent times, there has been a development in electronic devices. A memristor has been invented. What is a memristor? What are its featur86231WaitingPamela B Bai...30-03-201670Hardware
Helio X-25 10 core chip has Meizu Pro 6 MediaTek’s new Helio X-25 10 core chip has Meizu Pro 6 which has 6GB RAM. What are its advantages? What is it? What are its features? What86388WaitingCraig F McGe...06-04-201681Others
License Manger Error 9 License checkout failed I was using license manager to checkout my products working legally and properly but this morning I have come up with this error “License86279WaitingAndre J Park...31-03-201633Software Oth...
Help Microsoft Word Subscription Error Hi experts, I have received Microsoft word 2016 error message when I tried to open my document in word form. I have verified my subsc86311WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201663Windows OS
Introduction to MAC and PC and their differences What is an MAC and what is a PC? Are the two same? If not, then what are the basic differences between the two of them?86230WaitingDennis S Sta...30-03-201662Windows OS
Use of page replacement algorithms inside a cache In a cache memory, page replacement algorithms are used very often. What is a page replacement algorithm? What function does it perform? Which a86385WaitingJack M Gates06-04-201678Prog\Scripti...
Basic Information on Backup & Restore on Android I was just going through the settings app on my Android Smartphone and under the Personal tab I found ‘Backup & Restore’ option.86499WaitingDavid M Litt...22-05-201629Apple
Skype for Business has stopped working Hi, I was using Skype for business purposes since 3 years but recently an error occured “Skype for Business has stopped working86278WaitingDaniel E Bai...31-03-201644Windows OS
Help Microsoft Excel time format error Hi Experts, An error occurred using Microsoft Excel 2016 saying “pls input time in HH:MM (24-HR) format only; from 00:00 to 23:86308WaitingFabian I Par...01-04-201637Windows OS
Workbook Links error need help Hello, I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Excel 2016 but working on excel sheet an error message show86314WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201666Windows OS
Help Microsoft OneDrive access Error Hello, I have installed Microsoft OneDrive on my Windows Operating System but an error message shows up trying to access this applica86344WaitingDarrell N Mo...03-04-201670Hardware