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Which is the best graphics card for gaming? Hi friends, I want to know which is the best available gaming card for my Windows 8 Lenovo PC? I know NVIDIA is the king here in gami80417WaitingDoug H Chen28-09-201458General
Safety measures to assume in order to case an internal hard disk What are the procedures involved in casing my internal hard disk for external use? I have bought a new hard disk with one Terabytes of disk spac80418WaitingMichael B Ro...29-09-201450Hardware
An extensive explanation of the term Printer sharing What is the meaning of printer sharing in computing? My name is Lydia living in the Republic of Togo and in grade six. I came across the word pr80419WaitingGeorge J Lay...29-09-201447Anonymous qu...
Networking of three Personal Computers to one Printer Hello, What are the steps involved to network all my PCs to one Printer and what are the logistics needed apart from the Printer and80420WaitingDarline B Da...29-09-201443Networking
Safety Procedures to undertake in servicing a dusty printer What are the steps to follow to service my printer by cleaning or wiping off the dust inside the printer? I am business student in one of the se80421WaitingJonathan A D...29-09-201444Printers
The Inkjet Printer as well as its cartridge ink leakages What could be the cause of ink leakages in printers? I went to visit a friend yesterday in her house and I found her cleaning trying to clean so80422WaitingWillis K Whi...29-09-201442Printers
I am unable to run my SAP network I am unable to run my SAP ABAP module in my Laptop. Though my system is updated as per the requirement of and I am using 4 GB RAM, Intel P3 etc.80423WaitingJoseph T Smi...30-09-201440VMware
I am not receiving important calls from my friend. I am not receiving calls from one of my Friends. Though I can view missed calls from him in my80424WaitingJimmy L Merr...30-09-201427Misc Hardwar...
Why my BBM pin works only on WiFi? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and that is I'm really concerned about. The thing is my BBM pin works only on Wifi network and80425WaitingLester J Hya...01-10-201433General
Error in my Whatsapp Please help? Hi everyone, Hey friends please help me with this the problem is my Whatsapp is not working properly. The problem is when I'80426WaitingEdward W Bow...01-10-201445General
Why my Samsung Galaxy S4 powers on itself? Hey Everyone, I wanna ask a question please answer me to help solve this actually the problem is with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and this h80427WaitingDon R Webber01-10-201436General
Why Techno A plus shows full memory? Hey guys, I want to ask a simple question and that is why my Techno A plus shows full memory and out of memory issues. Though my80428WaitingDarrell N Mo...01-10-201417General
Why my mobogenie is not downloading any apps? Hi guys, I downloaded Mobogenie app in my new smartphone its Samsung galaxy Core 2 and the problem is Mobogenie app is not downloadin80429WaitingRichard E Do...01-10-201437General
Need help routing new cube tal? Hey friends, I want to download and route this new cube talk like any other apps but getting many problems. I'm worried is it int80430WaitingMoses E Harr...01-10-201420General
Help GT N7000 is not workking? Hey guys, Please help me get my Note back to working condition I'm asking this question with very little hope as I think my Note80431WaitingGabriel C Do...01-10-201426General
Why my Phantom Tab is not turning on? Hi everyone, I want to ask a question anybody with this knowledge and who have phantom tab please do reply me its urgent I need my ta80432WaitingMildred B De...01-10-201424General
Why my calling tab is not detecting any Sim cards? Hi guys,  I have Technno Phantom Tab its calling tab that supports calling feature. I liked this tab for affordable price a80433WaitingHugh M Carpe...01-10-201419General
Why I'm unable to download whatsapp on Nokia XL? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is why I'm unable to download whatsapp on Nokia Xl? what is the problem with it please he80434WaitingScott B Thal...01-10-201426General
Why Whatsapp nd BBM is not downloading in iTel 1451? Hey friends, I have come up with this problem and its really irritating to me that I'm unable to use whtsapp  and BBM on my80435WaitingJames E Gons...01-10-201431General
How to delete cache of my Galaxy Grand 2? Hey friends, Please tell me how to delete cache of my new handset that is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. I purshaced this smartphone  a80436WaitingDonald M Str...01-10-201417General
Problem with Vice city game does not load? Hey friends, I want to ask a question and it is related to Vice City game so please help me to recover my game and continue where I s80437WaitingCarol D Cost...01-10-201416General
Why my Xbox One games crashing? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and please help me I like playing games a lot and thus purchased Xbox One and its een three months80438WaitingMatthew S Cr...01-10-201430General
Why my PS3 is not working? Hi guys, Please help me with this problem that my PS3 is no longer working smooth like before and the only thing I can do is turn it80439WaitingMiguel W Mur...01-10-201431General
What is wrong with my new laptop? Hi friends, I'm really disappointed with my new laptop but can't help keeping it with me . The first day I bought it noticed80440WaitingScott P Dani...01-10-201431General
Why buestacks not showing instagram? Hi everyone, Please tell me what went wrong with Bluestacks app for windows 8.1. The main thing is I want to use Instagram via PC and80441WaitingLawrence V M...01-10-201427General