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Using android hardware parts on an arduino project Is there anyway to use parts of a broken android phone like bluetooth module,82582WaitingOwen Korber24-01-201516Hardware Com...
My computer keeps restarting and beeping twice continuosly I have a Dell computer that was working fine, however upon installing a certain software the c82472WaitingAlvin M Gree...14-01-201531Hardware Com...
How to add hard drive to BIOS after disconnecting HI! I decided to disconnect one of my hard drives (I have 2) and forgot which one is with OS and disconnected the wrong one. After connected bac82378WaitingJoseph T Smi...10-01-201524Hardware Com...
How best to mirror traffic from Network How best can I mirror traffic from the network interface82228WaitingMargarete S ...05-01-201536IDS
"There is a problem with this website's security certificate" Except a few sites, my browser is always showing this error message. It wasn't happening before but recently I turned off the automatic Wind82644WaitingChristopher ...31-01-20158Internet
Internet Connection Conflicts: What Letter E means? I just purchased my android phone last month 82627WaitingJulius C Dia...29-01-201526Internet Dev...
Help in stop flash video in Internet Explorer How can I configure Internet explorer to stop playing fl82286WaitingMarco P Hamm05-01-201556Internet Exp...
Bitdefender total security blocking my internet connection Why is bitdefender total security blocking my internet c82189WaitingAabel Maveri...04-01-201527Internet Sec...
Installing wordpress in Wondows 7 along with MySqL How Can I install word press in windows and what is this MySQL82106WaitingAlberto N Zh...31-12-201443Internet/Ema...
Skype version that is unable to connecti to the internet My skype cannot establish an internet connection what could be the problem? I have cleared my82453WaitingMarie M Mari...14-01-201515Internet/Ema...
Need a server app for IPad Hi! Is there any chance to install local server on IPad? Some application like xampp or some alternative? I have a small server application, dev82389WaitingKatherine R ...11-01-201528iPad
Connection and charging problem with the ipad air I just bought an Ipad and immediately plugged it to my laptop so as to sync my data. I noticed82523WaitingKurt A Munoz21-01-201557iPad
Synchronizing conversations from Skype from IPad to Computer Hi! Please advise if there is any way to save your conversations from Skype besides coping it? I believe tjhat history should be somewhere82403WaitingLawrence E M...11-01-201557iPad
What to choose: IPad or Surface Pro? I want to get tablet for me, but I can't choose which one would be better for me. I will n82379WaitingJimmy L Merr...10-01-201543iPad
Cannot connect ipad to laptop- unrecognised accessoire Dear all,    I have just purchased an ipad air and have connected it to my laptop which is a non-mac product.&nb82306SolvedCarl E Flana...06-01-201575iPad
Converting IOS application into Android app for a phone I have a game that is meant for IPhone and I wanted to be able to play it in82532WaitingJerold Krame...24-01-201514iPad
Battery Issues with Iphone 5 When I charge my smart phone completely or when I switch it one after some time, initially it perfor82622WaitingThomas M Pol...29-01-201522iPhone
Touch ID is not working on IPhone 5S Hi! Touch ID stopped working on on my IPhone 5s couple of days ago. I did not do anything unusual, now it says "82363WaitingAngela King09-01-201529iPhone
Purple glaze in my Iphone 5 photos I have been using this phone for weeks now and I have experienced the same problem again and again.82604WaitingXavier B Fis...25-01-201531iPhone
IPhone LCD is erratic and jumpy on occasions. Hello! I have an iPhone 5s that I bought an year ago. It worked all fine until it fell from my hand last night. It turns on and all other f82158SolvedThomas B Yos...03-01-201560iPhone
Iphone 4s doesn't charge battery after 65% Hello! My IPhone 4S stops charging after 65%. It happened first when I decided to charge it at 75% battery and nothing happened, so I82365SolvedMellisa Wrig...09-01-201532iPhone
Bluetooth issue in Iphone 6 Hello! I just bought my IPhone 6 and I was expecting it to be error free but its not. The biggest issue so far has been with the Bluetooth of my82606WaitingDavid T Noon26-01-201524iPhone
Does the bending of iphone 6+ has any issue on the performance Dear All,  Having recently bought an iphone 6+, i have been having concerns about the whole 'bendgate' rumors that82183WaitingDouglas B O'...04-01-201555iPhone
IPhone 6 plus, silent button not working. I bought an iPhone 6 plus recently. The silent button placed at the side of the iPhone has stopped working. What can be the problem with it? It82177WaitingJoseph D Sau...03-01-201546iPhone
Connecting two Bluetooth to one iPhone 6 Can I connect two Bluetooth headphone devices to one iPh82212WaitingJustin C Ama...04-01-201551iPhone