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Scanner Unreachable need scanner restoring system Hi experts, A long time passed since I was not scanning anything with my printer and today I wanted to scan some documents this error77435WaitingKyle M Artea...09-04-201415Others
Fatal Error GL ARB multitexture OpenGL extension is required Hello experts, I have this OpenGL error, it says that my VGA driver is not up to date. How cannot be up to date since I didn’t77452WaitingLarry S Mont...09-04-201438PCs
Problem with Microsoft Visual Basic Hi there, I have this error caused by Microsoft Visual Basic and I don’t have any solution for. My friend recommended this webs77449WaitingLeland L Ols...09-04-201416MS Hardware
Werfault.exe - Application Error memory could not be written. Hello, My Windows Updater told me that it will be good if I make all the updates that were required. I did so, and after rebooting th77436WaitingLeona E Mill...09-04-201412Anonymous
Error shows while i run the Windows instalation I have a laptop with Windows 7. It's about two weeks old since the last install of Windows, and I have this error when I want to run the ins77473WaitingLeonard S Lo...10-04-201417PCs
The procedure entry point QT Thunk could not be located Hello, When I rebooted my PC this morning because it was very slow, this error message appeared on my desktop. I didn’t make an77362WaitingLloyd S Lebr...04-04-201443PCs
In attribute displayName could not be found Hi there, After I made the update of my Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I got this error on my desktop. If I click OK the error appears agai77569WaitingLloyd S Lebr...15-04-201412Anonymous
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio error loading type library/DLL Hi, When I try to log in to SQL server I have this 28000 error message. Also, recently I have made an update to my MAC and I think th77525WaitingLloyd S Lebr...13-04-201416Server Hardw...
While Configuring a new client with Microsoft Outlook unexpected error occur Hi experts, When I want to configure a new client with Microsoft Outlook this unexpected error appears and I have to make the setting77479WaitingLorraine P G...10-04-2014131Outlook Expr...
Access violation error with MediaMonkey Hi experts, I have this error with MediaMonkey and I can’t solve it. Is this access violation and I don’t that blurred me77397WaitingLucien A Nie...07-04-201413iPhone
Graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool Hi, After this error appeared on my desktop when I tried to run some new programs that I installed, I did the necessary updates for m77604WaitingLucien A Nie...16-04-201410Hardware
TraThepHinh error 339 Component MSFLXGRD.OCX Hello, Late this morning this 339 error appeared on my desktop and when I clicked OK my PC rebooted and in the Windows startup this e77446WaitingLuke N Marks09-04-201417Anonymous
The attempt to burn a disc failed an unknown error occurred (4450). Hello there, I try to burn an audio CD but always I have the same error, this one. I am tired of this error and please can someone he77578WaitingLuz M Terry16-04-20148iTunes
The procedure entry point SMapLS_IP_EBP_12 could not be located Hi experts, After I connected my iPhone to my laptop this error message. I am a novice with PCs I don’t really know what it mea77373WaitingLuz M Terry06-04-201412OS
The iPhone “VJ’s iPhone” could not be undated error occurred (3000). Hi there, I made some updates on my laptop&rs77420WaitingMarc A White08-04-201435iPhone
Error Unterminated string constant Code: 800A0409 Hi, Using the Update Manager I found some available software updates. Now when I want to install them an error window appears and war77571WaitingMarco P Hamm15-04-201412Anonymous
Could not load DLL ‘prototype2engine.dll’ Hello experts, My new game Prototype 2 Engine have this error and sadly I can’t play it. I’ve been waiting a long time fo77555WaitingMarco P Hamm15-04-20147Desktops
Installing time Graal 4 error occur Hello experts, I have this error with Graal 4 when I want to install it. I have downloaded it at least 5 times from different servers77348WaitingMarco P Hamm04-04-201428OS
Error Code 1701. (0x6A5) The binding handle is not the correct type. Hello, When I want to open this application this error appears on my desktop and it appears every time I click on shortcut to open th77572WaitingMarco P Hamm15-04-201426Anonymous
Cannot load unicows.dll Press Cancel to terminate application Hi there, For two days I have this error message and I don’t know how to fix it. It appears every time my PC logs on. I don&rsq77367WaitingMarco P Hamm06-04-201440Software Oth...
US- 122 Installer” is damaged and can’t be opened Hi there, When I want to install a small software downloaded from the internet this error told me that something might be wrong. I di77429WaitingMarcos P Bla...08-04-201454Apple Deskto...
Dofus program asking for the authorizations Hi there, Dofus program gives me this error. I don’t know why because I am the only user for this Mac and I can’t underst77583WaitingMargaret M G...16-04-201411Apple Softwa...
The ordinaI 481 could not be located in the dynamic link library Hi there, After I installed some software on my PC and rebooted the system I got this error. I pressed OK and everything is fine. The77378WaitingMargaret M G...06-04-201425System Utili...
Assembly Cache Viewer -Install failed Access is denied Hi there, I tried to update my .NET Framework and after downloading when I ran the install package this error appeared. I didn’77351WaitingMargarete S ...04-04-201425PCs
The program can’t start because nspr4.dll s missing from computer Hi, I installed Yahoo Messenger because I need to keep in touch with some foreign students. It seems like Yahoo Messenger have a lot77558WaitingMargarete S ...15-04-201419Others