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Problem with NVIDIA GeForce driver Hello, Even if I did the updates to my NVIDIA with the latest driver available I still have this error. It doesn’t want to work77582WaitingDexter A Mil...16-04-201410Hardware Com...
Some of the file cannot be burned to an audio CD Hi experts, I have this error when I try to burn an audio CD. This is not the first time when I burn an audio CD and I never had any77579WaitingMoses V Patt...16-04-201411iTunes
Dolby Home Theater v4 installation problem Hello, I updated my Dolby Home Theater v4 and while installing this error message box stopped the installing. When I click OK on the77511WaitingJames D Cost...13-04-201412PC Laptops
The attempt to burn a disc failed an unknown error occurred (4450). Hello there, I try to burn an audio CD but always I have the same error, this one. I am tired of this error and please can someone he77578WaitingLuz M Terry16-04-201412iTunes
Some of the software for the printer is missing Hi, After I have installed a new printer on my laptop I have this kind of error when I want to print a file, any file. Is my first pr77513WaitingJuan M Flora13-04-201413Printers
The attribute type specified to the directory service is not defined. Hello experts, Recently I made some changes in my Windows. It worked fine for two days when this morning I got this error. I press OK77580WaitingGary B Graha...16-04-201414Anonymous
Restoring time my iPad Fixing iTunes Error 17 occur Hello experts, I have this error on Windows Vista every time I want to restore my iPad. I want to restore my iPad because is not work77577WaitingBob T Smith16-04-201414iTunes
Upgrade patch cannot be installed because the program to be upgraded Hi there, My HP printer software required an update. I have accepted to do the updates but instead of installation this error message77471WaitingStella T Fin...10-04-201414Printers
LightsOut Client Error reading From File Hi there, While my PC was opening this error appeared on my desktop. I verified all my startup programs and the folder is empty. I ma77549WaitingJames V Rose15-04-201414Desktops
Search Filter Host.exe - Application Error Hi, I have a Dell laptop with 6GB RAM, CPU I577523WaitingJose K Vince...13-04-201414Apple Laptop
Werfault.exe - Application Error memory could not be written. Hello, My Windows Updater told me that it will be good if I make all the updates that were required. I did so, and after rebooting th77436WaitingLeona E Mill...09-04-201414Anonymous
KAV Script Checker error unable to load library For language Hi, My new antivirus Kaspersky offered me tonight this error when I opened my PC and the program closed when I pressed OK. I have thi77554WaitingJimmy G Hanc...15-04-201414Hardware Fir...
Access violation error with MediaMonkey Hi experts, I have this error with MediaMonkey and I can’t solve it. Is this access violation and I don’t that blurred me77397WaitingLucien A Nie...07-04-201414iPhone
The Logon User Interface DLL NWGINA.DLL Failed to load. Hi experts, I have this error when PC is loading. I click Restart and the system starts to restart. This error doesn’t appear e77550WaitingFreddie C Sl...15-04-201414PC Laptops
Exception EF Create Error in module DSOUND.dll at 000116C5 Hi, I have installed on my PC Grand Theft Auto IV and when I want to play the game this error appears. I did some researches on the I77535WaitingJason K Shiv...13-04-201415System Utili...
Bad DLL Call ERROR function call has invalid parameter Hello, This run-time error appeared when I turned on my PC. Is not my first DLL error and I think I solved once and for all the DLL e77524WaitingJoseph K Car...13-04-201415Anonymous
Ieuser.exe - Bad Image error Hi there, I have difficulties when I want to install some softwares. This is one of them. I don’t have any solution for this. C77512WaitingPaul S Dougl...13-04-201415Hardware
Errro occur when I installed Team Speak 3 on my laptop Hi there, I have this error when I want to install Team Speak 3 on my laptop and I downloaded the version compatible with Windows 7.77398WaitingRalph V Thom...07-04-201415Misc Softwar...
Microsoft System Center 2012 Data Protection Manager error Hi there, I have this error in Microsoft System Center 2012 when I want to create a protection group. I watched some tutorials on the77515WaitingJames J Khan13-04-201415Anonymous
RunDLL error problem starting --scrypt Hi there, I uninstalled a program and after I reboot my PC this RunDLL error appeared. This error appears every time I open my PC. Af77546WaitingMarilou D St...15-04-201415Anonymous
RunDLL Error The specified module could not be found. Hello, For a while it seems like I have some DLL file errors. For two days it started to appear on my windows startup and is. Nothing77499WaitingThomas C Sau...12-04-201415Anonymous
Setup library wbemupgd.dll could not be loaded Hello, When I turn on my PC and everything is loaded this error appears without any reason. The thing is that I tried to make an upda77548WaitingHarry K Drap...15-04-201415Anonymous
Error occur installing some maps on GPS Hello, This is the note with error that I have when I want to install some new maps on my laptop. I want to install some new maps on77498WaitingCarl M Posto...12-04-201415Anonymous
X3 - Terran Conflict - 3D benchmark shut down. Hello, After installing a new game X3TC on my laptop this error message box stopped me to play it. All my games works just fine and t77444WaitingSharon D Mic...09-04-201415Laptops/Note...
The installed battery may not be properly connected to the computer Hello, Recently I replaced my laptop’s battery with a new one. On the battery box says that is a universal one. When I turned o77591WaitingRebekah J An...16-04-201416PC Laptops