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How do I preserve my laptop battery for longer? I just bought a new laptop because the battery on my old one was useless. I would like to do everyth80268WaitingAmber Ward23-09-201414PC Laptops
Is the new Amazon Kindle Voyage worth it? I would like to update my e-reader, and I have read fab reviews of the Amazon Kindle Voyage. I would80267WaitingAmarion Dway...23-09-20143Hardware
Android applications verse the Smartphone world What do I stand to benefit as an android app developer in the Smart80266WaitingKristopher T...22-09-201448Anonymous qu...
A Fresh iPhone Application Designer and their challenges What are the challenges one faces as an iPhone App designer who has started designing application software for iPhone users? I am a graduate who80265WaitingMary I Pendl...22-09-201474iPhone
PS4 turns off randomly while I play I have had this problem while playing both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo III, so I don't think80264WaitingAmber Ward22-09-201439Hardware
PS4 does not accept game discs I am having some issues with the disc player of my PS4. 80263WaitingAmarion Dway...22-09-201439Hardware
Can I save windows 8 backup files in one drive or alternatives? Hi guys, I want to ask this simple question but I'm really confused about it. So please tell me can I save windows 8.1 I mean bac80262WaitingLarry B Mend...20-09-201445General
How to delete temporary files in my laptop? Hi friends,  I want to know how to delete temporary files in my laptop. The laptop is Sony Vaio and I think its temporary files80261WaitingJack M Gates20-09-201448General
How to recover data from my PC?help Hi guys, Please help me recover my data from80260WaitingJohnny S Fea...20-09-201455General
Problem with Maxthon Browser?please help Hi everyone, I have problem with my Maxthon browser and the problem is really weird that my homepage is set to on my M80259WaitingDale G Jacks...20-09-201447General
Which internet security I should have for windows 8.1 alienware? Hi Everyone, I want to know which internet security I should install for windows 8.1 on Alien ware desktop? Please tell me so that I80258WaitingAngie C Blak...20-09-201440General
How to unlink my Google plus profile from blogger? Hi guys, I want to unlink Google plus profile from blogger. I tried to do that in settings in blogger dashboard but I did not find an80257WaitingMichael G My...20-09-201438General
Why Google chrome opening pages in html? Hi guys, I don't know what settings are being changed in Google chrome may be by mistake it happened that it is opening web pages80256WaitingDavid D Mayn...20-09-201416General
How to partition disks in Windows 8?help Hi guys, I bought new laptop it is DELL laptop with windows 8 in it. I'm using windows 8 for the first time and I want to know ho80255WaitingDana B Reid20-09-201416General
Sound card is not workng in my HP sysytem? Hi guys, I have windows 7 PC from Acer brand and a sound card in it though I don't know what sound card it is Nvidia or any other80254WaitingLeona D Gran...20-09-201418General
Toshiba satellite laptop not working?help Hi everyone, I bought this Toshiba satellite laptop few days ago through ebay and the problem is its not working properly, As th80253WaitingLawrence V M...20-09-201416General
Why my headphones is not connecting to PC?help Hi guys, I want to know solution to this problem. I have headphones and I'm using it after long time but the problem is I'm u80252WaitingScott P Dani...20-09-20148General
Problem connecting to Acer e l572?help Hey everyone, I'm experiencing problem with my PC, the problem is when I'm connecting to internet on this PC it is showing ye80251WaitingMiguel W Mur...20-09-20148General
Why my PC shows Hardware error?help Hi guys, I have a problem with my pc or you can say connecting my smartphone via USB to PC. Till now it worked fine I always transfer80250WaitingMatthew S Cr...20-09-201410General
How to change Gmail password?help Hey everyone, I want to change my Gmail password, but I don't know how to do it. Though I tries a lot to see if I can do this in80249WaitingCarol D Cost...20-09-201417General
My internet connection cuts out often?Why Hi guys, I use wifi internet connection via router for my laptop. The problem is the internet connection cuts out very soon and in ev80248WaitingDonald M Str...20-09-201420General
How to speed up my PS4?please help Hi everyone, I want to speed up my PS 4 I bought it a year ago and now I'm facing this problem in PS 4. Its too slow now that I&#80247WaitingJames E Gons...20-09-201426General
Help!problem with my new laptop? Hey everyone, I want to fix this as soon as possible as this is my new laptop, its just 2 days I bought this laptop from Acer with wi80246WaitingScott B Thal...20-09-201421General
Problems installing IOS 8 in Iphone 4S?help Hi everyone, I want to upgrade my Iphone 4S software to IOS 8 but its not installing. In fact it says the Iphone 4S is up t80245WaitingHugh M Carpe...20-09-201418iPhone
Problems installing Disqus to blogger?help Hi everyone, I want to add Disqus to my blogger site but I'm facing many problems to install it. Firstly I tried installing80244WaitingMildred B De...20-09-201410General