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What is meant by Super Hidden system file What is the concept of new super hidden system file in the new operating system of windows? From whi86011WaitingJessica Alle...07-06-201587Windows 64-b...
Can I change the Start Menu Text to any other welcome text I am a software programmer and work on create applications for user interface. It just came to my mi86010WaitingAngela King07-06-201569Windows 7
How to create customized boot screen in Windows 7 I am trying to create my own boot screen while system starts up. I downloaded few files from interne86008WaitingAny Hill07-06-201569Windows 7
Microsoft’s Windows 9 Interface Vs. Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Interface What are the significant and distinct features of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 interface? What is the concept behind the designing of the inter86076WaitingMark E Ward30-06-201548Windows OS
Would Change Of Icon For Windows 10 Have Any Influence? It will be of much satisfaction to know what your concerns are on the icon evolution in Windows 10. How would the change of the icon of Windows86081WaitingMark E Ward30-06-201585Windows OS
Can anybody explain the concept of Glass2K What is Glass2K option? I have heard that it is related to Windows XP, but have no idea what it is a86012WaitingMellisa Wrig...07-06-201575Windows Vist...
How to change the start menu in Windows XP Yesterday I came to know that one can change the look and feel of start menu of windows XP. This was86009WaitingRebecca Gree...07-06-201593Windows XP
How to improve system performance byclean up activities I am working on Windows 8 system and facing lot of issues with my system performance. I have tried a86014WaitingAny Hill07-06-201583XP Embedded