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Not Supporting: Windows 7 Home Premium Remote Desktop. I have bought a Windows 7 Home Premium, but it does not support remote desktop connections. How can I enable Windows 7 home p86794WaitingYting.franz27-06-201611Windows 7
Enabling And Disabling Offline Files Windows 7. Hello everyone, My friends were having a discussion on Offline Files Windows 7. Can anyone expl86724WaitingYingAnsoateg...24-06-201620Windows 7
Invoking Windows Update Via Command Line: Windows Update Command Line. How can I invoke Windows Update via command line? I want to know what is happening in the background. What do I need to type86823WaitingNaalagappan27-06-201617Windows 7
How To Delete A User Profile From The Registry? I am using Windows 7 with several user accounts I want to delete a user profile from registry permanently. I want to know the86687WaitingM Williumm23-06-201620Windows 7
Fix Error: Windows 7 Weather Gadget Cannot Connect To Service. My weather gadget is not working.It is showing weather gadget cannot connect to service. Please suggest me some ways to fix t86782WaitingSathish3k25-06-201620Windows 7
Default Login in Windows 7: Simple Steps for Windows 7 default login. How can I configure a workgroup computer to log automatically? What are the steps I need to follow for enabling Windows 7 def86799WaitingUbarny27-06-20169Windows 7
How To Install HyperTerminal In Windows 7 I want to install hyper terminal in my Windows 7 PC. Is there any way to download and install the same? Please provide me ste86875WaitingJngbaltazar28-06-201611Windows 7
Locking Down The Kiosk System: Windows 7 Kiosk Mode. I want to stop some users from accessing certain programs. How can I stop some users from accessing some programs? How can 7
How To Turn On Remote Desktop Remotely? I heard my colleagues talking about remote desktop and I want to install it on my Windows computer as well. But How to turn o86755WaitingJhajha Bince24-06-201616Windows 7
Easiest Way To Fix: Windows Update Error 80070057. I have tried everything but I am not able to resolve this Windows update error 80070057. Please tell me the steps by which I86822WaitingJkbenson27-06-201616Windows 7
How To Install Terminal Server Windows 7? Hi, I want to install the terminal server windows 7. Earlier I was using the citrix server in my windows laptop. Can someone86740WaitingIon Hathew24-06-201616Windows 7
Upgrade Windows 7 Pro To Ultimate. Hey everyone, I have Windows 7 Professional running on my PC, and I have the upgrade key also,86807WaitingM-Freak27-06-201610Windows 7
Duplicating A User Profile: Windows 7 Copy User Profile. I want to copy an existing user profile in Windows 7.I can copy admin level users profile but unable to copy a standard level86798WaitingD. Heffner27-06-201610Windows 7
Are You Looking For Terminal Services Windows 7?I cannot find the terminal services windows 7, is it removed in the Windows 7 platform? How can I install/reinstall the terminal services in Windows 786912WaitingBianca Case29-06-20167Windows 7
Downloading Snipping Tool For Windows 7 Home Basic I am having an issue in taking a snapshot of the images and texts on computer. How can I download snipping tool for windows 786682WaitingJ Anderson23-06-201620Windows 7
How To Set Up Group Policy Auto logoff In Windows 7? Hello, I want to setup a group policy that logs off the users system when it is inactive for lo86862WaitingTobi Arthur27-06-201615Windows 7
Help Needed With Kiosk Mode Windows 7; Please Provide Assistance. I have encountered a problem while trying to use kiosk mode windows 7. I have a PC with NComputing access device L-Series and86891WaitingHhuitao28-06-201613Windows 7
Need Link For IE 10 Offline Installer? Can anyone provide me with a link to download IE 10 for Windows 7 operation system. I have tried to download but instead of t86888WaitingSaad Tariq H...28-06-201613Windows 7
Cost To Upgrade: Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade Cost. I want to upgrade my PC's operating system from Windows 7 to Ultimate.What is the Windows 7 anytime upgrade cost? Please86800WaitingH M ZAMAN27-06-20168Windows 7
Windows Search Service Server 2012 Earlier I was using Windows 7 in which Windows Search Service was there. Now I am using Windows Server 2012 in which Windows86831WaitingCabigas Medi...27-06-201612Windows Netw...
How To Find DHCP Server In Network I want to find DHCP server in the Office network for some authorised changes and update in settings. how to find DHCP server86873WaitingYrrejanne28-06-20169Windows Netw...
Launch Remote Desktop Window Via Command Line: Windows Server 2012 Remote Desktop I am using Windows 2012 in which the usual Remote Desktop Window is not visible.How can I enable Windows server 2012 remote d86827WaitingPogicol27-06-201610Windows Netw...
How to disable ipv6 Windows 7 Operating System? I am using Windows 7 which is configured to use ipv6 automatically. Is there any way by which I can disable ipv6 Windows 7?86690WaitingF.raza23-06-201623Windows Netw...
Best Solution To Fix: Windows Update Error 800b0001. When I try to run Windows update by clicking on "Check for Updates" inside the Windows Update I get Windows update86820WaitingSaad Afzal27-06-201616Windows Netw...
Network Location Cannot Be Reached. How To Connect To Windows 2000 Domain Hi. I have been trying to connect my Windows 2000 based PC to the Windows 2000 domain. However, when I type in the name and p86814WaitingC.padua27-06-201612Windows Netw...