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Help required to insert new line input in Excel 2010 using formulaI appreciate your time in helping me in inserting a newline character in the formula. Is it possible to display the result in two lines? The two lines85740WaitingJulius C Dia...23-05-201517MS Excel
The Netflix app on my LG Smart TV Plays with Scrambled Images?? Recently, I can use the Neflix app on my LG TV (Wise); until suddenly, it stopped working properly. It plays and it loads scrambled graphics and85513WaitingKevin A Augu...03-05-201569MS Hardware
Problem in Printing the Calendar with Tasks in MS ProjectI am using the MS Project and I am trying to take print out of the calendar with the tasks. I am trying to make all the tasks visible but I can notice85757WaitingDennis A New...24-05-201518MS Project
Suggestion required in finding best way to assign tasks to associatesI am using Microsoft Project and I got this challenge in MS project. If I assume that I have five associates and I have to assign 5 tasks for them, wh85748WaitingChristian K ...24-05-20156MS Project
How to add several project managers in MS projectI am managing a very big project with multiple managers for specific task groups. I would like to assign one of the mangers to update the task status.85764WaitingCarl E Flana...24-05-201513MS Project
Analyzing the efficient use of resources in MS ProjectI have the role of Manger and I am trying to analyze the efficiency of tasks assignment and status of the tasks. If I select one individual task, what85758WaitingWillie C Dye...24-05-201515MS Project
Support required to measure elapsed time in project in MS projectI have a project whose time elapsed component is not acceptable as in this project there are several future activities which are either started or alr85775WaitingChristian K ...24-05-201520MS Project
MS Project is not allocating resources as per my calendarAssume there are five people to whom tasks have to be allocated. I want one person to work on a task for complete day or until the task is complete wh85766WaitingDennis A Rec...24-05-201515MS Project
Exploring MS Project Server 2013 and share point 2013I am just learning all the things in MS project and want your help in learning the things better. What is the way to add the activity? How to add stat85756WaitingMaria B Brun...24-05-201511MS SharePoin...
How to import data in MS excel into MS wordI am creating a report based on the data present in excel file. I had taken snaps of the image in image grabber and pasted it in MS Word. Now, due to85709WaitingMaria B Brun...22-05-201511MS Word
How to copy paste several things and keep them asideI do a lot of find replace paste activities in MS office. Also, I enter details into forms frequently. I remember that there was clipboard manager ear85664WaitingGregory B Kl...22-05-20157MS Word
Google TV Won't Load Netflix 85562WaitingKevin A Augu...13-05-201537MS Works
Netflix Streaming Error code ui-122. What should I do? 85512WaitingJonathan L G...03-05-2015187MultiMedia A...
Running Cubase 5 and difficulties on using it with computer I saved a project few days ago with this software. I wasn’t able to use my computer for85464WaitingJoseph D Sau...26-04-201548MultiMedia A...
Installing new games with Android phone and requirements Hi! 85475WaitingEdith J Tuck...26-04-201544MultiMedia A...
Knowing the benefits of using Virtual DJ Prophet with PC Hi! 85466WaitingJose K Vince...26-04-201542MultiMedia A...
The features and benefits of using equalizers with my computer Hi! 85465WaitingEdith J Tuck...26-04-201550MultiMedia A...
Mobile Banking In Relation To The African Continent What are the factors contributing to the fact that Africa is leading in the adaptation of mobile banking as compared to other continents? In the85495WaitingJames J Khan02-05-201543Networking
What's the Username and Dial Number to Configure Nokia as a Modem? 85510WaitingMatthew M Sl...03-05-201554Networking H...
Can Wi-Fi internet in mobile be shared with others? I don't want to share my Wi-Fi password. I have a net gear Wi-Fi router and would like not to jeopardize the security. But whenever I want to share i85714WaitingAnthony M Mc...22-05-201520Networking H...
Windows 8 tweaks and manipulation exposed and how to do it Hi! 85438WaitingJoseph D Sau...26-04-201539OS
Error message with Windows 8 after installing it with my laptop Hi! 85472WaitingMarco P Hamm26-04-201553OS
.Ubuntu restored my hard disk solved no hard disk errorthis is not actually a problem but a question on a solution I have found that. I just want to understand what is happening in the back ground. Problem85715WaitingDennis A Rec...22-05-201513OS
Instructions in switching from Windows 8 to Ubuntu 12.04 Hi! 85460WaitingDonald G Gib...26-04-201548OS
Windows 8.1 installing showed message couldn’t be completed Hi! 85474WaitingJoseph D Sau...26-04-201548OS