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VLC for MAC error from wrong download sourceHi experts, It seems like I cannot make VLC run on my MAC. I have downloaded VLC from App Store and it was full with errors and that’s why79092WaitingAntonio M Tu...27-07-20141MultiMedia A...
Photoshop error launching the program after installingHi there, After the install of Photoshop was finished this is the error that I have when I try to open the program. I have installed many d79097WaitingJuanita T Us...27-07-20142Photos / Gra...
Adobe Photoshop not allowed to write the registryHello experts, A friend of mine made me an USB with Adobe Photoshop and this is the error that I have when I try to open the program. On hi79098WaitingArthur B Win...27-07-20143Photos / Gra...
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended corrupted groupsHello, Today this error changed my project in Photoshop CS 3. I lost most of my work and I have to start work again. I would like to preven79095WaitingRoderick S W...27-07-20143Photos / Gra...
McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise error due to insufficient privileges Hello, This morning McAfee came up with this error and tells me that it doesn’t have sufficient privileges to start. If I click79048WaitingAndrew M Per...23-07-20143Mcafee
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended error with documentsHi there, This is not the first time when my projects in Photoshop show up errors. After this error my project looks different with lost da79096WaitingJames B Eato...27-07-20143Photos / Gra...
McAfee error appeared while accessing the server Hello, Is for the first time when I cannot update my McAfee AntiVirus and I try to make the necessary updates for 2-3 days. I have th79045WaitingStephen C Ji...22-07-20144Mcafee
McAfee Desktop Firewall error with Terminal Services Hi there, This morning McAfee showed up this error message and if I click OK it disappear. After a restart of my PC it appears again.79053WaitingDamon S Scot...23-07-20144Mcafee
VLC media player error while dragging filesHello, I try to open a movie in VLC, which worked fine until today. When I tried to open the movie this window blocked my VLC, I tried to79091WaitingJonathan N K...27-07-20144MultiMedia A...
Music stops in Chromebook when a Bluetooth Headphone is connected I have a Chromebook and I'm having problems connecting my Cool Stream Bluetooth Stereo Hea78685WaitingFrank Mackee...07-07-20144Peripherals
McAfee error activating the antivirus and uptading Hi there, I have this error when I want to activate my antivirus. I tried to activate online and also from antivirus. I don’t k79050WaitingDerrick J We...23-07-20144Mcafee
Programs and Features uninstalling McAfee Anti Spyware Enterprise Module Hello experts, I want to uninstall McAfee Antispyware Enterprise Module and it says that is already uninstalled. The problem is that79047WaitingCasey J Park...23-07-20144Mcafee
McAfee Agent error uninstalling the program Hi there, I want to uninstall McAfee and this error appears every time I want to make this. I have closed all the services of McAfee79049WaitingJesse T Owen23-07-20144Mcafee
Update Error by McAfee Virus Scan Plus Hi there, I have this error when I want to update my McAfee. It says that I have to install McAfee VirusScan Plus but I have checked79046WaitingKeshia A Nic...23-07-20144Mcafee
Sophos Enterprise Console an unexpected error Hello there, Suddenly on my desktop this error appeared and I had to close my antivirus. Is for the first time when Sophos gives me e79081WaitingMichael V Ra...26-07-20144Sophos
Sophos Enterprise Console error of sub-estates Hi there, Even if I am the only user and I have all the administrative rights I have this message that says I am not a member of sub-79075WaitingAngela L Cal...25-07-20145Sophos
Adobe Photoshop error saving files due to writing accessHello, Adobe Photoshop CS 5 created this error. Is the first time when I have this kind of error and I don’t have any experience to manage79101WaitingOrville M Mi...27-07-20145Photos / Gra...
Sophos Anti virus services error while trying to open Hi there, I installed on my PC Sophos Antivirus and it doesn’t want to start. I tried to start it manually and is not working.79069WaitingJoseph M Cur...25-07-20145Sophos
Sophos Management Services error while trying to open Hi, I installed on my PC Sophos Antivirus and it doesn’t want to start. I tried to start it manually and is not working. When I79080WaitingMartin K Hug...26-07-20145Sophos
Sophos Cleanup cannot be completed after a wrong scan Hello, While I was scanning my PC with Sophos Antivirus these errors appeared. I don’t know why the scan and the cleanup couldn79077WaitingAndre R Pyle25-07-20145Sophos
Sophos Enterprise Console resolve Alerts and Errors from Hello experts, I just installed Sophos Antivirus on my PC with Windows 7 and some viruses were found. The problem is that it seems li79074WaitingPatrick S Go...25-07-20145Sophos
Sophos Anti-Virus error opening because of insufficient privileges Hi there, When I tried to open Sophos I got this error. I am the only user of my PC and I have all the administrator rights, and I do79079WaitingVickie H Wil...25-07-20145Sophos
Sophos Endpoint installing error of incompatibility issues Hi experts, During the install of Sophos Antivirus I got this error message. I tried to it many times with different installers from79076WaitingJohn M Barks25-07-20145Sophos
Sophos AutoUpdate Status error from the server Hello, This is the message that I have every time I want to update Sophos Antivirus and I cannot skip it or make the necessary update79073WaitingCarroll M Ho...25-07-20145Sophos
McAfee Agent error for McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise Hi, I can’t uninstall McAfee Agent because of this error 1704. It seems like the installer package have errors so looked up to79051WaitingJoseph I Edw...23-07-20146Mcafee