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Helo Microsoft Word 15.0 Error Hello, I am using Microsoft Word 15.0 having Windows 7 Operating System but something went wrong trying to start word document. I nee86315WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201680Windows OS
Introduction to the concept of pixels on computer screen Pixels are used as a measurement term for screen size and any other size related applications of com86241WaitingBruce P Shar...30-03-201696Windows OS
Create a restore point in my system. I want to know how to create a restore point because my system is being used by many people and ther86420WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016132Windows OS
Laptop is getting too hot to touch. My Laptop is getting too hot to even touch whenever I start to run any graphic intensive application86416WaitingMary D Woodr...01-05-2016148Windows OS
The concept of a touchscreen on laptops If a laptop doesn’t have touchscreen feature, is it necessary to change the laptop? Or is it p86235WaitingThomas M Pol...30-03-201654Windows OS
Need help Microsoft Security Client error Hi, I am running Windows 8.1 32bit Operating system and received the error message when I tried to install my application. I have ins86290WaitingLindsey H Re...31-03-201644Windows OS
Introduction to MAC and PC and their differences What is an MAC and what is a PC? Are the two same? If not, then what are the basic differences between the two of them?86230WaitingDennis S Sta...30-03-201662Windows OS
Need help Error Exporting application Hi experts, I have Android Phone and tried to connect my device with computer in order to export application but an Android IDE Plug-86317WaitingEdward K Ree...02-04-201668Windows OS
Help Microsoft Word Subscription Error Hi experts, I have received Microsoft word 2016 error message when I tried to open my document in word form. I have verified my subsc86311WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201664Windows OS
Skype for Business has stopped working Hi, I was using Skype for business purposes since 3 years but recently an error occured “Skype for Business has stopped working86278WaitingDaniel E Bai...31-03-201645Windows OS
Help Microsoft Excel time format error Hi Experts, An error occurred using Microsoft Excel 2016 saying “pls input time in HH:MM (24-HR) format only; from 00:00 to 23:86308WaitingFabian I Par...01-04-201637Windows OS
Workbook Links error need help Hello, I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Excel 2016 but working on excel sheet an error message show86314WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201667Windows OS
Download link for Snipping Tool for Windows 7 Home Basic I installed Windows 7 Home Basic edition today and was just working my way around it until I found out that there’s no snipping tool pre-i86495WaitingNoel S Garri...22-05-201620Windows OS
Microsoft Word Error There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete Hi, I was using Microsoft Word an older version but suddenly an error showed up saying “There is not enough memory”. Look86302WaitingMatthew A Sh...01-04-201638Windows OS
Laptop not getting charged after being plugged in. My Laptop battery is stuck at 0% and not charging any more, I can only work on my system when I plug86418WaitingRobert M Wal...01-05-2016163Windows OS
Screen turns black and won’t revert. My monitor screen turned black after I changed the resolution to a higher ratio and now it won&rsquo86415WaitingLawrence P T...01-05-2016108Windows OS
An error occurred communicating with National Instruments Hi everyone, I am using National Instruments86259WaitingKelly G Laws...31-03-2016116Windows OS
Incomplete shutdown after updating to windows 10. My Laptop does not completely shut down after upgrading to Windows 10,the power button stays on and the processor is still continues running, ho86409WaitingRoy L Garcia28-04-201691Windows OS
The laptop screen displays small black spots The laptop screen displays small black spots on the screen, is it a dead pixel or something else as it hampering the display? 86406WaitingEric S Vazqu...28-04-201673Windows OS
Quantum Computer A New Invention What do you mean by a Quantum Computer? What are its features? In what way will it change the traditional computing that includes only 1’s86358WaitingMildred B De...05-04-201645Windows OS
Need help Failed to Generate Excel Hi experts, An error occurred generating excel file using CRM but failed to generate excel file. The problem persists and need to rem86316WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201679Windows OS
Excel object linking and embedding error Hello everyone, Microsoft Excel 2016 was working perfectly but this morning an alert has been made showing “Cannot use object l86310WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201685Windows OS