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Laptop not getting charged after being plugged in. My Laptop battery is stuck at 0% and not charging any more, I can only work on my system when I plug86418WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016281Windows OS
Download link for Snipping Tool for Windows 7 Home Basic I installed Windows 7 Home Basic edition today and was just working my way around it until I found out that there’s no snipping tool pre-i86495WaitingNoel S Garri...22-05-201687Windows OS
Screen turns black and won’t revert. My monitor screen turned black after I changed the resolution to a higher ratio and now it won&rsquo86415WaitingLawrence P T...01-05-2016190Windows OS
Incomplete shutdown after updating to windows 10. My Laptop does not completely shut down after upgrading to Windows 10,the power button stays on and the processor is still continues running, ho86409WaitingRoy L Garcia28-04-2016163Windows OS
The laptop screen displays small black spots The laptop screen displays small black spots on the screen, is it a dead pixel or something else as it hampering the display? 86406WaitingEric S Vazqu...28-04-2016144Windows OS
My Windows Domain Account Keeps Locking Out Frequently? I have two domain controllers and three member servers which are running on Windows Server 2003. All the other workstations c86698WaitingYaaniceRN23-06-201616Windows XP
Help! I Am Unable To Connect To mks. I have been trying to connect to the mks but am not able to do so. I cannot understand what I am doing incorrectly. Can someo86759WaitingP.pianson24-06-201618Wireless Net...
All About 'A Records': What Is An A Record? How mapping of name to system's address is done? What is an A record? What does a stands for in 'a record' ? Why86786WaitingG.rezare25-06-201615Wireless Net...
What Is The Use Of Online Packet Tracer Simulation Software? In what ways does the CISCO’s Online Packet Tracer Simulation Software help the students in academic purpose? What are86725WaitingKmariano24-06-201617Wireless Net...