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Horrible iTunes Error 4014! How to fix!? Hi there, I have this Error 4014 on my iPhone 4 and after a long researches on the Internet no answer was found. I even spoke with th77486WaitingMaurice B Ro...12-04-201417iTunes
Array Configuration Utility error Hi, I have this error when I want to open my HP configuration. It’s saying that this app is already running and I should close77487WaitingJose D Dunn12-04-201426Anonymous
Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file Hi there, After reinstalling my Windows 7 (x86) it seems like I can’t update my HP driver. The last update was before the reins77489WaitingGene C Silva12-04-201414OS
The HP 3D DriveGuard driver cannot install Hi there, Recently I bought this HP 3D Drive Guard and I have some problems installing the driver. At that moment it wasn’t rea77490WaitingJoseph H Hig...12-04-201416Desktops
76 File not found: ..\DLL\InstallationUtil.dll error Hello, After uninstalling some softwares and games from my PC, when I want to install new ones that I really need I get very often th77491WaitingJason K Shiv...12-04-201421OS
HP ProLiant Integrated Management errror No System Management driver is loaded Hello experts, When I was trying to open HP ProLiant Integrated Management I got this error message box. I was a little bit surprised77492WaitingRonald M Pet...12-04-201417Misc Hardwar...
Windows cannot connect to the printer error 0x00000035 Hello, My printer is not working anymore, after a long 3 years life without an error this is the first one that my printer gives to m77493WaitingBerta R Cahi...12-04-201418Printers
Need help to connect my Android device to my laptop Hi there, I have this error in Ubuntu when I want to connect my Android device to my laptop. On my PC with Windows 7 I don’t ha77494WaitingDerrick E Cl...12-04-201418PC Laptops
Avid Media Composer error Unable to write to file Hello, I have downloaded and installed this software, trial version from official website and I have this error when I want to instal77495WaitingJustin C Ama...12-04-201418OS
Pro Tools LE – InstalIShield Wizard Error Hello, I have downloaded the Pro Tools LE compatible with my Windows 7 and also I have downloaded a version compatible with Windows X77496WaitingDavid M Pina12-04-201414Anonymous
Microsoft Visual Studio error server version is not supported Hello, Microsoft Visual Studio gives me this error when I want to install it. I have the right version for my PC and it seems like it77497WaitingFrancisca R ...12-04-201418Internet
Error occur installing some maps on GPS Hello, This is the note with error that I have when I want to install some new maps on my laptop. I want to install some new maps on77498WaitingCarl M Posto...12-04-201415Anonymous
RunDLL Error The specified module could not be found. Hello, For a while it seems like I have some DLL file errors. For two days it started to appear on my windows startup and is. Nothing77499WaitingThomas C Sau...12-04-201415Anonymous
India Map 2013.10 Updater error Can’t find the unlock record Hi there, I have this error when I want to install India Map 2013 for my City Navigator. The installer is OK, the version of the soft77500WaitingRonald B Cli...12-04-201415Anonymous
ITunes error the app “Skype” was not installed on the iPod Hi there, I can’t install Skype on my iPod because of this error. I don’t know how can this be solved or if this Skype ve77501WaitingMarilou D St...12-04-201419iPod
Sony PC Companion problem there is no software available for phone Hello, Does any of you guys knows if Sony hav77502WaitingSalvador H J...12-04-201418Mobile Softw...
Error in Ubuntu File format not recognized Hi there, I have this error in Ubuntu when I want to play this song. After I got this error, all my audio files gives me the same err77503WaitingHarry K Drap...12-04-201418Ubuntu Linux
Could not create the TCE plug-in’s factory default file AAE error occur Hello, I have this error when I want to open my Pro Tools 11. Everything worked fine yesterday and before closing I didn’t make77504WaitingJames V Rose12-04-201426Apple Softwa...
Utopiaro.exe – System error binkw32.dll is missing Hello there, Guys I have this error when I want to open Utopia. The installer worked without any error but I have one now. I don&rsqu77505WaitingFreddie C Sl...12-04-201427OS
Unsupported 16-Bit Application error occur Hi there, I want to install an old to my new PC. This little game I used to play for relaxing and to spend some free time. I have thi77506WaitingRobert B Guy12-04-201431Others
System extension cannot be used Hello, This error message box pops-up suddenly and randomly on my desktop. Sometimes can be very annoying and I want to get rid of it77507WaitingIsaac M Harr...12-04-201427Desktops
Application Error The exception unknown software exception Hello, After I made an update to my Windows 7 this error appears every time I shut down my PC. I can’t solve it because I don&r77508WaitingNathan H Und...12-04-201432Desktops
Configuring SigmaTel Audio Driver and Applications Exit error Hello, Restarting my PC is not helping to solve this error. Nothing that I can do and I know works. After I updated my Windows I can&77510WaitingJimmy G Hanc...13-04-201421Anonymous
Dolby Home Theater v4 installation problem Hello, I updated my Dolby Home Theater v4 and while installing this error message box stopped the installing. When I click OK on the77511WaitingJames D Cost...13-04-201410PC Laptops
Ieuser.exe - Bad Image error Hi there, I have difficulties when I want to install some softwares. This is one of them. I don’t have any solution for this. C77512WaitingPaul S Dougl...13-04-201414Hardware