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Google voice search not working in iball slide tab? Hi guys, I don't know what is wrong with iball slide tab because the Google voice search is no longer working in it. I have80464WaitingLawrence P T...01-10-201458General
Sony PC companion does not work? Hey guys, Please help me solve this problem I really want to get back working my Sony PC companion for my Sony laptop to transfer fil80533WaitingJack M Gates08-10-201437General
My Intel A2 smartphone does not connect to internet? Why? Hi guys, I want to know the solution to this problem so please help me. I bought Intel smartphone for the first time and it does not80461WaitingRobby L Stut...01-10-201441General
How to remove new Google Chrome background app? Hey guys, I want to know how to remove this Google chrome app which is installed automatically by Google Chrome. This app I really wa80494WaitingCraig F McGe...05-10-201432General
Why my lock screen widgets are not working? Hey guys, I want to know why my smartphones lock screen widgets are not working. I don't have any idea about it so asking this he80530WaitingAngie C Blak...08-10-201424General
How to get my Google plus profile back on Blogger? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and that is how o get back my Google plus profile visible on blogger blog. Some while ago I deleted80458WaitingRonnie E Ban...01-10-201442General
Why 2G and 3G is not connecting in L3? Hey guys, I want to ask a question please answer me that why my L3 is not connecting to 2G and 3G. Also I'm unable to use interne80491WaitingJohnny S Fea...05-10-201446General
Which data manager I should use for my Smartphone? Hey guys, Please recommend me the best data manager for my smartphone. Its a Samsung Galaxy Duos which runs on Android 4.2 and I want80497WaitingMalcolm H Jo...05-10-201445General
I forgot my Ms word doc file password? Hey guys, I want to know how to get back my file accessible which is a doc file. Actually the thing is I forgot my doc file password80565WaitingEric S Vazqu...09-10-2014132General
Which is the best graphics card for gaming? Hi friends, I want to know which is the best available gaming card for my Windows 8 Lenovo PC? I know NVIDIA is the king here in gami80417WaitingDoug H Chen28-09-201457General
Dropbox data synchronization problems in Windows 8? Hi guys, I want to know why my Dropbox is not synchronizing data itself? I have this problem since two days and I tried uninstalling80455WaitingChristopher ...01-10-201435General
Why I can't make calls in Skype- Xbox One? Hi guys, I want to ask a question if anybody with the perfect solution that may solve my problem please do answer me. The problem is80488WaitingMichael G My...05-10-201443General
How to convert PDF to image files? Hey guys, I want to ask a question and that is how to convert PDF files in to image files? Is there any software that may help me to80562WaitingTerrance C D...09-10-201449General
Apple Iphone 5C vs Samsung Galaxy S5? Hey friends, I want to ask  a question here so please do answer me and suggest me which Smartphone is best Apple IPhone 5C or Sa80414WaitingLawrence P T...28-09-201444General
My tethering hotspot is not working on Galaxy Core 2? Hi friends, I want to know why my tethering feature is not working in my new Galaxy Core 2 smartphone. I purchased this smartphone Ga80452WaitingNeal K Taylo...01-10-201452General
How to clear disk partitions in windows? Hi guys, I want to know how o delete partitions in Windows 8 and make a single disk space only. He way it used to be when t80485WaitingRobert M Wal...05-10-201428General
Weather app error in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo? Hey guys, As we all know and use this weather app which comes as a widget in smartphones. The problem that my smartphone which i80524WaitingMary D Woodr...08-10-201426General
Google chrome hungs up, minimizing-maximizing solves the issue Temporarily When I run the Google Chrome in my laptop having window 7 home basic, it starts hanging up and by Minimizing and Maximizing the application, it80609WaitingAvah.hannah18-10-201440Google Chrom...
Getting google chrome sync problem need help What I’m trying to do is sync Google Chrome on my home and office computers. However, I am having a major issue with editing my "pass80698WaitingAlbertowfraz...19-10-201414Google Chrom...
Java Script crashes on Google Chrome I am a Java script writer, and was working on a JavaScript script. When I tried it out on Google Chrome I keep getting graphical bugs. While, wh80762WaitingJohn B Gutie...20-10-201416Google Chrom...
For a lot of Sites Page not available error in Chrome I am using the latest version of Google Chrome. The problem I am facing from past few days is80604WaitingDeborah G Pe...17-10-201425Google Chrom...
Google Nexus 5 Headphone Gives Sound in only Left Earpiece Headphone Jack of my Google Nexus 5 Smarthphone is having problem. When I plugged in my brand new Skull Candy headphones into it to enjoy music,80672WaitingCruz D Hatch...19-10-20144Handhelds / ...
WD Cloud not recognising external USB drive I own the WD Cloud device 2TB and a while ago I bought a WD Green 2TB that now lives inside a80846WaitingMoses E Harr...20-10-201424Hard Drives
Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC I have an HP laptop having Windows 8 inbuilt. There were so many problems with it that I calle80606WaitingFinlay17-10-201436Hard Drives
Having hard drive formatting issues in windows 7 I want to partition my hard drive but facing a problem with formatting. The problem is that when I tried to make partition it does not allow me80772WaitingJeffrey M Sa...20-10-20149Hard Drives