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Unable to open HP printer services Hi there, When I turned on my PC on startup this error message box appeared on my desktop. After this I can’t open my HP printe77450WaitingMiguel M Bur...09-04-201430Desktops
Some of the file cannot be burned to an audio CD Hi experts, I have this error when I try to burn an audio CD. This is not the first time when I burn an audio CD and I never had any77579WaitingMoses V Patt...16-04-20149iTunes
Microsoft Visual Studio A reference to C Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Hi there, This is my first error after I updated my Windows 7 (x86). After update I ran a DLL fixer so I can be sure that nothing is77374WaitingMoses V Patt...06-04-201420System Utili...
Game Assassin’s Creed installing time CTC error appeared Hi experts, During the install of my new bought game Assassin’s Creed this error appeared and the single available option is to77599WaitingNancy D Serr...16-04-201415Sound Cards
Windows could not start because the file is missing or corrupted Hello experts, I have this error that appears on my desktop at startup and if I click OK my desktop stays with a black image and noth77392WaitingNancy D Serr...07-04-201418Desktops
A program uninstalling time Run dll error occcur Hi there, I uninstalled a program and after I reboot my PC this RunDLL error appeared. This error appears every time I open my PC. Af77346WaitingNathan H Und...04-04-201428OS
Selected file is not a .NET assembly, type library or automation executable. Hello, We are working on an OPC Project and have .Net Assemlys in dlls from a vendor. The vendor provides 3 assembly dlls for .N77553WaitingNathan H Und...15-04-201413Anonymous
Application Error The exception unknown software exception Hello, After I made an update to my Windows 7 this error appears every time I shut down my PC. I can’t solve it because I don&r77508WaitingNathan H Und...12-04-201431Desktops
HP Recovery Manager has stopped working Hello experts, My HP program printer had an error this morning and I tried to repair it somehow. I searched a bit in the setting and77448WaitingNellie D Gun...09-04-201421Others
Cannot allocate required memory Some other application has loaded Hello experts, When I try to open Live Gaming with Halo 2 I am getting this error. I don’t know now is not working because last77570WaitingPatricia C L...15-04-201416Anonymous
Error launching Android Studio Failed to load JVM DLL Hello, Today I install Android Studio on my laptop and when I tried to open it this error stopped my action. I followed the instructi77363WaitingPatricia C L...04-04-201443Apple Laptop
RunDLL error there was a problem starting Hi there, I uninstalled a program and after I reboot my PC this RunDLL error appeared. This error appears every time I open my PC. Af77528WaitingPatricia C L...13-04-201415Others
Error shows while tried to sync my Nokia phone with PC Hello, Today I tried to sync my Nokia phone with my PC and suddenly this error appeared on my desktop. I am afraid now to connect my77396WaitingPatricia N H...07-04-201415Mobile Softw...
File is not in a Room EQ V5,01compatible.mdat format Hi there, When I turned on my laptop this error appeared on my desktop. I see is something about java and I think maybe the updates I77603WaitingPatricia N H...16-04-201414Desktops
Ieuser.exe - Bad Image error Hi there, I have difficulties when I want to install some softwares. This is one of them. I don’t have any solution for this. C77512WaitingPaul S Dougl...13-04-201413Hardware
Error occur new apps installing time on phone Hello, I want to install some new apps on my phone, but every time this error stops me. I don’t know how can I fix this and I r77349WaitingPaul S Dougl...04-04-201425Mobile Softw...
Unknown Error Angry Birds can’t run on my new tablet. Hello experts, It seems like Angry Birds can’t run on my new tablet. I have the same version installed on my phone and is worki77605WaitingRalph V Thom...16-04-201413Software Oth...
Errro occur when I installed Team Speak 3 on my laptop Hi there, I have this error when I want to install Team Speak 3 on my laptop and I downloaded the version compatible with Windows 7.77398WaitingRalph V Thom...07-04-201415Misc Softwar...
Fatale fout: Unable to load DLL ‘rapi.dll Hello, After I have uninstall my antivirus and after reboot this error message appeared on my desktop after 5 minutes. I click OK and77530WaitingRandall D Br...13-04-201424Anonymous
Mag core dll is-missing from computer Hello experts, This night when I opened a mov77324WaitingRandall D Br...03-04-201442Hardware
Confirm Replace A06 BIOS with A09 BIOS Hi there, Someone recommended me to make an update to my BIOS. I don’t know what to say and if is really necessary for my lapto77439WaitingRay L Brown09-04-201416Desktops
AdobeInCopy error Cannot recover unknown document. Hi there, Today my Adobe had a crash and I cannot restore it. This error appeared after I opened a PDF file downloaded from a secured77438WaitingRaymond D Ca...09-04-201418Hardware
Ulead GIF Animator error Unable to add the image Filter effects Hello, This GIF Animator started lately to give me lots of error. I solved most of them after I spent a lot of time in reading, searc77561WaitingRaymond L Go...15-04-201419Others
BlueStacks currently is unable to recognize the graphics card Hello experts, A friend of mine recommended to install BlueStacks App because I can have access to many apps for my devices. While in77517WaitingRaymond L Go...13-04-201415Misc Softwar...
A Crystal Reports error has occurred error 104 Hi there, After installing Crystal Reports and rebooted the PC as it requested I got this error message box when I want to open it. I77354WaitingRaymond L Go...04-04-201423OS