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Remove mystartsearch and nationzoom from my Browser and Computer I was downloading a file from Filezilla but with that file NationZoom virus entered my laptop. Whenever I try to open a new Website or80608WaitingAbrianna18-10-201443Internet
Tell me some Facebook Shortcuts like Windows I am addicted Facebook user. I manage more than 12 pages on Facebook, so to manage and update80957WaitingEdward W Bow...22-10-201441Internet
Detailed guidelines to follow to design HTML web pages What are the detailed steps to follow to be the best designer expert in creating HTML5 web page design with CSS3 transition effects? Where do I80986WaitingRonnie E Ban...24-10-201441Internet
Experiencing Facebook will be back soon Issue. Whenever I try to login to my Facebook Account using any browser on my Laptop, it shows "80948WaitingFabian I Par...22-10-201429Internet
Versions of the Internet Explorer Browsers and their uniqueness What makes Internet Explorer 10 Browser version different or unique from Internet Explorer 11 Browser version? I am operating Internet Explorer80473WaitingThomas O Nee...03-10-201440Internet
Steps to follow in configuration of TP-Link to one’s specification What are the procedures to follow to configure a TP-Link to your specification? What are the vital steps to be noted in performing such task? Do80974WaitingAngie C Blak...22-10-201431Internet
Elance Referrals converted into accounts but status not updated. I shared my Elance's referrals link on Google plus and three of my friends joined Elance u80959WaitingDarrell N Mo...22-10-201435Internet
Upgrading of the Internet Explorer Browser Version to the latest Version What are the steps to follow to upgrade my Internet Explorer Version to a latest version on my Desktop Computer? I am currently using Internet E80475WaitingKenneth A Wa...03-10-201460Internet
The detailed functions of the Extensible Storage Engine How does the Extensible Storage Engine also known as ESE works? What is the main functions of the ESE? How will you define Extensible Storage En80571WaitingMildred B De...16-10-201443Internet
Hotmail Account changed to Outlook, contacts lost I am using Microsoft e-mail service Outlook which is known as Hotmail service in past. I have80821WaitingHiram B Nunn20-10-201432Internet
Designing Websites with the help of WordPress I want to learn how to use WordPress to design websites81002WaitingRobert R Bow...25-10-201445Internet Dev...
Tool for checking spam URLs sent on Omegle Sometimes when I chat with strangers on Omegle, they share some links of their pics or some fi80633WaitingAbrianna18-10-201419Internet Sec...
My emails are going as spam to the recipients. Gmail is really annoying me. I am head of my college society. I have to email all the members80967WaitingLawrence V M...22-10-201436Internet/Ema...
My Mozilla shows certificate expired warning When I open any link in Mozilla browser. It shows a dialogue box  saying that my security certificate is expired. It proceeds when cli80648WaitingAditya Deric...19-10-201426Internet/Ema...
Login failed error code -994 in Facebook. I am having iPad 2 and it is running iOS 7.2.2. When I tries to login in to my Account using F80964WaitingAbrahamahart...22-10-2014222iPad
How can I use Virtual Keyboard in iPad Air I have seen many Chinese Tablets using virtual KeyBoard with them. I have iPad Air and I want80695WaitingAvery Brando...19-10-20147iPad
Reset Restrictions password without erasing the Data on iPad? I had put Restrictions lock and I disabled Deleting Apps option from restrictions but now, the80952WaitingChris F Brow...22-10-201431iPad
Unable to delete downloaded applications on iPad 2(WiFi)? As I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 8, I am now unable to delete the downloaded apps. When I long press any app like Subway Surf or TOI(Times of India80582WaitingAbrahamahart...16-10-201465iPad
Entering a Date in Forms, iPad 2 says Input Format Incorrect While filling forms and entering data into them, when it comes to entering dates in the fields, through my iPad it says Input Format Incorrect E80673WaitingCunningham S...19-10-20148iPad
Gmail looping infinitely on iPad in Safari after updating to iOS 8? Earlier when I was using iOS 7 and logging into my Gmail Account from Safari Internet Browser it worked fine and I was able to operate my Accoun80599WaitingCunningham S...17-10-201435iPad
Ipad-2(Wi-Fi + Cellular) running very slow after updating to iOS8? I was using Apple iPad 2 with no problem with its WiFi, but after its recent updation to iOS 8.0, I am having Slow Speed and Slow Data Rate prob80596WaitingCrewe Bob17-10-201449iPad
Html videos not playing in Iphone and Ipad Html video is not playing on my iphone and ipad.A cut play image appears on a black background. I've converted the video to be supported by80761WaitingRoy L Garcia19-10-201434iPad
My iPad Air is giving Electrical Shocks When I connect my iPad Air in my Macbook to transfer music, videos, files through iTunes, it w80953WaitingSamuel S For...22-10-201432iPad
IPhone 5S's calling ring is inaudible I have iPhone 5s and it is running on IOS7, when I make calls I don’t hear the bell ring80961WaitingMoses E Harr...22-10-201442iPhone
Unable to prevent some apps from using data in my IPhone I am using IPhone 5S and I do not want my WhatsApp messages to show whenever I connect to the inte80710WaitingCruz D Hatch...19-10-201423iPhone