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Why the windows cannot connect to the printer 0x0000000a 84019WaitingOrlando T Pr...04-03-201533Windows OS
How to downgrade from windows 7 to xp easily 84020WaitingKeith L Fore...04-03-201531Windows OS
Computer turns on but no display on monitor 84021WaitingCarol T Mack04-03-201540Hardware
Bootmgr is compressed press ctrl alt del to restart 84022WaitingDanny K Craw...04-03-201525Windows OS
Why is my computer suddenly so slow now 84023WaitingJesus D Stow...04-03-201537Windows OS
Error message: Driver is not accessible the parameter is incorrect 84024WaitingMildred R Lu...04-03-201535Software Oth...
Why does internet explorer keep popping up all the time 84025WaitingErik S Trigg04-03-201530Internet
How to format a cd in windows 7 easily 84026WaitingRobert V Ric...04-03-201539Windows OS
My laptop charger is plugged in but not charging 84027WaitingDavid M Kron...04-03-201552Hardware
Disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing 84028WaitingErnest N Dup...04-03-201537Windows OS
Why is my computer running slow all of a sudden 84029WaitingTravis P Tar...04-03-201548Windows OS
Toshiba laptop turns on but screen is black 84030WaitingHarvey H Car...04-03-201541Hardware
How to fix a toshiba laptop screen easily 84031WaitingDaniel M Fan...04-03-201556Hardware
Logitech m325 driver and wireless mouse stopped working 84032WaitingTaylor B Cam...04-03-201536Hardware
Using more than one monitor simultaneously Hello! I am a Windows 7 user and I have this question. Is it possible to have more than one display at a single time. I intend to do this by usi84033WaitingJonathan L G...04-03-201559Displays / M...
Difference between HDMI and VGA cables Hello! I just bought a new monitor and they gave me two cables, HDMI and VGA cable. What are these two cables for? What is the difference betwee84034WaitingKevin A Augu...04-03-201564Displays / M...
Is windows defender a smart option Hello! I am a Windows 7 user and my anti-virus subscription just expired. For some odd reasons I could not subscribe to the anti-virus again so84035WaitingXavier B Fis...04-03-201540Security
Urgent Software needed for movies Hello! Is there any program which can convert all my MKV movie files to a format which I can burn on a disk like the AVI format or the MP4 forma84036WaitingDonald F Car...04-03-201541Software Oth...
Spying possible through same wifi connection? Hello! I live in an apartment and a neighbor just moved in. He needed an Internet connection as quickly as possible so I decided to share my WiF84037WaitingDavid T Noon04-03-201539Virus & Spyw...
Playing videos on my Xbox Hello! I have an old Xbox 360 and it does not have an internet connection with it. I have some video files and I want to play them on my Xbox 3684038WaitingKatherine R ...04-03-201550Software Oth...
More than one password for a wifi? Hello! I have heard that for a given WiFi connection there are multiple pass phrases of that connection. Is this true? I really haven't seen84039WaitingRex M Patten05-03-201545Wireless Net...
The term 'Searcn Engine Optimisation' Hello! What is SEO? What does it mean and what is it about? I knew a person who was an SEO manager in an office but I could not talk to him much84040WaitingThomas S Row...05-03-201543Internet
Saving a GIF image on computer Hello! I want to know how I can save a GIF image on my computer and set it as my desktop background. According to my knowledge a GIF image is th84041WaitingSteven R McK...05-03-201549Internet
Learning Hypertext Markup Language from beginning Hello! I want to learn Hypertext Markup Language(HTML). I am a complete beginner and I have no knowledge of web development at all. I do know th84042WaitingCharles A Cr...05-03-201563Internet
Which Android Application is best recommended for managing your disk space? Is there a better android application one can recommend for Android Smartphone users to help get rid of any junk and also to create space when n84043WaitingAbrianna05-03-201541Anonymous qu...