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Computer loading Ubuntu without any graphics   83842WaitingBerta R Cahi...27-02-201531Ubuntu Linux
Latency problems in Longitech C910 and C920 I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed in my computer. Now I am trying to record a video using83843WaitingDerrick E Cl...27-02-201543Web Cams
How can I get rid of IBUS?   83844WaitingJustin C Ama...27-02-201550Ubuntu Linux
I can’t find the application menu in gnome-Metacity I am using Ubuntu 14.10 and gnome-metacity is my current windows manager application. Rece83845WaitingTyrone E Lou...27-02-201537Ubuntu Linux
Volume just increases at will   83846WaitingAabel Maveri...27-02-201586MultiMedia A...
Mac memory upgrade causing me problems   83847WaitingTyrone E Lou...27-02-201569Apple OS
Mac black screen issues after OS installation   83848WaitingAabel Maveri...27-02-201570Displays / M...
I have no system disk but need to transfer Macbook I bought a Macbook air but it did not come with a system disk. I now want to give it away83849WaitingAbbigailanto...27-02-201545Apple Softwa...
Can I install Windows 10 Technical Preview on Separate disk?   83850WaitingTyrone E Lou...27-02-201556Windows 2008
OS in wrong partition messages   83851WaitingMaurice B Ro...27-02-201564Windows 2008
Database Management System tips for beginners Hello everyone! I am a student of Software Engineering and my 4th semester is about to start in a week. I have this database management system c83852WaitingXavier B Fis...28-02-201546Database
Setting touch security on my laptop Hello everyone! My hp elite book 8440p supports touch security. There is a finger print scanner on my laptop to set it as my password. But I don83853WaitingDonald F Car...28-02-201537Security
Component Level Design in Software Development Hello! In the software development, we all know there are different procedures and methods employed to design and build a software. One part of83854WaitingDavid T Noon28-02-201532Software Oth...
Email attachments not opening properly Hi! Why do I have this problem that my files do not open properly when I download them from the internet through an email? I have the required s83855WaitingKatherine R ...28-02-201538Internet
My computer freezes when I do heavy tasks So, there is this new annoying thing my computer keeps on doing whenever I begin doing hea83856WaitingTaylor B Cam...28-02-201519Windows 7
HDD Lock on my new 1TB Eaget External Harddisk I recently added a new 1TB HDD to my computer and my list of drives show the Eaget and a l83857WaitingGene C Silva28-02-201515Hard Drives
Help and support corrupted in Windows 7   83858WaitingJoseph H Hig...28-02-201565Windows 7
Heatsync Fan not working anymore I have an AMD FX 4350 CPU and it came with a fan as usual. I installed the fan by plugging it83859WaitingJason K Shiv...28-02-201541Fans / Cooli...
I need to overclock my PC. Help I just completed building my first PC and I have been through lots of learning in the proc83860WaitingRonald M Pet...28-02-201534CPU Processo...
Internet Explorer problems on my PC   83861WaitingBerta R Cahi...28-02-201547Outlook Expr...
Which graphics card should go for? My computer has the GTX 970 EV83862WaitingDerrick E Cl...28-02-201526Video Cards
Can I get a good budget power supply? I need a good power supply to use with my Core i3 MSI Z77A-G43 socket, i7 ATX Motherboard83863WaitingBerta R Cahi...28-02-201530Power Suppli...
Choosing the best OS for a HP notebook computer   83864WaitingRonald M Pet...28-02-201535PC Laptops
Problems with the external wifi adapter on Ubuntu I have a Wi-Fi adapter but it does no83865WaitingJustin C Ama...28-02-201530Ubuntu Linux
Will my computer fit in this Corsair case? I have an Asus Z-97 PRO Wi-Fi AC mother board, Intel i7-4790K CPU, Corsair H110 CPU water cool83866WaitingTyrone E Lou...28-02-201529Desktops