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Is there any way to Copy Data from Pen-Drive Automatically I want a thing like whenever someone inserts his/her pendrive in my Laptop my Laptop should start copying the files in the Pen Drive automatical80669WaitingCoury Timmon...19-10-201413Removable Ba...
Weird touch screen response in my Nexus 7 My Nexus 7 is behaving weirdly since the last update. Sometimes it behaves as if I pressed something80348WaitingXavier B Fis...25-09-201426Hardware
Laptop Failed in Short DST, any Threat to Data on HDD I tested my laptop for Hard Disk test i.e., Short DST, it failed in this test and sometimes my laptop shuts down before giing any warnings. I am80675WaitingDawn Knopf19-10-20144Hard Drives
Why my Xperia SP goes blank after making a call? Hey guys, I want to know how to fix this problem in my Sony Xperia SP smartphone. The problem it has is it goes black whenever I make80528WaitingDavid D Mayn...08-10-201421General
Iphone 6 wifi connectivity problem need help I recently bought an iPhone 6. From its unboxing it had wifi connectivity issues. It connects just fine to the router but would not send or rece80707WaitingAlanjayason19-10-20144iPhone
Internet connection problem on a desktop computer There are two laptops, three mobile phones and one desktop in my household. The desktop is having Wi80386WaitingJohn M Torre...25-09-201437Internet
Why Adobe flash player crashes when I play games? Hey guys, I80566WaitingNeal K Taylo...09-10-2014127General
Safety measures to assume in order to case an internal hard disk What are the procedures involved in casing my internal hard disk for external use? I have bought a new hard disk with one Terabytes of disk spac80418WaitingMichael B Ro...29-09-201449Hardware
Cydia application is missing please help I had Cydia installed on my iPhone 3GS but suddenly that feature was gone. I don't know wh80745WaitingJack L Matam...19-10-20149Apple
Gmail looping infinitely on iPad in Safari after updating to iOS 8? Earlier when I was using iOS 7 and logging into my Gmail Account from Safari Internet Browser it worked fine and I was able to operate my Accoun80599WaitingCunningham S...17-10-201423iPad
Where is messenger section in my Yahoo! Mail I have been using Yahoo! Mal since ages, its been life for me. But for some unfortunate reason I was unable access my Yahoo! for few months. Now80468SolvedJohn C Reis01-10-201472Virtualizati...