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Avast installing error add-ons for Internet ExplorerHello, When I want to install this plug-in for my antivirus Avast this error appears and I can’t figure why is not working since they are c79613WaitingDerrick M Gr...17-08-20148Virus & Spyw...
Which is good laptop Vs gaming console?help Hi guys, I want to know which is better to buy laptop or gaming console as I love playing games and I was considering buying laptop which suits80044WaitingDiego L McGu...11-08-201414Feature tips
What is Olympus TG 310?Just Camera or Underwater Cam? Hi guys, I want to know about Olympus TG 310 just a normal digital camera or a under water camera. I want to buy digital camera at a low price a80028WaitingDirk N Ruiz10-08-201436Feature tips
Problems with Vivitar DVR HD?please help Hi guys I buyed this Vivitar Camcorder as my work involves taking lot of pictures and video and looking at its low price I buyed Vivitar DV80033WaitingDolores W Wa...10-08-201432General
Can I use Adobe PDF to convert word file to PDF format? Hi guys, I have lot of word files which need to be changed to PDF format so for that can I use adobe PDF directly or do I have to do it manually79869WaitingDominic M Br...08-08-201419General
Error adding Admob ANE into the Flash Builder projectHello, I am trying to add Admob ANE into the Flash Builder project and this error appears and after I press the OK button the program is cl79429WaitingDon A Decast...10-08-201415Misc Softwar...
Unable to contact lookup service I am currently using VMware Vsphere 5.0 and got no issues on it. Now I just want to test VMWar79990WaitingDon R Webber09-08-201432VMware
Why buying domain at Google apps is must? Hi guys, I want to test a gadget or say application which is compatible with android Operating system now I have to test it before I can proceed79834WaitingDonald F Car...07-08-201434Suggestions
How to install Direct X files in windows XP? Hi guys I deleted direct X files from my system which is windows XP.When I tried playing 3D games I was unable to play when searched online I ca79780WaitingDonald F Car...04-08-201432Windows XP
How to create program using Java? Please helpHi guys, I want to create a Java program which should respond to my website users like if a user answer or comment on my website then it should add st80064WaitingDonald F Car...12-08-201430Java
Adobe edge code preview 2 error during the installHi there, I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium, the installer keep asking me to install on the local drive, which I'm installing it on local drive79451WaitingDonald H Owe...10-08-201418Misc Softwar...
Eclipse no repository found on MACHi there, Eclipse no repository found ? What this error means ? I have checked my Internet connection and is working just fine and also I d79484WaitingDonald L Sle...12-08-201417Misc Softwar...
I want to do a factory setting restore I have a Dell Windows 7 Pro PC and it is not working properly. It does not connect to the internet.80090WaitingDonald M Str...22-08-201430Desktops
Java fails to open the attached deviceHello, Suddenly this error appeared on my desktop. I didn’t changed anything in my system that could cause this. Should I be worried about79632WaitingDonna T Robi...18-08-201410Java
Adobe after effects cannot import filesHi there, I want to import some files in Adobe After Effects and this is the error that appears to some files. It doesn’t appear to all fil79418WaitingDoris W Burg...09-08-201413Misc Softwar...
Adobe premiere pro error exporting AE composition projectHello there, Adobe Premiere Pro gives me this error when I want export an AE composition project. I didn’t miss any effects or presets and79402WaitingDorothy B Ch...08-08-201416Misc Softwar...
ZPACK exe wrapper + 7ZIP Instalation errorHi, 7 zip gives me this error when I want to run Java installer. I tried to run this with RAR and Zip and all the time the error was the sa79635WaitingDouglas E De...18-08-20148Misc Softwar...
iPad error adding the purchased files on the device Hi there, The problem is that I have bought some files form Store and now it seems like I cannot use them after I pay. Is for the fir79226WaitingDouglas M Ma...03-08-201412iPad
Windows 8 fails to start the interactive services detectionHi there, In Windows 8 this service now has been set to Manual and stopped by default as opposed to Running under Windows 7. When I try to79720WaitingDouglas M Ma...21-08-201421Windows OS
CPU problems connecting target protocol tcp/ipHi there, I get this CPU error and I don’t know why is saying that my CPU is not licensed. My PC is up to date and all my drivers also are79535WaitingDustin D Ran...14-08-201420Internet
Why I'm unable to hear voice on Skype? Hi guys, I use skype for personal and professional use to though personal use is not a problem but most of the clients give project details only79830WaitingDustin T Do07-08-201431Skype
How to use windows 8 file history please help!Hi, Though off lately I got windows 8 but I want to use its file history feature and I don't know does it save all the files in the system or just79776WaitingDustin T Do04-08-201433Windows XP
Why I'm getting parse errors while writing a program? Hi guys I have a problem with my programming as I'm getting parse error while writing this SQL program actually I'm in the learning proc80060WaitingDustin T Do11-08-201428General
What operating system does Nokia android phones has? Hi guys, I want to know what operating system does new Nokia X series phones has. And if it is new android phones that support its own created a80080WaitingDustin T Do12-08-201498Feature tips
Failed To connect To Target VX WorkHi there, Failed to connect to Target VX Work this is the first error for today. After I have updated my Windows 7 my laptop is full with e79537WaitingDwight C Nel...14-08-201412Misc Softwar...