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Why Wifi is nnot working in my Galaxy S3? Hi guys, I want to know why my galaxy S3 is not detecting any WiFi networks. Actually what happened is my galaxy S3 smartph80463WaitingJohn B Gutie...01-10-201452General
Why bluetooth is not working in my C5? Hi guys, I have this Nokia C5 handset I know its quite old now and I bought i 2 years ago and now whenever  switch on Blueto80462WaitingRoy L Garcia01-10-201446General
My Intel A2 smartphone does not connect to internet? Why? Hi guys, I want to know the solution to this problem so please help me. I bought Intel smartphone for the first time and it does not80461WaitingRobby L Stut...01-10-201447General
Why Wolfenstien game is crashning?   Hi guys, 80460WaitingJoseph L McP...01-10-201425General
Waht is cloud computing?please help Hey guys, I want to ask a question I know that might be simple to many people but not for me actually I want to know what is cloud co80459WaitingEric S Vazqu...01-10-201449General
How to get my Google plus profile back on Blogger? Hi guys, I want to ask a question and that is how o get back my Google plus profile visible on blogger blog. Some while ago I deleted80458WaitingRonnie E Ban...01-10-201445General
How to unlink my Skype account ad Microsoft account? Hi guys, I want to know how to unlink my Skype account and Microsoft account? Actually as you people know we have to link a Microsoft80457WaitingChrista T Pe...01-10-201440General
One Drive VS Evernote? Which is more recommendable? Hi guys, I want to know which one is more featured ad preferable to use Evernote or One Drive? I know that evernte is not limited and80456WaitingTerrance C D...01-10-201453General
Dropbox data synchronization problems in Windows 8? Hi guys, I want to know why my Dropbox is not synchronizing data itself? I have this problem since two days and I tried uninstalling80455WaitingChristopher ...01-10-201437General
How to get my Evernote email ID or address? Hi guys, I found that Evernote is pretty good to use and very business friendly as we can save our emails and all important data in i80454WaitingMalcolm H Jo...01-10-201441General
Why my smartphone is eating up data lots of data? Hi guys, I have this big problem so please help me solve this. My question is I why my smartphone use lots of data? I use Samsung Gal80453WaitingEdward T Mil...01-10-201434General
My tethering hotspot is not working on Galaxy Core 2? Hi friends, I want to know why my tethering feature is not working in my new Galaxy Core 2 smartphone. I purchased this smartphone Ga80452WaitingNeal K Taylo...01-10-201456General
Why my Firefox browser is crashing? HI guys,  I'm using Firefox browser since 2006 and till now had many issues with it but its my favorite browser and als80451WaitingCraig F McGe...01-10-201438General
Why my Google Chrome is crashing again and again? Hi guys, I want to know the reason behind my Google Chrome crashes I sent this crashing reports to Google but no response i even80450WaitingLarry B Mend...01-10-201428General
How to get back data from damaged SD card in S4? Hi guys, I want to ask how to get back data from my damaged SD card. I used this SD card in Samsung Galaxy S4 an I don't know how80449WaitingJack M Gates01-10-201443General
How to unlock my S2?forgot password key? Hi guys, I forgot my Samsung Galaxy S2 password ad I'm unable to unlock it now. What shall I do to unlock my mobile now plea80448WaitingJohnny S Fea...01-10-201450General
My infinix no longer shows 3G?help Hey guys, I don't know what is the problem here with the device or service provider? My infinix does not shows 3G at all and I80447WaitingDale G Jacks...01-10-201442General