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Laptop Ram issue while idle need help I currently have 4 GB of ram on my laptop  windows 8 .84174WaitingJuan M Flora20-03-201525Hardware
Best Computers For a Gamer? Hello everyone! What I am looking for is a computer or a laptop with the sole purpose of gaming. I intend to purchase the majority of the games84006WaitingJimmy L Merr...04-03-201530Hardware
Toshiba laptop turns on but screen is black 84030WaitingHarvey H Car...04-03-201541Hardware
My laptop charger is plugged in but not charging 84027WaitingDavid M Kron...04-03-201552Hardware
Computer turns on but no display on monitor 84021WaitingCarol T Mack04-03-201540Hardware
Android and Windows Phones and their rate of processing data What could be the possible reasons why Android phones are considered perhaps to be slower that Windows phones? How do one technically explain th84321WaitingAvery Brando...23-03-201536Hardware
Is Machine Invasion really possible? Hello! So today I read this very interesting thing on Internet and I wanted to hear other opinions. The machines and applications that are being84086WaitingBruce P Shar...10-03-201546Hardware
Logitech m325 driver and wireless mouse stopped working 84032WaitingTaylor B Cam...04-03-201536Hardware
Unable to download apps from playstore Hello! I am using Samsung tab 4 on a 3G network. The problem is that I am failing to download anythi84282WaitingNelson M Can...22-03-201517Hardware
Solar energy uses and progress 83923WaitingAlex I Fee01-03-201543Hardware
Difference between Multiple Processors and Multiple Cores Hi! What is the difference between hardware devices which have multiple processors and those which have multiple cores? All the smartphones that84154WaitingDana K Hartl...18-03-201531Hardware
How to fix a toshiba laptop screen easily 84031WaitingDaniel M Fan...04-03-201556Hardware
Fastest Computer is being built? Hi! Has anyone heard about the computer that is being built these days which is being called the fastest computer ever built in the history of c84151WaitingJames S Savo...18-03-201539Hardware
Am having problem with Acer wireless keyboard My Acer wireless keyboard does not work when I try to type my password unless I restart the Acer PC. It then works perfectly. Both the keyboard84206WaitingJames J Khan21-03-201518Hardware Com...
Help me about Fugoo Tough Bluetooth speaker How is the battery life of  Fugoo Tough? 84345WaitingAditya Deric...28-03-201521Hardware Com...
How to convert data connection settings 2g to 3g I have Beetel 3g dongle and I am using airtel sim card. I have84339WaitingAbrianna28-03-201521Hardware Com...
What made the Play Station 4/XBOX to have hard time running ACUnity? Assassin's Creed Unity was released few months ago but it was really embarrassing for the84330WaitingJoseph T Smi...26-03-201528Hardware Com...
Please illuminate about HDMI 1.4 cables to transfer HD video Can HDMI 1.4 cable support 2K And 4K resolution? 84344WaitingAdamswhitley28-03-201522Hardware Com...
Connecting and transferring data wirelessly to hard disk 83909WaitingJoe J Johnso...28-02-201524Hardware Com...
Measures to consider when your phone or tablet is not charging What could be the possible things to consider when my phone or tablet is not charging when there are signal showing that the tablet or phone is84320WaitingAve Broers23-03-201535Hardware Com...
Removable batteries vs un-removable ones 84000WaitingEsteban K Be...03-03-201544Hardware Com...
An attempt to resolve the dns name This is error report I get however I try to connect to my servers sphere which I just set up today.84059WaitingMaurice B Ro...05-03-201566HTTP Sharing
Copyright Laws for music videos on Youtube Hello! I have a channel and I have different videos related to football on it. I would like to add music to my videos too but I am not sure if I84072WaitingLucas C Park09-03-201549Internet
Association of email-id in Facebook Hello! I have been using Facebook from quite a long time now. I had this particular email id which was associated to the Facebook account. But r84290WaitingJohnie S Str...23-03-201519Internet
Why does internet explorer keep popping up all the time 84025WaitingErik S Trigg04-03-201530Internet