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Laptop shuts down when counter strike startedI have a HP laptop with configuration Intel I3, 2 GB, 320 HDD. I installed counter strike global offensive (which I purchased from Flipkart) but when78617WaitingDarrell L Cl...06-07-201436Laptops/Note...
My laptop getting stuck when idle I have Aspire One AO751h laptop with Windows 7 operating system in it. It was getting stuck frequently so I thought it might be becau78618WaitingDaniel R Ale...07-07-201429Windows 7
My Dell laptop CPU fan stopped working Hello, I am using Dell Latitude D620 laptop with Windows 8 on it. It was working fine. But, just from last week the78619WaitingJason K Pipe...07-07-201422Fans / Cooli...
My wireless connection is very slow Hello, Recently, I got new SONY Vaio SVD13223CXB VAIO, Duo 13 Convertible Ultrabook with Windows 8 and I liked it so much. 78620WaitingAlan M Arrin...07-07-201424Wireless Net...
Need suggestions to buy gaming softwares Hi All, I have 8 year old son and he likes computer games so much, especially related to Adventures, Racing, etc. Instead of going ou78621WaitingLynette E Gi...07-07-201420Suggestions
Unable to play games together on the same network I have purchased genuine copies of games like Black ops, Arma 2, Dayz, BF3 and BF4 for my Sony Vaio Z Series. When me and my friend w78622WaitingMatthew R Ha...07-07-201415Networking
Need help choosing a best gaming laptop Hi everybody, I am very much interested in gaming and would like to buy a new gaming laptop. Also, I would like to use Windows 8 and78623WaitingSteven P Nea...07-07-201418Suggestions
AVG scanning not working as expected with Thunderbird I am using Mozilla Thunderbird for mail send/receive. My system is having Windows 7 Professional, AMD processor with AVG Antivirus Free edition78624WaitingChester J Ne...07-07-201422Thunderbird
Looking for suggestions for better gaming experience I am having SONY VAIO C series with Windows 7 Ultimate OS. I am trying to play games on my laptop, but the clarity a78625WaitingJoe L Rodger...07-07-201442Suggestions
Unable to get back the Skype history I am using Lenovo Thinkpad T410 laptop with Windows 7 on it. I was using Skype78626WaitingBryon M Corl...07-07-201436Skype
Couldn't locate Google Voice Search app Hello everybody, I am having Nokia E71 mobile and I like it so much. I was having the Google Voice Search application in it. Suddenly78627WaitingKevin V Driv...07-07-201447Anonymous qu...
How to copy contacts and calendar from Balckberry to Android Hi Everyone, I was having Blackberry 9330 phone and last week I bought Samsung Galaxy S5. 78628WaitingBrent K Game...07-07-201440Mobile Softw...
Facing problems while typing a message in eBay using Firefox Hi everybody, I am using Dell Inspiron 15 with Windows 8 on it. Recently I have updated my Firefox to ver78629WaitingJeanette M R...07-07-201426Firefox
Thunderbird is not working Red Hat Linux 6 I am using HP Pavilion 10 with Red Hat Linux 6 (64 bit). I have Thunderbird 24.3.0 installed in it. A couple of  days back, I ha78630WaitingMatthew A Sa...07-07-201417Thunderbird
Need suggestions to draw in Visio with inputs from Excel Hi All, I am having Microsoft Office 2013 installed in my laptop. I have a requirement to develop code which creates Visio78631WaitingDavid A Mass...07-07-201420MS Visio
Lost my data files and unable to recover Hi everybody, I am using Seagate 1TB external hard drive from past 2 years and copying the files/folders from my laptop to the extern78632WaitingJordan G Far...07-07-201419Hard Drives
Need help in moving the entire diagram in MS Word Hello all, I have downloaded a Microsoft Word template for timeline diagram. I wanted to copy it and duplicate it in the s78633WaitingBrian B Sand...07-07-201418MS Word
Opera using lot of system memory Hi Guys, I am using Opera from long time. At home, I disable all email and newsgroup features by using the switch opera.ini so that i78634WaitingJohn O McPhe...07-07-201420Opera
Unable to unlock my Blackberry phone Hello everybody, I am having Blackberry Curve 9300 and today it gave me an error message "error 507: reload software" and a78635WaitingJerry V Lyon...07-07-201417Blackberry H...
Suggest me to choose a suitable digital camera Hi guys I need your help, I am looking for a new digital camera with the following features: S78636WaitingJohn P Bane07-07-201417Suggestions
Need suggestions for poker game head phones Hi to everybody, I am looking for best headphones, but as there are lots of brands and models I am getting confused. I would like to78637WaitingChristopher ...07-07-201415Suggestions
Looking for an ultra small mp3 player with FM Radio Hello Guys, I like music very much and till now I was using my phone for that purpose. But, it is causing the battery to d78638WaitingYong P Bauer07-07-201423Handhelds / ...
IPhone 4S Wi-Fi stopped working after upgrade Hi you all, I was having an iPhone 4S and I haven't upgraded the iOS from 6 to 7 till now. But As these days, it's78639WaitingCharles L Ry...07-07-201414iPhone
Suggestions to buy LED or Plasma TV Hi there everyone, I have Samsung HDTV. I would like to replace this one with LED or Plasma78640WaitingThomas P Pic...07-07-201430Suggestions
Please some advise me to choose bluetooth headset Hi Experts, I am looking for buying a Bluetooth headset for the following purposes: Phone interviews 78641WaitingGale M Steve...07-07-201429Suggestions