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The Data Warehouse To Understand The Quality Of Source Data. When an IT company wants to make a new data warehouse, data profiling is required to understand the quality of source data. Explain about data p89219WaitingGianetta07-09-201619File Servers
Learn How To Open A Zip File On Mac Using Simple Ways Hi. I have recently bought a Mac. I don’t even know how to operate it properly. I need to open a zipped file on my PC. How to open a zip f88941WaitingGoaran Andrw...25-08-201626File Servers
Install Hp Designjet 500 Network Card Firmware Using FTP Network Hi. I am not very familiar with the network cards and firmware terms. What are the steps to install HP Designjet 500 network card? Please reply89467WaitingToasty Guru10-09-201621File Servers
How To Convert Mp3 To A Text File? I want to convert mp3 to a text file in my Windows 7 Personal Computer, please suggest me one of the comfortable as well as a useful method to c89142WaitingUbaid02-09-201621File Servers
How To Merge Two Rows In Excel Without Losing Data Some Steps Hi. I am using Excel for the first time. I want to merge data between two rows without any harm to the data contained. How to merge two rows in88931WaitingE Cho ILaw25-08-201628File Servers
How to resolve 403 Forbidden Error during Wamp Server Installation for phpmyadmin I am attempting to install Wamp Server, but I am encountering89177WaitingLarry Lohan03-09-201638File Servers
Your IMAP Server Wants To Alert You To Follow What is this error “Your IMAP server wants to alert you to follow”? And it occurs in Microsoft Outlook.89006WaitingDiamante Ada...31-08-201620File Servers
How Can I Make Changes To A PDF File? I have some documents which are in PDF format and I am unable to edit it in Acrobat Reader. How do I make changes to a PDF file?89914WaitingF.Rikaza Irf...12-10-20168File Servers
How Do You Build Your Own PC From Scratch? I am an avid gamer and need to build your own PC from scratch. I have always bought a pre-built PC and never have thought of building a PC mysel89053WaitingFolseo Fath01-09-201620File Servers
Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkitusing Simple Steps Hi. I am not very thorough with the concept of migration toolkit. I would like to know the system requirements and the steps to install the Micr89388WaitingS-Amin09-09-201621File Servers
What Are The Recommended Network Cable Color Scheme? I am working on a networking project that's why I want to know the recommended color scheme for the network cables and their different appli89171WaitingA Williams02-09-201631File Servers
Learn How To Open A GIF File Using Some Simple Steps Hi. I am not very comfortable with computers and so I am not aware of all the functionalities and file formats. I want to open a GIF file. How t88937WaitingMia Grey25-08-201621File Servers
Learn About The Steps To Connect RDP Thin Client Osto A Server Hi. I am not very familiar with the concept of RDP thin client OS. However, I would like to know the steps for connecting the RDP client to the89385WaitingG.Adam09-09-201618File Servers
How To Read XML File Us7ng Simple Methods Hi. I am not very hands-on with XML and the other software. I want to learn how to view the files which are in XML. How to read XML file? Please89116WaitingNibeedisy02-09-201617File Servers
Learn How To Save Passwords On Firefox In Some Simple Steps Hi. I am not very familiar with Firefox because I have started using it recently. How to save passwords on Firefox? Please reply ASAP. Thanks in89413WaitingCoaster Elad...09-09-201642Firefox
How To Print Web Page In Firefox? Hello everyone! I have been using the Mozilla as a web browser. Nowadays, I encountered some online documents that can’t be downloaded. So89302WaitingNabeela07-09-201630Firefox
How Do I Block A Website On Firefox? I am a worried parent of two teenage girls. I want to block them from using facebook, on our home computer. How do i block a website on firefox?89075WaitingGoaran Andre...01-09-201625Firefox
How To Remove Adware From Mac Chrome Using Some Easy Setps Hi. I have recently started using Mac Chrome. I want to remove the adware virus from my laptop. How to remove adware from Mac Chrome? Please rep89137WaitingSeachel Sing...02-09-201618Firefox
Looking For A Way Replace The Battery Of Your Mac Book Pro? Which is one of the best retail website available out there to buy all the products related to Apple Mac, the Mac Book Pro 15 in particular?89094WaitingA Williams01-09-201628General
What Is Army Certificate Of Networthiness? I need an Army Certificate of Networthiness in order to sell my product to the Army, I don’t know what it is can you please explain what i89149WaitingS.walker02-09-201619General
To Learn The Difference Between SPI And PRI. I was going through SIP when I got stuck with PRI. Please tell me the exact difference between SPI and PRI to get my concept clear about it, so89547WaitingNabeela13-09-201626General
CompTIA: Jumpstart Your Career By Getting Certified Which organization provides the best certification to certify the skills learned outside classroom (informal learning) for IT and any other fiel89085WaitingFidel P Elli...01-09-201625General
How To Print On A Chromebook Using The Google Cloud Print? Hello everyone! My company’s employees have been struggling for some time as they have to stand in a queue to get the printer free. I was89299WaitingJ B Armstorn...07-09-201619Google Chrom...
Solution For Chrome Which Is Not Loading Its Pages. I just downloaded Chrome from Google, the most recent version. As it kept crashing, I uninstalled and reinstalled from the official page of Goog89542WaitingEaana Albert13-09-201618Google Chrom...
To Check If My Chrome Is Up To Date. Hello, as I was working online, there has been some errors which are quite irked. My browser is Chrome. I think there might be a need of updatin89794WaitingW.fiona27-09-201625Google Chrom...