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Detailed steps to follow to install or replace your Graphics Card What are the detailed steps involved in replacing or installing a graphics card on my desktop? I wish to upgrade the graphics card on the mother80384WaitingLuz M Terry25-09-201418Hardware
LEDs not working on a Corsair Vengeance M90 Gaming Mouse I am experiencing some worrying issues with my Corsair Vengeance M90 Gaming Mouse. The LED logo on i80381WaitingDanielle J G...25-09-201411Hardware
Error message on an Acer monitor I am having problems with my monitor (Acer S240HLBID), attached to an HP Pavilion with Windows 7. Ye80349WaitingDonald F Car...25-09-20142Hardware
Lines on the screen of my Compaq 15-a003sa laptop Hello. I own a Compaq 15-a003sa laptop, and I am experiencing some issues with the screen. Most of t80378WaitingEric E Ander...25-09-201417Hardware
Keyboard not supporting correctly, help me. Suddenly keyboard of my Compaq laptop stopped working in Windows 7. The keyboard still working in BIOS and in Windows' Safe mode. I tried to80213WaitingMoses V Patt...17-09-201412Hardware Com...
GeForce graphic card not working due to upgrade window to 8 I have HP laptop which has i3 1.4 GHZ processor with 4 GB RAM. It has  a GeForce graphic card.80161WaitingJustin C Ama...16-09-201432Hardware Com...
Headphone plug broke off in audio in jack My headphone plug broke off in the jack, in the front of my  Desktop Computer. Any ideas on how80199WaitingJoseph D Sau...17-09-201411Hardware Com...
Internet connection problem on a desktop computer There are two laptops, three mobile phones and one desktop in my household. The desktop is having Wi80386WaitingJohn M Torre...25-09-201418Internet
What is the difference between Google Play Music and iTunes Match? I would like to choose a cloud system that would allow me to stream my music from anywhere. I have h80279WaitingAndrewjohn23-09-20145Internet
Is Norton internet security good antivirus? Hey friends, I want to ask very simple question that is Norton internet security good enough for my PC. I'm using Windows 7 since80333WaitingDavid D Mayn...25-09-201414Internet Sec...
Why my Microsoft Security Essentials is not turning on? Hey Guys, I have installed Windows 7 just few days back and Microsoft security essentials also with it. But what I noticed off lately80289WaitingCraig F McGe...23-09-201414Internet Sec...
How to download videos and Gifs in Ipad?help Hi friends, I'm back with a new problem looking for its answer actually not a problem but I don't know how to download videos80234WaitingJohn B Loar18-09-201447iPad
How to install iOS 7 on iOS 8 in Ipad mini? Hi Everyone, I want to know that is it possible to install iOS 7 on my IPad which iOS version is iOS 8 now. Please tell me80394WaitingCraig F McGe...26-09-201424iPad
How can I extend the battery life of my iPhone and iPad? I have a very long commute, so entertainment is a must. However, I find that both my iPhone and my i80285WaitingAngelaeabram23-09-20148iPad
IPad Air keeps loosing WiFi signal My iPad Air is only a few months old. However, I cannot really use it on WiFi networks because, when80346WaitingJonathan L G...25-09-20144iPad
IPhone sideways problem when texting something. I am unable to turn my iPhone 5 sideways to text or view my pictures or videos.  Also, I turn down button does not work. When I take a pict80222WaitingWillis K Whi...17-09-201412iPhone
IPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 I am thinking of buying one of these phones, but I cannot seem to be able to choose which one is the80290WaitingAlex Joshuaa23-09-201415iPhone
How do I play movies on my iPhone? I travel a lot and I have a wide collection of movies and videos on my laptop. I tried playing them80275WaitingAna J Ballin...23-09-20146iPhone
Problem with Music apps in Iphone 5S?help Hi everyone, There is a new issue with my Iphone and this time its with Music apps. I got a new update for Iphone 5S today and i80233WaitingSamuel S For...18-09-201443iPhone
Issues with instalingl IOS8 on Iphone 5?please help Hi guys, I know this is the right place to ask my question and hope somebody will help me. So my question is how to install IOS 8 on80230WaitingEdward K Ree...18-09-201417iPhone
How to ignore or bypass iCloud activation in Iphone 5?help Hi guys, Please help me I don't want to activate my icloud account on Iphone. The thing is I bought a new Iphone, but it'80116WaitingJames J Khan14-09-201434iPhone
Problems installing IOS 8 in Iphone 4S?help Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my Iphone 4S software to IOS 8 but its not installing. In fact it says the Iphone 4S is up t80245WaitingHugh M Carpe...20-09-201416iPhone
Can I download iOS 8 on my iPhone 5? My iPhone 5 is not showing any particular problems, but I would like to be up to date at least in so80271WaitingAmmelia Jess...23-09-201422iPhone
Apple vs Android (Help me choose?)? Now I don't care more about the features and such, but I just want a phone that can do things th80197WaitingMark E Ward17-09-201414iPhone
A Fresh iPhone Application Designer and their challenges What are the challenges one faces as an iPhone App designer who has started designing application software for iPhone users? I am a graduate who80265WaitingMary I Pendl...22-09-201473iPhone