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Why is my computer running slow all of a sudden 84029WaitingTravis P Tar...04-03-201547Windows OS
How to format a cd in windows 7 easily 84026WaitingRobert V Ric...04-03-201539Windows OS
Why is my computer suddenly so slow now 84023WaitingJesus D Stow...04-03-201537Windows OS
Windows 8.1 pro update error Hello! I am a Windows 8 user and I was thinking of updating my OS to Windows 8.1 pro but I get84209WaitingDonald F Car...21-03-201513Windows OS
Upgrading From Vista to Windows 7 caused problems Hello everyone! My personal computer had Windows Vista in it before but I was thinking of upgr84199WaitingDustin T Do21-03-201519Windows Vist...
Why WinXP isn't supported on 3rd Gen i5? I have found that Windows XP is not supported on 3rd Gen i5 Processors. Why is it so? Almost all OS like Windows 7,8.1 ,8, Linux, Ubuntu are sup83797WaitingJoseph D Sau...25-02-201528Windows XP
How to downgrade windows 7 to xp I am running the Window 7 currently. But it have lots of function that i do not like. Acutely i have84060WaitingJoseph H Hig...06-03-201584Windows XP
Computer running slow all of a sudden Totally like Linux since it doesn't do annoying things like this, nonetheless the Windows83946WaitingJoseph H Hig...01-03-201527Windows XP
The Latest Version of True Crypt that was Usable I wish to enquire if True Crypt is still a secure option for Windows OS XP. I am curious t83831WaitingAabel Maveri...26-02-201543Windows XP
Where is the wps button on my linksys router I am irritating to connect my PSP to my wireless internet other than I require a WPA code or s83986WaitingAabel Maveri...02-03-201532Wireless Net...
More than one password for a wifi? Hello! I have heard that for a given WiFi connection there are multiple pass phrases of that connection. Is this true? I really haven't seen84039WaitingRex M Patten05-03-201545Wireless Net...
Why can't I connect to wifi Network.? I was using the wireless network connection just fine until i formated my Laptop. After i formated my laptop, i still had used the wireless conn84163WaitingAlisha B Sto...19-03-201519Wireless Net...
Invalid boot ini file booting from c windows I do not have the Windows XP CD since my friend's brother passed away and they gave me the PC an83940WaitingAbbigailanto...01-03-201517XP Embedded