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Purchased IDM license but Fake Serial Error Hi, I am from US. I have purchased IDM for one year by Paying through Credit Card. But just af80701WaitingBeatricegvav...19-10-201410Misc Softwar...
Folder containing some important .exe file infected with virus. Folder containing some .exe files of some c-programs gets infected from some type of virus. I need80616WaitingBeatricegvav...18-10-201416Misc Securit...
Windows Powershell in Windows 7(Ultimate) and its Use in Windows I came across Windows PowerShell in Windows 7 and I am curious to know that is it and why is it used. It looks similar to cmd but I want to know80665WaitingBeatricegvav...19-10-20147Anonymous
Need to know database synchronization in MS Access I have an issue at the moment where multiple (same schema) access 2003 databases are used on laptops. I need to find an automated way to synchro80800WaitingBen J Todd20-10-201413MS Access
Motherboard Building and their indispensable safety precautions to be taken What are the vitals safety precautions for an armature computer hardware engineer to take when building a computer motherboard? I am a third yea80377WaitingBob T Smith25-09-201431Hardware
Need Javascript to detects mobile browser I'm looking for a function which return boolean value if user has mobile browser or not. I know that I can use navigator.userAgent and write80784WaitingBruce M Tool...20-10-20145Mobile Brows...
Trojans, Android devices and WiFi networks My Android tablet caught a Trojan, so the first thing I did was resetting its factory settings, in t80368WaitingBruce P Shar...25-09-201430Security
Zoom facilty in Android apps for weak eyesight With passing days, my age is also increasing. And with increasing age, eyes sight is getting weake80749WaitingBruce P Shar...19-10-201411Mobile Softw...
Action Script version 3.0 preloading bar I would like to if someone to know why i have so big delay in my flash main file when I go to test the pre loading bar with double control enter80793WaitingCarl D Hull20-10-201413ActionScript
Laptop cannot find WiFi connections anymore I normally use an Ethernet cable, so this in not of immediate urgency, but I am still curious. Norma80388WaitingCarmen A War...25-09-201440Hardware
CPU temperature analysis with my Dell Laptop I am using a Dell Laptop, recently I downloaded an application, through which I can analyze th80816WaitingCarmen A War...20-10-201411CPU Processo...
Conditions surrounding the rapid drain of laptop battery What are the conditions that cause laptop batteries to loose or drain power rapidly? What can I do to savage the situation? Is there a software80576WaitingCarol D Cost...16-10-201424Laptops/Note...
Problem with Vice city game does not load? Hey friends, I want to ask a question and it is related to Vice City game so please help me to recover my game and continue where I s80437WaitingCarol D Cost...01-10-201416General
Suggestion for apps in Windows 8 I have bought a new laptop with Windows 8 installed in it. Previously I used Windows 7 and XP. It80736WaitingCharles A Cr...19-10-20148Windows OS
Raspberry Pi in an office setting I have heard many wonderful things about the Raspberry Pi, and I was wondering if it could be used i80355WaitingCharles A Cr...25-09-201426Hardware
Difference betweem assembly and compiled languages How is assembly faster than compiled languages if both are translated to machine code. I'm talking about truly compiled languages which are80794WaitingCharles M Fo...20-10-201419Assembly
Pro and Cons of using Dropbox and Google Drive as Online Storage Hello, What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Dropbox over Google Drive? I am an African businessman who deals in80478WaitingChris F Brow...03-10-201448Storage
Dell XPS 13 track pad not working properly The clicks and surfs are inaccurate in my Del XPS 13 notebook. The pointer and the hand gestur80837WaitingChris F Brow...20-10-201415Misc Hardwar...
Is downloading Avast anti virus free version enough for my PC? Hi everyone, I newly bought Windows 8 and I don't trust or say don't like Mc Afee  internet security so I want to downlo80305WaitingChrista T Pe...23-09-201430General
Will adding more RAM help my PC speed up? Hi guys, My laptop is really slow from the initial days I bought it and now its more than a month the problem is same. My laptop is L80516WaitingChrista T Pe...07-10-201462General
Can I change my domin for same blog? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is can I change domain name for my blog. Actually I'm really confused about tis thing and80563WaitingChrista T Pe...09-10-2014115General
Is creative Vado HD pocket camcorder recommendable? Hi everyone, I want to ask really simple question, actually its a suggestion that I need so please tell me that this Creative VADO Po80400WaitingChrista T Pe...27-09-201434General
Why my laptop screen goes blank? Hi everybody, I want to know why my laptop screen goes blank I mean it goes black for a while and gets back to normal after waiting f80500WaitingChrista T Pe...06-10-201440Laptops/Note...
Can I backup whole Windows 8 software in One Key recovery? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is it possible to save whole Windows 8.1 software in One Key recovery, I mean can I back up m80547WaitingChrista T Pe...08-10-201443General
How to unlink my Skype account ad Microsoft account? Hi guys, I want to know how to unlink my Skype account and Microsoft account? Actually as you people know we have to link a Microsoft80457WaitingChrista T Pe...01-10-201437General