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Need help routing new cube tal? Hey friends, I want to download and route this new cube talk like any other apps but getting many problems. I'm worried is it int80430WaitingMoses E Harr...01-10-201421General
Why I can't send music files to OC via HTC M8? Hey guys, I want to know why is it that I can't send music files from my HTC M8 smartphone to PC. I don't know what is wrong80517WaitingRonnie E Ban...07-10-201444General
Is MAC compatible with .NET programming? Hey everyone, I want to ask a question that came to mind off lately and that is does MAC PC support .NET framework? This question cam80395WaitingNeal K Taylo...27-09-201425General
Why my Samsung Galaxy S4 powers on itself? Hey Everyone, I wanna ask a question please answer me to help solve this actually the problem is with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and this h80427WaitingDon R Webber01-10-201438General
Why my smartphone hangs when I take a call? Hey guys, I have this LG P698 smartphone that runs on Android 2.3 version it is a pretty old smartphone now but I use it sometimes wh80514WaitingChristopher ...07-10-201438General
Can I backup whole Windows 8 software in One Key recovery? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is it possible to save whole Windows 8.1 software in One Key recovery, I mean can I back up m80547WaitingChrista T Pe...08-10-201450General
How to turn on my PC in safe mode? Hey guys, I want o know how to turn on safe mode in my Windows 8 PC. Actually I bought this new lptop and want to turn it on in safe80505WaitingRoy L Garcia06-10-201423General
How to update HTC one's Android versin to 4.4.2? Hey guys, I want to know how to update my HTC One Android version. I bought this smartphone few months ago and it was showing no80511WaitingNeal K Taylo...07-10-201426General
What should be size of RAM should PC have to play games? Hi guys, I want to know what is the minimum size of RAM I should have in my PC to play all kind of games like RPEG and 3D games. Plea80502WaitingEric S Vazqu...06-10-201447General
How to change windows update settings in my PC? Hey guys, Please answer me my question is how do I change Windows updates settings. I use Windows 7 Professional PC 32 bit. My Window80508WaitingMary D Woodr...06-10-201475General
Which is recommendable IPhone 6 or Iphoe 6 plus? Hi guys, I know every one is excited to buy new IPhone 6 and its other range of Smartphone IPhone 6 Plus. So do I, so please tell me80466WaitingSean A Fulto...01-10-2014114General
Why my LG G3 disconnects from WiFi? Hi guys, I want to ask a question please help me to solve this problem. I want to know why my WiFi connection disconnects itself in m80499WaitingTerrance C D...06-10-201441General
Bluestacks application problem in my PC? Hey guys, I want to ask a question and it is regarding the BlueStacks app that enables us to use android apps on PC. I downloaded thi80538WaitingMalcolm H Jo...08-10-201448General
Why Wifi is nnot working in my Galaxy S3? Hi guys, I want to know why my galaxy S3 is not detecting any WiFi networks. Actually what happened is my galaxy S3 smartph80463WaitingJohn B Gutie...01-10-201451General
What performance can we expect from Aspire E5? Hi friends, I want to ask a question about this newly launched laptop Aspire E5. This new laptop from Aspire E series is said to80415WaitingMary D Woodr...28-09-201445General
Which is the best download accelerator for PC? Hey guys, Please tell me which is the best download accelerator for Windows 8.1 PC. The problem is my Pc is slow and also I can see t80496WaitingEdward T Mil...05-10-201438General
My infinix no longer shows 3G?help Hey guys, I don't know what is the problem here with the device or service provider? My infinix does not shows 3G at all and I80447WaitingDale G Jacks...01-10-201440General
Why update in Sony Xperia Z 4.3 fails? Hi guys, I want to know why update in my smartphone Sony Xperia Z fails again and again. I dint expected this problem in Sony Xperia80535WaitingCraig F McGe...08-10-201441General
Why Wolfenstien game is crashning?   Hi guys, 80460WaitingJoseph L McP...01-10-201421General
Is AMD X2 7850 good for gaming? Hey guys, I love playing games and the sole reason I purchased new laptop. So I want to play every latest games available for windows80412WaitingRoy L Garcia28-09-201432General
How to backup using One key Recovery? Hi guys, I want to know what is the procedure to backup my new laptop using One key Recovery. The one key recovery is pre-installed i80493WaitingLarry B Mend...05-10-201433General
Why my Nokia XL does not boot? Hi guys, I waant to ask a question its serious problem with my smartphone. I purchased Nokia XL  months ago and the mobile80444WaitingDavid D Mayn...01-10-201436General
Why my smartphoneis hanging after updating it? Hey guys, I have this really unexpected problem occur in my smartphone that after updating my smartphone which is HTC incredible S st80532WaitingJohnny S Fea...08-10-201424General
Why my web pages become unresposive on Chrome? Hi guys, I80564WaitingRonnie E Ban...09-10-2014140General
Why tethering and portable is not working in Nokia XL? Hi guys, I want to ask a question it is elate to my smartphone. So my question is why I'm unable to configure tethering and80490WaitingDale G Jacks...05-10-201437General