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Foxit Reader opens File but Hangs up when FoxitReader.exe is Opened It is a software which is used to read the pdf files. Now the problem is, when I open any pdf80818WaitingRoberto P Wa...20-10-201412System Utili...
Oracle Mobile Emulator Zoom in Zoom out Error It is a Software developed by Oracle to run the sites. These sites use only that much data whi80817WaitingDaniel E Bai...20-10-201416Development ...
CPU temperature analysis with my Dell Laptop I am using a Dell Laptop, recently I downloaded an application, through which I can analyze th80816WaitingCarmen A War...20-10-201424CPU Processo...
Strange beeps issue with my P4 I am using a desktop computer P4, recently it just got fell down from table, and after that wh80815WaitingRobert A Mac...20-10-201414Motherboards
Linux Operating System and Virus Issue I am using a HP laptop, with a linux OS in it, but recently i was using a pen drive with virus80814WaitingJohn M Torre...20-10-201432Ubuntu Linux
Projector problem with Linux Operating System I am using a HP laptop, with a linux OS in it, but i am having problem to connect any projecto80813WaitingWayne S Tam20-10-201421Ubuntu Linux
Project on Maximum USB connections permitted at a given time I have been Given a project as my Research Work, and was curious to know the maximum possible80812WaitingChristian M ...20-10-201415Community Su...
Inkjet Printer Alignment issue Disturbed Printing I am using HP printer connected, with my laptop, but recently the alignment of the printing ha80811WaitingKelly G Laws...20-10-201416Printers
F&D Bluetooth Speakers and Degraded Sound Quality I am using F&D Bluetooth speakers, for few weeks it worked really fine, but now the qualit80810WaitingDanielle J G...20-10-201422Sound Cards
Dell's Charger Voltage Fluctuation issue help I am using DELL laptop eventually, my Laptos's Charger got damaged, when I purchased new o80809WaitingAllen K Park...20-10-201424Power Suppli...
Dell XPS game hanging and overheating problem I am using Dell XPS Laptop of latest configuration, but with 1GB Radeon Graphic Card, but when80808WaitingDavid E Barn...20-10-201417Fans / Cooli...
VMWare processing very slow with two OS I am using a HP laptop and utilising two OS simultaneously through VMWare, hence distributing80807WaitingEric E Ander...20-10-201411VMware
Information about purchased items on iTunes Who knows if there is a way to check if an item was purchased on iTunes and if that is the case, you will receive information on the product ? F80806WaitingGregory A Ga...20-10-201453iTunes
Want to know max number of users in lan I want to know the Maximum PC, I can put up with Window7 same LAN. Thank you How many PCs can theoretically be installed on a Windows 7-Lan, ass80805WaitingJon L Sturm20-10-201467Windows Netw...
Get event information in triggers in PL/SQL I want to receive event information in triggers in PL / SQL. I have to add a trigger in Oracle which is raised or update a particular table. Ins80804WaitingAgustin L St...20-10-201450Oracle Datab...
Multiple users in same account in MS Outlook "I have the following problem: I administer an Exchange account. It is a PST file to a network directory, which is used to store all e-mail80803WaitingGeoffrey D J...20-10-201448MS Outlook
Adding a feature in MS Word I want to add a function in MS Office. Currently I'm looking to develop in VBA. However, it seems that the execution of macros requires secu80802WaitingGrover L Pyn...20-10-201454MS Word
Need to solve Formattiing issues in MS Excel In MS Excel 2007 and 2010, I have a database of my sites where places are also various sites AUG2345, AUG2346 differentiated AUG2347 and so on.80801WaitingRussell J Gr...20-10-201446MS Excel
Need to know database synchronization in MS AccessI have a problem right now, where several (same schema) database 2003 laptops Access. I need an automated way to find data in a central database to sy80800WaitingBen J Todd20-10-201431MS Access
Creating anti virus program in phpIs there a way to write an antivirus in php ? where to start ? i thought that it's not possible but i found this script a80799WaitingMary M Derr20-10-201436PHP
Remove whitespace in print function in PythonI have this code print "/ *", your_name.upper () "* /"; your_name where the data entered by the user. How can I change the above code to tell the sy80798WaitingJames A More...20-10-201433Python
How to count items in list recursively in Python I am pleased to count recursively list items. For example, I list some lists: a = ["b", "c", "h"] b = ['d'80797WaitingPaul C Pina20-10-201429Python
Allow access to php file only if redirected Is it possible to disallow direct access to a PHP file and allow the access only if it's redirected from other PHP file? For example, access80796WaitingMaria W Hane...20-10-201439PHP
Need to print pyramid in successive loop of number in JAVA I need a code to see a pyramidal structure create printed pressure entering the last full user. (I have an example of a completed below). I'80795WaitingMaria W Hane...20-10-201428Java
Difference betweem assembly and compiled languages How is both translated as compiled languages ​​into machine language faster assembly. I am about to be really compiled languages ​​are spoken in80794WaitingCharles M Fo...20-10-201442Assembly