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Problem with Bitdefender Total Security 2015 full scan I have just bought the newest version of Bitdefender Total Security. I am very happy with the user i80317WaitingAmanda Wissl...24-09-201419Security Sof...
Issues installing 360 Internet Security 2013 I am trying to rescue a friend’s computer that is infected with malware. I usually use 360 Int80318WaitingAngela Marti...24-09-201423Security Sof...
HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer won’t print Hello! I am experiencing some issues with my HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer. It is in perfect working80319WaitingAngelaeabram24-09-201429Printers
Email problems on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I own an almost two years old Samsung Galaxy S3, which has always worked perfectly. Recently I am ha80320WaitingAlex Baker24-09-201423Hardware
HTC One and HTC Sync Manager I am having some issues with my HTC One or, more specifically, with its HTC Sync Manager. Every time80321WaitingAlex Joshuaa24-09-201420Hardware
Laptop for gamers: Lenovo Y50 vs MSI GE60 Apache I am an avid gamer, and I have set up my primary desktop computer with this hobby in mind. However,80322WaitingAlex Sandara24-09-201444PC Laptops
Faulty LED notification on a Motorola Moto G. The LED notifications on my Motorola Moto G don’t work at all. All the relevant settings in th80323WaitingAlyss Aellaa24-09-201437Hardware
GeForce GTX 750 Ti vs Radeon R7 265 I need to update the graphic card on my computer, and I am trying to find the best solution for my b80324WaitingAmanda Keter...24-09-201423Hardware
Suggestion on projectors: Epson VS230 or Viewsonic PJD5533W I need to buy a new projector, as my old one needs to be retired. I have been a happy Epson customer80325WaitingAmarion Dway...24-09-201427Hardware
LG G2 phone doesn’t connect to mobile data Since the last update, my LG G2 phone has problems connecting to mobile data networks. Normally, it80326WaitingAmber Ward24-09-201429Hardware
Can’t install Office on Sony Vaio with Windows 7 Hello, I have a Sony Vaio and use Windows 7. I have recently bought Windows Office Home & Studen80327WaitingAmeliabelind...24-09-201444Microsoft Of...
E-readers for children: Nook HD vs Kindle Fire I would like to buy an e-reader for my 7 and 10 years old children. 80328WaitingAngela Marti...24-09-201446Hardware
App problems on Samsung Smart TV Hello. I have a Samsung Smart TV that has always worked fine. However, I have been experiencing some80329WaitingAngelaeabram24-09-201454LCD & Plasma
My Samsung Galaxy S4 reboots at random Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has recently developed an annoying habit of self-rebooting at random. It80330WaitingAlex Baker24-09-201451Hardware
LG G3 won’t connect to Aux cable When I try to connect my LG G3 phone to the car stereo with a standard 3.5 mm Aux cable (double male80331WaitingAlex Joshuaa24-09-201456Hardware
Sony Xperia Z2 shuts down when recording 4K videos My Sony Xperia Z2 works like a charm in most situations. But it cannot seem to be able to handle mor80332WaitingAlex Sandara24-09-201454Hardware
Is Norton internet security good antivirus? Hey friends, I want to ask very simple question that is Norton internet security good enough for my PC. I'm using Windows 7 since80333WaitingDavid D Mayn...25-09-201434Internet Sec...
Windows 7 VS Windows 8 which you prefer? Hey guys, I want to ask that which Windows OS you like most when compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have both Windows 7 & Win80334WaitingMichael G My...25-09-201434Windows 64-b...
Virus Killer VS Anti Virus? Hey guys, I'm really confused with this thing. I noticed that on many anti virus forums people are asking for nice virus killers80335WaitingAngie C Blak...25-09-201423General
Linux vs Unix based systems? Hey friends, I want to ask what are the core differences using Linux based PC and Unix based. I mean what differences this OS based a80336WaitingDale G Jacks...25-09-201426General
Can I delete my old Windows folder? Hi friends, I recently formatted my PC which is Windows 7 Ultimate X86 powered by orbit 30. So I want to ask after formating my syste80337WaitingJohnny S Fea...25-09-201430General
Problems with Baidu anti virus? Hey friends, I use Avast antivirus for my windows 8.1 and this PC is new just a week old. I got an adware in my PC while downloading80338WaitingJack M Gates25-09-201431OS Security
Java VS .NET? Which platform is better? Hey guys, I want o ask I want to develop a webpage very interactive so which one I should go with. Though I know both are alternative80339WaitingLarry B Mend...25-09-201426General
Problem with my Lenovo Ideapad laptop I am having issues with my Lenovo Ideapad, which makes me suspect it might be at the end of its run.80340WaitingJoseph T Smi...25-09-201433PC Laptops
Weird charging speed in my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 I have noticed that my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro will not complete recharging the battery if I don&acut80341WaitingJimmy L Merr...25-09-201428Hardware