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Web Secutity Protocol Of TLS: Is It Really Effective? Is the TLS web security protocol really effective or has it been compromised? How does it change the security of our personal information? Can w86370WaitingMatthew S Cr...05-04-201657Security
Computers Can Tell If Users Are Bored Or Not According to recent studies, computers can tell if the user using the computer is bored or no. How is it capable of doing so? How does this feat86376WaitingMichael G My...06-04-201653Others
Mind Reading Computer Is Aware Of What We Are Going To Say In the start of the year 2016, there were rumors about a compu86378WaitingMichael G My...06-04-201651Windows OS
Data Protection For The Stored On USBs 86371WaitingMiguel W Mur...06-04-201648Others
Vulnerability In The Secutity Method Used For Common Online Security According to recent research; a vulnerability has been found in the method used for common online security. What is this vulnerability? In what86369WaitingMiguel W Mur...05-04-201651Others
Please Help Photoshop quit unexpectedly Hello experts, Currently, I am using Mac Operating System and trying to open Photoshop application but an unexpectedly error showed u86353WaitingMildred B De...03-04-201679Software Oth...
Quantum Computer A New Invention What do you mean by a Quantum Computer? What are its features? In what way will it change the traditional computing that includes only 1’s86358WaitingMildred B De...05-04-201647Windows OS
Please Help Adobe Photoshop Error Hi, I have installed Mac Operating System and got an error message when tried to generate a file into Adobe Photoshop. I really need86350WaitingMoses E Harr...03-04-201671Software Oth...
The Technique Developed by Hitachi To Anonymize Encrypted Data Recently, HITACHI has announced its technique to securely anonymize the encrypted personal data. What is its purpose? What are its advantages an86389WaitingNeal K Taylo...06-04-201676Storage
Difference Between Main Memory, Cache Memorey And Virtual Memory What is the difference between the main memory, cache memory and virtual memory? Why do we need each one of them?86387WaitingNeal K Taylo...06-04-201661Others
An introduction to the concept of data mining 86240WaitingNelson M Can...30-03-201690Database
Introduction to the concept of PL/SQL and its uses What is the purpose of the language PL/SQL? What are its86242WaitingNelson M Can...30-03-201645Hardware
Introduction to the concept of Big Data What does the term Big Data mean? What are the methods f86239WaitingNelson M Can...30-03-201640Database
Introduction to the concept of pipelining in processors 86244WaitingNelson M Can...30-03-201641Anonymous
Download link for Snipping Tool for Windows 7 Home Basic I installed Windows 7 Home Basic edition today and was just working my way around it until I found out that there’s no snipping tool pre-i86495WaitingNoel S Garri...22-05-201627Windows OS
Help Failed to execute the command Hello, I have received the error message creating partition using software but remained unsuccessful. I think experts have solution f86292WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201663Anonymous
Windows Defender The actions you selected couldn’t be applied. Hi, I recently installed Microsoft Security Essential for my Window and found some virus during scanning process but when I click on86289WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201655Windows OS
Help Atom Installation has failed Hello, Currently, I am running 64 bit Operating Syetem Windows 7 and trying to install the Atom setup but every time I click on setup86286WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201649Anonymous
AllSharePCSW has blocked for protection Hello, I am running Windows 7 Operating System with Microsoft Security Essential but when I try to open my application an error messa86288WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201666Anonymous
Introduction to a component called as memristor In the recent times, there has been a development in electronic devices. A memristor has been invented. What is a memristor? What are its featur86231WaitingPamela B Bai...30-03-201672Hardware
64-bit computing and its advantages What is 64-Bit computing? What are its advantages? Is it different for MAC and Windows or is it the same for both?86233WaitingPamela B Bai...30-03-201674Hardware
Wav to text converter online ( Chrome Extension) Hello, I was wondering if there is any wav to text converter online as I need to calculate the spectrum and other stuff of the sound?86500WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201651Others
Microsoft Word for Windows 8.1 After installing Windows 8.1, I found out that the MS Word isn’t included in the package and I can’t do anything without it because86498WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201650Windows OS
Concept of entity-relationship diagrams and their components What is an entity-relationship diagram? What are the different components of an entity relatio86248WaitingPaul M Lucer...30-03-201630Anonymous
Interrupts and how to cope up with them in instruction cycles What is an interrupt in an instruction cycle? How to deal with an interrupt? Also, in what par86245WaitingPaul M Lucer...30-03-201633Anonymous