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Young African students aspiring to be an Antivirus Programmer Hello Everyone, What goes into programming an Antivirus? I am a student in one of the tertiary institutions in Sudan. I love programm80407WaitingJonathan A D...27-09-201426Prog\Scripti...
Safety Procedures to undertake in servicing a dusty printer What are the steps to follow to service my printer by cleaning or wiping off the dust inside the printer? I am business student in one of the se80421WaitingJonathan A D...29-09-201427Printers
How often should I restart my PC? Hi guys, I have windows 8.1 and the problem is it works really slow due to this I uninstalled un necessary apps that comes pre instal80166WaitingJonathan A D...17-09-201416General
Hanging problem in my mobile Motorola moto G. I bought Motorola g two months ago and it was functioning very well. But these days the screen stacked and I failed to use my phone. What is the80224WaitingJonathan A D...17-09-201428Mobile Softw...
IPad Air keeps loosing WiFi signal My iPad Air is only a few months old. However, I cannot really use it on WiFi networks because, when80346WaitingJonathan L G...25-09-20144iPad
How to copy files from Excel to JTable?please help Hi guys, I want to know how to copy data from Excel to JTable (Netbeans).I have a lot of rows in fact more than 100 which I need80124WaitingJose K Vince...14-09-201414General
Microsoft MSE installation problem occurring What happened when using the Microsoft Fix It to verify that MSE is uninstalled?  Sometimes, pr80201WaitingJose K Vince...17-09-201419Protocols
Headphone plug broke off in audio in jack My headphone plug broke off in the jack, in the front of my  Desktop Computer. Any ideas on how80199WaitingJoseph D Sau...17-09-201411Hardware Com...
How to save data on external hard drive from my PC?help Hi guys, I have a PC from Acer and a laptop also but my PC is too old now its been 4 years I bought it and I know any time it may cra80122WaitingJoseph D Sau...14-09-201425General
Uninstalling Linux from dual boot system without formatting I am using a dell inspiring 15r laptop with 4gb ram, 500gb hard disk and i5 processor. I already ins80156WaitingJoseph H Hig...16-09-201414OS
Problem in memory updating, fail due to unknown reason. I am new in this field so I get a problem  80202WaitingJoseph K Car...17-09-201424Memory / RAM
Why my Speakers stopped working?please help Hi guys, I want to know why my Speakers stopped working.I got these speaker with my Sony Vaio laptop I purchased it same time when I80125WaitingJoseph K Car...14-09-201416General
Why Wolfenstien game is crashning?   Hi guys, 80460WaitingJoseph L McP...01-10-20143General
How to recover deleted videos from Iphone 5S? Hi everyone, I want to ask a question that how can I recover deleted videos from IPhone 5S. I had a lot of videos in it but due to my80308WaitingJoseph L McP...23-09-201421General
What are the features of Dell Inspiron 3000 series? Hi friends, I'm eagerly waiting for Dell Inspiron 3000 series touch display laptop to buy as soon as possible as it has been80403WaitingJoseph L McP...27-09-201427General
I am unable to run my SAP network I am unable to run my SAP ABAP module in my Laptop. Though my system is updated as per the requirement of and I am using 4 GB RAM, Intel P3 etc.80423WaitingJoseph T Smi...30-09-20148VMware
Problem with my Lenovo Ideapad laptop I am having issues with my Lenovo Ideapad, which makes me suspect it might be at the end of its run.80340WaitingJoseph T Smi...25-09-20142PC Laptops
Information about Software testing & Planning. What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix? What is the diffe80191WaitingJuan M Flora17-09-20149Misc Softwar...
Why my PC hangs during file transfer?Please help Hi guys, I'm Juan want to ask a question that I'm seeing this problem from few days working with my PC.The problem is my PC h80114WaitingJuan M Flora13-09-201424General
GeForce graphic card not working due to upgrade window to 8 I have HP laptop which has i3 1.4 GHZ processor with 4 GB RAM. It has  a GeForce graphic card.80161WaitingJustin C Ama...16-09-201432Hardware Com...
Wake-on-LAN setup on an old computer I am thinking of setting up my computer in order to remotely boot it up. I read that there is a poss80351WaitingKatherine R ...25-09-20144Networking
DELL desktop computer suddenly not booting. I went to start my DELL desktop computer today, but I could not get past the initial DELL logo on th80382WaitingKelly G Laws...25-09-201411Hardware
Which is the best Anti virus software?please help Hi guys, I want to know which is the best anti virus software for my PC I have windows 8 but I don't trust Mc Affee internet secu80175WaitingKelly G Laws...17-09-201413Anti-Virus
How to create 3 arrays using JAVA input?help Hi everyone, I'm really new to programming and design and I'm still in the perfect learning80229WaitingKenneth A Wa...18-09-201423Java
Suggestions on how make my computer faster. Hello. My Compaq desktop computer (DC510SFF) does moderately fine for a daily home use, but I would80347WaitingKevin A Augu...25-09-201416Hardware