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Why did MSN messenger shut down? Hi all, I am have been using Internet for almost a decade now and I have seen and used many applications over the years, some which will never b84300WaitingJohn C Reis23-03-201524Internet
Replying on Gmail using the reply box Hello everyone! I use Gmail to send emails. Whenever I use the reply box, as I depress each ke84223WaitingSteven R McK...21-03-201545Internet
504 gateway time out on websites Hello everyone! From the past one week I have noticed that sometimes when I am trying to open a webpage, the webpage does not open properly and84297WaitingJoseph T Smi...23-03-201517Internet
Recovering deleted photos on Facebook Hello everyone! I use Facebook a lot everyday but recently something bad happened while using84326WaitingLarry L Poli...24-03-201561Internet
The term 'Searcn Engine Optimisation' Hello! What is SEO? What does it mean and what is it about? I knew a person who was an SEO manager in an office but I could not talk to him much84040WaitingThomas S Row...05-03-201544Internet
Sharing static IP address over a WiFi Hello everyone! I use a static IP address and I have set up a small type of server to track my small84241WaitingLarry L Poli...21-03-201525Internet
Background audio while watching videos on DailyMotion Hello! Recently video streaming on the Internet  has become so annoying for me. I am watching a video on Dailymotion and out of nowhere an84302WaitingDustin T Do23-03-201526Internet
Why does internet explorer keep popping up all the time 84025WaitingErik S Trigg04-03-201530Internet
Copyright Laws for music videos on Youtube Hello! I have a channel and I have different videos related to football on it. I would like to add music to my videos too but I am not sure if I84072WaitingLucas C Park09-03-201550Internet
Association of email-id in Facebook Hello! I have been using Facebook from quite a long time now. I had this particular email id which was associated to the Facebook account. But r84290WaitingJohnie S Str...23-03-201519Internet
The term "Following" on Facebook Hi all, So I am new to Facebook and I don’t know much about it. I sent a request to a few peop84293WaitingAllen K Park...23-03-201522Internet
Purchase of a new modem increased speed 83931WaitingRoger K Shop...01-03-201542Internet
Best links to watch latest movies online Hello! Does anyone here know about all the websites through which we can watch all the latest movies online. I found a few but the quality was g83972WaitingEric E Ander...02-03-201546Internet
Facebook Seen and Unseen Messages Hello! As we all know Facebook has that seen option on messages and it shows seen when a message is read. So I just sent a message to someone an84093WaitingJohnie S Str...11-03-201551Internet
Internet Explorer 11 caused problems Hi everyone! We all are not a big fan of Internet Explorer but recently I decided to download84203WaitingKevin A Augu...21-03-201535Internet
Learning Hypertext Markup Language from beginning Hello! I want to learn Hypertext Markup Language(HTML). I am a complete beginner and I have no knowledge of web development at all. I do know th84042WaitingCharles A Cr...05-03-201564Internet
Getting Unwanted Mails on Gmail Hello everyone! I use Gmail to receive and send e-mails. I have again and again marked certain mails84243WaitingMatthew M Sl...21-03-201538Internet
Using WhatsApp without SIM possible? Hi! So I was just using my smartphone and apparently the SIM has been deactivated by the company for some reasons that I don't know as yet,84159WaitingAllen K Park...18-03-201562Internet
Using search engines especially Google effectively Hello! How can we use the search engines in a more effective way is my question. I mean if I have a particular query, lets say I want to know th83960WaitingJack L Matam...02-03-201539Internet
Making developer Google Accounts for PlayStore Hi! How do I make a Google developer account? I mean if I want to put my application on Google play store, I need to have an account for that, r84156WaitingJohnie S Str...18-03-201555Internet
Attaching a pdf to email possible? Hi there! I want to send an email to some person and this file that I am sending is in the Por84197WaitingMatthew M Sl...21-03-201515Internet
Is Shopping Online is Safe? Hello! I am not a very big fan of online shopping but I am thinking of using this feature more often. I have always been very concerned about th84077WaitingAlfred G Pot...10-03-201551Internet
How to fix script errors on internet explorer When you receive, webpages may not be shown or work properly in Internet Explorer. The script, errors may have various bases. So I use the inter84187WaitingMaurice B Ro...20-03-201526Internet Exp...
BIng toolbar just won't go away I have internet explorer 8.1 and the bing83880WaitingTyrone E Lou...28-02-201549Internet Exp...
Attacked by the crypto virus 3.0 I have a computer that has been infected by the Crypto 3.0 virus. I had tried removing the83881WaitingJustin C Ama...28-02-201545Internet Sec...