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Printer not being detected by computer. My computer does not detect printer even though it is connecte86414WaitingJohn B Gutie...01-05-201616Hardware
Reason to use Java programming language to build Android apps Why do the Android app developers use the Java language for creating apps? Why not any other language? What makes suing Java very important?86228WaitingDennis S Sta...30-03-201622Prog\Scripti...
The concept of wireless charging of laptops What do you mean by wireless charging of laptops? Is it real? How does it work? What are its advantages?86237WaitingThomas M Pol...30-03-201624Windows OS
Concept of entity-relationship diagrams and their components What is an entity-relationship diagram? What are the different components of an entity relatio86248WaitingPaul M Lucer...30-03-201624Anonymous
Help Resize Partition DiskIndex error Hello, I am trying to resize the partition but getting this following error message “Failed to execute the following command&rd86303WaitingMatthew A Sh...01-04-201624Software Oth...
Logos Bible Software 5 has stopped working Hi everyone, I am using Windows 8.1 Operating System and installed Logos Bible Software but suddenly it stopped working. How can I fi86282WaitingRosalie C Gr...31-03-201624Hardware
Techniques to detect hidden damage causing ads Sometimes the methods used to come across malicious ads and avoid the downloads that are available in these ads fail. How to detect harmful ads?86234WaitingJack L Matam...30-03-201625Internet
The Structure of a Database Management System and its advantages What I the structure of a Data Base Management System? What are its advantages? Why is it also called as the three-tier structure?86225WaitingPenney N McM...30-03-201625Database
License Manger Error 9 License checkout failed I was using license manager to checkout my products working legally and properly but this morning I have come up with this error “License86279WaitingAndre J Park...31-03-201626Software Oth...
Screen turns black and won’t revert. My monitor screen turned black after I changed the resolution to a higher ratio and now it won&rsquo86415WaitingLawrence P T...01-05-201626Windows OS
Interrupts and how to cope up with them in instruction cycles What is an interrupt in an instruction cycle? How to deal with an interrupt? Also, in what par86245WaitingPaul M Lucer...30-03-201627Anonymous
Need Help Microsoft Access Error Hi everyone, I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Access but an error occurred using this software &ldq86322WaitingAlan V Harri...02-04-201627Microsoft Ot...
Different types of keys in DBMS and their features What are the different types of keys used in relationa86246WaitingJames S Savo...30-03-201627Anonymous
All about the header files in C Programming In a C Program, a component called Header File is compulsorily included in every program. What86243WaitingBruce P Shar...30-03-201627Anonymous
Introduction to the concept of cloud computing What is Cloud Computing? What is the purpose of Cloud Computing? What are the main features and advantages of Cloud Computing?86236WaitingLawrence E M...30-03-201628Anonymous
Introduction to the concepts of Hosting and Domain 86238WaitingLawrence E M...30-03-201628Anonymous
Meaning of Data Encryption And Purpose What is the meaning of data encryption? What is the aim of this method? What is the use of dat86372WaitingScott P Dani...06-04-201628Others
Help the application was unable to start correctly Hi. I have received an error message when I try to start the Tr-Zero_R1.exe application saying “The application was unable to s86296WaitingJay M Suggs31-03-201628Windows OS
Help System extension cannot be used Hi, I am using Mac Operating System and got some extension error message saying “System extenion cannot be used&rdquo86287WaitingHiram B Nunn31-03-201628Apple
Microsoft Word Error There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete Hi, I was using Microsoft Word an older version but suddenly an error showed up saying “There is not enough memory”. Look86302WaitingMatthew A Sh...01-04-201629Windows OS
Introduction to web-designing languages and their comparison Which are the various web designing languages? What is the difference between each of them? Which one of them is the more important one out of H86226WaitingDennis S Sta...30-03-201629Networking
Windows Script Host Error Cannot find script file Hello everyone, I am worried while getting this windows script host error. I don’t know how to fix this issue. I have showed yo86284WaitingAndre J Park...31-03-201629Anonymous
Create a restore point in my system. I want to know how to create a restore point because my system is being used by many people and ther86420WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-201630Windows OS
Incorporating Artificial Intelligence In Searching Web Browser Can BIG DATA be instrumental in making searching through web browsers easier? How does it do it? Will there still be any restriction on the amou86362WaitingScott B Thal...05-04-201630Others
Help Atom Installation has failed Hello, Currently, I am running 64 bit Operating Syetem Windows 7 and trying to install the Atom setup but every time I click on setup86286WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201630Anonymous