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How to link Hootsuite to blogger? Hey guys, I want to ask a question and that is how to link my Hootsuite account to blogger blog. I even tred linking HootSuite&n80311WaitingJohn B Gutie...24-09-201425General
Why tethering and portable is not working in Nokia XL? Hi guys, I want to ask a question it is elate to my smartphone. So my question is why I'm unable to configure tethering and80490WaitingDale G Jacks...05-10-201436General
Why my Xperia Z3 tab won't shut down? Hey guys, Its been just a month or two that I bought this Sony Xperia Z3 tab because I thought as the tab is from Sony Xperia ca80523WaitingLawrence P T...08-10-201419General
Why my HP laptop shuts down when I unplug it from charging? Hi guys, I want to know what is the problem with my HP laptop i is almost a year I bought this HP laptop and it was working good till80558WaitingNeal K Taylo...09-10-201441General
How to unlock my S2?forgot password key? Hi guys, I forgot my Samsung Galaxy S2 password ad I'm unable to unlock it now. What shall I do to unlock my mobile now plea80448WaitingJohnny S Fea...01-10-201446General
How to recover deleted videos from Iphone 5S? Hi everyone, I want to ask a question that how can I recover deleted videos from IPhone 5S. I had a lot of videos in it but due to my80308WaitingJoseph L McP...23-09-201428General
Windows Anti virus subscription problems? Hey friends, I bought new laptop from Acer with Windows 8.1 and I was said while buying this laptop it has genuine windows and also a80487WaitingDavid D Mayn...05-10-201425General
Forgot my Smartphone unlock pincode?help Hey guys, Please answer me as soon as possible as I forgot y smartphone unlock pincode so please help me fix this problem and un80519WaitingJoseph L McP...07-10-201433General
Which is the best PC speed up softwre I can trust? Hey guys, My PC has become really slow though its been just 3 months I bought my PC which is HP laptop with Windows 8.1 so I thought80555WaitingMary D Woodr...08-10-201431General
Why my Whatsapp is showing error in S4? Hi guys, I want to know the answer to this question as soon as possible because my clients send me project related details on Whatsap80445WaitingMichael G My...01-10-201427General
Is downloading Avast anti virus free version enough for my PC? Hi everyone, I newly bought Windows 8 and I don't trust or say don't like Mc Afee  internet security so I want to downlo80305WaitingChrista T Pe...23-09-201430General
Can I delete my old Windows folder? Hi friends, I recently formatted my PC which is Windows 7 Ultimate X86 powered by orbit 30. So I want to ask after formating my syste80337WaitingJohnny S Fea...25-09-201430General
Will adding more RAM help my PC speed up? Hi guys, My laptop is really slow from the initial days I bought it and now its more than a month the problem is same. My laptop is L80516WaitingChrista T Pe...07-10-201462General
Smartphone synchronization problems with Windows 8? Hey friends, I keep my Smartphone synchronized with laptop so that I have back up option some time when I need to. But now I'm un80442WaitingLeona D Gran...01-10-201425General
Can I save windows 8 backup files in one drive or alternatives? Hi guys, I want to ask this simple question but I'm really confused about it. So please tell me can I save windows 8.1 I mean bac80262WaitingLarry B Mend...20-09-201466General
Why my Opera browser does not clear history? Hey guys, I want to know why my Opera browser for PC which I use in Windows 7 Professional edition does not clear history. The t80552WaitingRoy L Garcia08-10-201432General
Why my PS3 is not working? Hi guys, Please help me with this problem that my PS3 is no longer working smooth like before and the only thing I can do is turn it80439WaitingMiguel W Mur...01-10-201431General
Problem with Maxthon Browser?please help Hi everyone, I have problem with my Maxthon browser and the problem is really weird that my homepage is set to on my M80259WaitingDale G Jacks...20-09-201475General
How to turn of notifications from PC companion? Hey guys, I want to ask a question that is how to turn off notifications from Lenovo PC companion. I don't want to connect my sma80549WaitingEric S Vazqu...08-10-201428General
Canon VS JVC Everio camcorder? Hi friends, I want to buy a camcorder and I'm really in a dilemma which one to buy- Canon Vixia HF R200 or JVC Everio GZ HM 650 d80401WaitingRonnie E Ban...27-09-201442General
How to delete cache of my Galaxy Grand 2? Hey friends, Please tell me how to delete cache of my new handset that is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. I purshaced this smartphone  a80436WaitingDonald M Str...01-10-201417General
Why Google chrome opening pages in html? Hi guys, I don't know what settings are being changed in Google chrome may be by mistake it happened that it is opening web pages80256WaitingDavid D Mayn...20-09-201434General
Want to know about application testing techniques I am learning software testing techniques on internet.I want to know that what is the difference between white box,black box and grey box testin80649WaitingAdolfojeremi...19-10-201412General
Why videos don't buffer on my PC? Hey guys, I want to know the answer to very simple question but it is a real problem to me. The problem is that I can't see video80507WaitingLawrence P T...06-10-201451General
Why my Sony handycam HDR-CX 130 is not working? Hey friends, I bought this Sony handycam HDR-CX 130 camcorder but it stopped working unexpectedly. As it is a Sony manufactured devic80398WaitingChristopher ...27-09-201443General