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How to install wordpress plugins? please helpHi guys, I want to install new wordpress plugins and most importantly I found a website whuch offers free template theme for wordpress but I'm afraid80077WaitingAlfred G Pot...12-08-201470General
How to add custom CSS in blogger?please helpHi guys, I want to know how to add customized CSS in blogger in order to give your blog a new look and more eye popping view.Please tell me is it poss80003WaitingJuliana R Mc...10-08-201432General
How to install Whatsapp plus on android phone?Hi guys, I want to know how to install whatsapp plus on android devices I know that any android smart phone is capablr of downloading Whatsapp but I l80065WaitingDavid T Noon12-08-201427General
How to set Adobe Photoshop default in iPhoto?Hi guys, I want to know how to set Adobe Photoshop as default in iPhoto as I found on web that it can be done but the problem is I know adobe Photosho79824WaitingJohnie S Str...07-08-201436Photos / Gra...
How to edit CSS in internet explorer?helpHi guys, I want to know is editing CSS possible on browser like internet explorer if yes then please tell me how to edit CSS in internet explorer and80000WaitingDavid J Scot...10-08-201435General
How to know what direct X version I have?Hi guys, I want to know what direct X version I have I mean my PC have. I have windows XP 2000 edition and don't even know that I have direct X by def80070WaitingCharles A Cr...12-08-201427General
What is game stream in Nvidia GeForce tablet?Hi guys, I want to know what is Nvidia game stream and how it enables to play personal computer games on mobile directly.I have more doubts like 1. W79984WaitingGeoffrey D J...09-08-201425Feature tips
What is the operating system of Fujistic Stylix Tab?Hi guys, I want to know what is the operating system of fujistic stylix tab in which it runs and what is its brand and most importantly I want to ask80004WaitingFrank A Cart...10-08-201434Feature tips
Which is the best web development language PHP or .NET?Hi guys, I want to know which is the bes t web development software PHP or .NET if .NET is the best please tell me where can I find the80025WaitingMicheal S Ha...10-08-201426.NET Program...
Which programming language is used to create Android applications?Hi guys, I want to know which programming language or script is used to create android applications as I want to learn how android apps are created bu80067WaitingRex M Patten12-08-201423General
Problem with Milagrow M2 Pro camera?Hi guys, I want to know why Milagrow M2 Pro camera is not clear though it's camera specs is 8 mega pixel rear and 2 mega pixel front camera forget abo80040WaitingJohn T Sauer11-08-201426General
How to learn PHP basic learner?please helpHi guys, I want to learn PHP I don't even have any basic knowledge about PHP but know that it has a good value in career so I want to learn it.Please80063WaitingXavier B Fis...12-08-201420General
How to stream my photos on Windows?please helpHi guys, I want to stream my images on windows but I don't know how to do it. Actually I have windows PC and windows tv too I can send the images from80082WaitingMichelle D S...16-08-201449General
Why my PC is not detecting graphics card?Hi guys, I want yo know that why my PC is not detecting graphics card.I don't know how all this stuff is done but to have a good quality screen and pl80071WaitingLouie S Good...12-08-201431General
Why autofill is not working in excel?please helpHi guys, I was completing my work yesterday in excel but was having problems like auto fill was not working it was hanging in every 5 minutes so I tho80009WaitingNoel S Garri...10-08-201437MS Excel
Why my Ethernet network is not working?Please helpHi guys, I was not using my computer since some days and when I opened my PC today what I saw on turning on it is the connection bar is marked with re80083WaitingPhilip D Hur...16-08-201446General
Sony Xperia Z2 vs samsung galaxy tab 3?Hi guys, please tell me which tab is best to buy my priority is quality comes first and I'm graduate student so needs tab for daily work and also I l80008WaitingAlbert N And...10-08-201426Feature tips
Wh my PC mouse pointer is not showing?helpHi guys, whenever I open my personal computer which is Windows 8 the mouse pointet is not showing at all what might be the ptoblem I did not make any80010WaitingAndrew D Ped...10-08-201433General
How to use windows 8 file history please help!Hi, Though off lately I got windows 8 but I want to use its file history feature and I don't know does it save all the files in the system or just79776WaitingDustin T Do04-08-201432Windows XP