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My PC is becoming tooo hot will it stop working now? Hi guys, I have windows vista and I'm using this PC since 4 years now though its working all well but is getting too hot some tim80169WaitingMichael B Ro...17-09-201417General
How to test for a hardware failure in my PC? Hi friends, Hi I windows XP 2003 and I'm experiencing many problems with this PC every day there is a new problem and I want to g80170WaitingMaurice M Pe...17-09-201411PC Laptops
How to connect Xbox One to my PC? Hi guys, I have a very simple question to ask which I don't know the answer so please help me how to connect Xbox One to my PC. I80171WaitingEric E Ander...17-09-201412Feature tips
How to remove malicious software from my PC? Hi guys, I was searching on web today morning and guess what happened I downloaded Gtalk from a site and while downloading the malici80172WaitingDavid E Barn...17-09-20146General
How to remove adware bug from my PC?help Hi guys,  I have windows 8 and while searching internet I'm able to see many adds that my desktop screen is filled with ads80173WaitingAllen K Park...17-09-20149Anti-Virus
Is Mc Affee a good internet security software? Hi guys, My PC is infected with malware and Mc Affee internet security that comes pr installed with windows 8 just warns me that it b80174WaitingDanielle J G...17-09-20147General
Which is the best Anti virus software?please help Hi guys, I want to know which is the best anti virus software for my PC I have windows 8 but I don't trust Mc Affee internet secu80175WaitingKelly G Laws...17-09-201410Anti-Virus
Anti virus VS Anti Spyware? which one should I install? Hi friends, I'm really confused about this problem my PC is getting virus and malware though I don't use internet a lot but s80176WaitingChristian M ...17-09-201413Anti-Spyware
Is anti-virus enough to keep my PC safe from all threats? Hi guys, I want to know very simple yet very very important answer to my question that installing anti virus software alone will keep80177WaitingWayne S Tam17-09-20149Anti-Virus
Can I install anti spyware alone? will that work? Hi guys, I want to know that installing anti spyware alone will keep my PC safe from all kinds of virus or I need to install anti vir80178WaitingJohn M Torre...17-09-20148Anti-Spyware
Is Spyhunter safe and will it remove all kinds of Virus? Hi guys, Yesterday my PC was infected with malware to which I found solution on Microsoft site to install Spyware 4 and I did install80179WaitingRobert A Mac...17-09-201413Anti-Spyware
Mc Affee VS Spyhunter 4? Which one is safe Hi guys, I have windows 8.1 and Mc affee installed in it already as my PC was infected with root kits and other virus my friend80180WaitingCarmen A War...17-09-201421OS Security
Anti Spyware help? Serious problem with my PC Hi guys, I bought this PC LEnovo G40 recently and now my PC is infected with Malware and rootkits how I don't know. But80181WaitingDaniel E Bai...17-09-201413Anti-Spyware
How to speed up My PC? Please help Hi guys, I have windows PC which is XP 2000 and it is very very slow and I want to speed it up. So what should I do to speed my PC pl80182WaitingRoberto P Wa...17-09-201420General
Is updating PC really important?please help Hi guys, I want to know that is updating my PC is important or not. I mean if I don't update my PC will it not work normally as I80183WaitingAndre J Park...17-09-201416General
How to add Skype to firewall exceptions?help Hi guys, I want to know how to add Skype in firewall exceptions. I formatted my Pc just two days ago and now slowly installing all re80184WaitingRosalie C Gr...17-09-201414Skype
What are the best features of MAC book AIR? Hi guys, I want to know what are the best features of MAC book AIR, I know Mac book Pro and Mac AIR are compared with each other and80185WaitingHiram B Nunn17-09-201412Apple Laptop
Is Huawei Ascend Mate2 smartphone 4G compatible? Hi Friends, I want to know is Huawei Ascend Mate 2 smartphone 4G compatible or not. I know this is a big smartphone I mean big size d80186WaitingNorman M Bri...17-09-201411General
What are the features of Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone? Hi everyone, Have you heard the new launch of Xiaomi Mi 3 Smart phone. May be many people know about it and I'm considering80187WaitingLindsey H Re...17-09-201410General
What is the expandable memory of Motorola 4G LTE? Hi everyone, Anybody is welcome to answer me, so my question is what is the expandable memory of Motorola 4G LTE smartphone. Actually80188WaitingTomas M Hoot...17-09-201415General
Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2 VS LG pro 2? Hi guys, I'm very keen to buy a big budget smartphone and the best available in market with brand tag too is Sasung galaxy S5, So80189WaitingJay M Suggs17-09-201410General
HTC One M8 3D Model smartphone? Hi everyone, Have you heard about the launch of HTC One M8 3D model new smartphone. I have just seen this smartphone and want to80190WaitingThomas D Pon...17-09-201415General
Information about Software testing & Planning. What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix? What is the diffe80191WaitingJuan M Flora17-09-20147Misc Softwar...
Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips I am trying to learn about windows tools so please help me.I h80192WaitingMargarete S ...17-09-201410OS
Sequence and structure of booting system & processing Briefly about the initial process sequence while the system boots up. What are various IDs associate80193WaitingJames J Khan17-09-20147OS