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How to dock Asus transformer pad via mobile? Hi guys, I want to know the about the ASUS transformer pad TF300T tab dock connecting.actually I don't know how to connect or use its dock c79885WaitingCarl D Hull08-08-201428General
How to access registry files in Windows PC?Hi guys, I want to check some HDMI files of the system and for which I need to see registry files of the PC but I don't actually know how to get acces80069WaitingSteven R McK...12-08-201436General
Why my Bluetooth headphones is not working?Help Hi guys, I purchased a non branded bluetooth device which is around $60 price.The bluetooth head set was working fine till now as I purchased it79844WaitingPenney N McM...07-08-2014111General
Why Samsung HMX H100 is short in battery life? Hi guys, I have samsung HMX H100 I buyed this camcorder because I trust samsung brand name and invested $449 for it.I love taking photos an79882WaitingPhillip V Ki...08-08-201432General
Very low performance of virtual USB device?Help Hi guys, I want to emulate a USB flash drive using a Linux USB facility like virtual USB.Everything is fine with it except the low performance a79841WaitingLouie S Good...07-08-201443General
Why I'm unable to access Goolge playstore? Hi guys I use samsung galay core and it had google playstore by default but accidentally I deleted the google playstore and when I'm trying79873WaitingJohn K Ditto08-08-201418General
How to learn PHP basic learner?please helpHi guys, I want to learn PHP I don't even have any basic knowledge about PHP but know that it has a good value in career so I want to learn it.Please80063WaitingXavier B Fis...12-08-201421General
How to integrate Google analytics in contextual gadget? Hi guys, I want to integrate google analytics in a customized contextual gadget.I know google analytics can be integrated in to many application79838WaitingThomas S Row...07-08-201433General
How to get back data from little damaged DVD? Hi guys, I have important software and their full versions stored in a DVD and I don't know how it is damaged or what that I'm unable to79870WaitingChristopher ...08-08-201424General
Why I'm getting parse errors while writing a program? Hi guys I have a problem with my programming as I'm getting parse error while writing this SQL program actually I'm in the learning proc80060WaitingDustin T Do11-08-201428General
How to record computer and mic audio with audacity? Hi guys, please tell me how to record computer and mice sound using audacity. I have not tried this before and needs some detailed information a80019WaitingGregory L Co...10-08-201425General
Why my Ethernet network is not working?Please helpHi guys, I was not using my computer since some days and when I opened my PC today what I saw on turning on it is the connection bar is marked with re80083WaitingPhilip D Hur...16-08-201449General
Why Photon 3G disconnects itself again and again? Hi guys, I have Photon 3G dongle which I purchased recently.It was working fine for a few days and now since 2 days I can notice that whenever I79829WaitingMatthew M Sl...07-08-201430General
How to change password in Gmail?help Hi guys, I want to change my password in gmail account but I have checked all the settings and everything its not any option to change the passw80013WaitingHerbert J Ri...10-08-201421General
Why windows media player does not play any music files? Hi guys, I have windows 8.1 and transferred all my music files from windows XP to windows 8.1.All that music is my favourites that is why I tran79861WaitingRandolph J P...08-08-201421General
Wh my PC mouse pointer is not showing?helpHi guys, whenever I open my personal computer which is Windows 8 the mouse pointet is not showing at all what might be the ptoblem I did not make any80010WaitingAndrew D Ped...10-08-201435General
How to delete images from dropbox?please help Hi guys, I use google plus as I'm blogger all my accounts are connected to my blog page including goolge plus the account whi79858WaitingJeffrey A Sh...08-08-201425General
How to install wordpress plugins? please helpHi guys, I want to install new wordpress plugins and most importantly I found a website whuch offers free template theme for wordpress but I'm afraid80077WaitingAlfred G Pot...12-08-201470General
How to get back data on icloud?please help Hi guys, I had stored some data on icloud a while ago may be  a month back then due to some reasons I had to delete some data due to memory79855WaitingPaul M Lucer...08-08-201422General
Why my Adobe photoshop key is not working?help Hi guys, I had adobe photo shop 7 installed on my PC and as it was hanging now and then every time I use it so what I did is uninstalled it and80074WaitingPenney N McM...12-08-201432General
Why I'm unable to edit HTML in Google chrome?Hi guys, I use Google chrome to check my HTML projects and execute them till today morning everything was fine and now when I tried to execute another80001WaitingJorge H Smit...10-08-201426Google Chrom...
Why Google chrome set any search engine as default? Hi guys, I'm experiencing this problem from 3 to 4 months I don't know what is wrong with google chrome it sets any search engine a79874WaitingThelma N Sta...08-08-201421Google Chrom...
Google Chrome Browser error downloading the updatesHello there, Downloading Chrome Browser from the Play Store fails every time with this error. I don’t know what to do anymore because it se79367WaitingJames C Furs...07-08-201421Google Chrom...
Google Chrome unable to find iTunesHello, I don’t know why iTunes cannot be found on my computer. I have the last version of iTunes and this error appears even I have iTunes79352WaitingJessica B Pi...07-08-201424Google Chrom...
Seagate External HDD 500GB needs to be recovered or formatted I have this Seagate External HDD with 500GB capacity. I have used around 450GB on that and when I tr79769WaitingLuz M Terry02-08-201442Hard Drives