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Can you please provide me introduction to networking? I’ve been using internet for a very long time. I failed to understand i84840WaitingAngela King09-04-201536Windows Netw...
Explorer crashes when I use Windows 8 Ever since using Windows 8, whenever I use Explorer it crashes frequently. Sometimes it comes back up but not always. I'm not sure if I shou85167WaitingJamal J Cann...20-04-201532Windows OS
What to do when Windows malfunctions after update Ever since the Windows version was updated on my desktop computer, my machine is not working or in order words not responding to commands issued84945WaitingPaul S Dougl...10-04-201535Windows OS
Error code keeps on showing while and after upgrading to 8.1 I just updated my Windows 8 to 8.1. After updating it showed the error Error85140WaitingJose K Vince...20-04-201517Windows OS
Upgrading from Windows Vista to 7 I'm trying to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and I keep getting stuck. The process is hanging up and I have to keep resetting back84584WaitingHarvey H Car...05-04-201520Windows OS
Windows 7 option vs. Windows XP Hi there, I am wondering if there is a way to have the Run option in the start menu for Windows 7. I am used to having it there from Windows XP85137WaitingStacy P Caba...20-04-201537Windows OS
How do I get a start menu for Windows 8? I am using Windows 8 and it is driving me crazy that there is no start button. I thought that Windows 8 would have it but it doesn't. I am s85166WaitingJeffrey V Wa...20-04-201518Windows OS
How to gain access to the Windows Installer Service The Window Installer Service on my Notebook Computer for a number of weeks now cannot gain access to it. I always see a pop up message notifying84944WaitingJimmy G Hanc...10-04-201541Windows OS
Windows crashes when I play a video When I play a video, Windows randomly crashes. It doesn't do it with every video, but it does do it frequently. Sometimes I can watch a few85086WaitingCatherine R ...20-04-20157Windows OS
I Need To Watch Yupp TV On Xbox 360... Ever since the digital migration, I have had to cough up some good amounts in terms of money for subscription to cable TVs.  However, I los84617WaitingDonald F Car...06-04-201545Windows Tabl...
Can't disable hibernation with Windows XP SP3 platform Hello! 85343WaitingJames D Cost...24-04-201511Windows XP
Task manager problem in my pc Hello, Now I am using Xp operating system. When I am pressing84435WaitingPaul S Dougl...31-03-201548Windows XP
Windows Xp Add or Remove programs can’t show some programsHello, I am getting problem in add or remove programs area. I have installed some software Virtual Dj, Adobe Reader, Wamp Server, etc. but Add or Remo84488WaitingCalvin S Col...03-04-201535Windows XP
What Is Memory Crash Dump? I don't know what has gone wrong with my PC. T'was working fine last night but today morning, I turned it on, opened Office 2007 and got85239WaitingJohn C Reis23-04-20159Windows XP
Why my system is automatically restarting without any information?Hello, I have a big trouble with my PC, when I am starting my system and after a few times it has started automatically. I unchecked "automatic restar84724WaitingJuan M Flora07-04-201549Windows XP
Windows XP Help operation does not workI am reinstalling Windows XP and everything work fine except Help and Support. Now days Help support is very essential of Windows XP When I am forgett84490WaitingMatthew E Da...03-04-201540Windows XP
Problem with my operating system error Hi! I am using windows xp operating system. When I am starting pc, an error will be occurred all time i.e. “invalid data file”. This84410WaitingMargarete S ...31-03-201528Windows XP
Wireless connectivity issues on Windows 8.1 This problem occurred in my PC couple of weeks ago. When I start my computer then the icon of wireless shows fine but when I load any page on an84452WaitingNick J Marre...31-03-201542Wireless Net...
Linksys N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router I have recently bought this Linksys N300 WiFi Router on $40. It is fairly good and it promises of speed of 20 Mbps. I am now extremely anno84586WaitingKatherine R ...05-04-201525Wireless Net...
Serious irritating You Tube survey problem I was viewing features on YouTube. At that point, while there's one stacking, in the feature screen, an overview appeared. It didn't loo84796WaitingWilliam D Ch...09-04-201528Wireless Net...