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Problem with Milagrow M2 Pro camera?Hi guys, I want to know why Milagrow M2 Pro camera is not clear though it's camera specs is 8 mega pixel rear and 2 mega pixel front camera forget abo80040WaitingJohn T Sauer11-08-201423General
Why my windows show your browsers preferences has changed message?Hi guys, I use acer laptop with windows 7 in it and it is showing this message whenever I'm opening it that "your browser preferences has been changed80078WaitingPamela B Bai...12-08-201447General
What is clearview app available for all operating systems? Hi guys, I heard about clearview app just know today how late I'm huhh... Though its available since 2013 I think and found the news ab79849WaitingJack L Matam...08-08-201411General
How to change colors in HTML programming without writing numeral codes? Hi guys, I want to edit a webpage that is in a website I want to change it colors of page background, multi tabs colors and numbered page viewer79840WaitingCharles A Cr...07-08-201426General
How to access registry files in Windows PC?Hi guys, I want to check some HDMI files of the system and for which I need to see registry files of the PC but I don't actually know how to get acces80069WaitingSteven R McK...12-08-201424General
How to use desktop gadgets with sideshow on Windows 9? Hi guys, I want to that can I use desktop gadgets as sideshow on Windows 9 if I can do so then how to do it I'm quite good at Windows7 opera79831WaitingJonathan L G...07-08-201422General
Can I use Adobe PDF to convert word file to PDF format? Hi guys, I have lot of word files which need to be changed to PDF format so for that can I use adobe PDF directly or do I have to do it manually79869WaitingDominic M Br...08-08-201415General
How to learn PHP basic learner?please helpHi guys, I want to learn PHP I don't even have any basic knowledge about PHP but know that it has a good value in career so I want to learn it.Please80063WaitingXavier B Fis...12-08-201417General
Why I'm getting parse errors while writing a program? Hi guys I have a problem with my programming as I'm getting parse error while writing this SQL program actually I'm in the learning proc80060WaitingDustin T Do11-08-201425General
How to record computer and mic audio with audacity? Hi guys, please tell me how to record computer and mice sound using audacity. I have not tried this before and needs some detailed information a80019WaitingGregory L Co...10-08-201419General
Why my Vox tablet camera does not work?Hi guys, I purchased VOX tablet 1week ago and ordered it online when it came to me it was working fine but now its camera is not working at all not fr79889WaitingPaul C Pina08-08-201424General
How to change password in Gmail?help Hi guys, I want to change my password in gmail account but I have checked all the settings and everything its not any option to change the passw80013WaitingHerbert J Ri...10-08-201417General
Why my Ethernet network is not working?Please helpHi guys, I was not using my computer since some days and when I opened my PC today what I saw on turning on it is the connection bar is marked with re80083WaitingPhilip D Hur...16-08-201434General
Wh my PC mouse pointer is not showing?helpHi guys, whenever I open my personal computer which is Windows 8 the mouse pointet is not showing at all what might be the ptoblem I did not make any80010WaitingAndrew D Ped...10-08-201424General
How to install wordpress plugins? please helpHi guys, I want to install new wordpress plugins and most importantly I found a website whuch offers free template theme for wordpress but I'm afraid80077WaitingAlfred G Pot...12-08-201463General
Is Iriver mp3 player compatible with bluetooth headphones? Hi guys, I want to buy a new brand mp3 player yes media player with some new features and I found iriver mp3 as a good one and want to buy it bu79880WaitingNorman P Fry...08-08-201424General
Why my Adobe photoshop key is not working?help Hi guys, I had adobe photo shop 7 installed on my PC and as it was hanging now and then every time I use it so what I did is uninstalled it and80074WaitingPenney N McM...12-08-201427General
Problems with Vivitar DVR HD?please help Hi guys I buyed this Vivitar Camcorder as my work involves taking lot of pictures and video and looking at its low price I buyed Vivitar DV80033WaitingDolores W Wa...10-08-201428General
How to edit wordpress template using CSS?Please help!Hi guys I want to know how to edit wordpress template using CSS.Please help me wordpress templates can also be edited in html and php also.And which t79804WaitingDennis S Sta...06-08-201423General
Why my PC is not detecting graphics card?Hi guys, I want yo know that why my PC is not detecting graphics card.I don't know how all this stuff is done but to have a good quality screen and pl80071WaitingLouie S Good...12-08-201427General
Why HTML image links are not working on blogger? Hi guys, I'm using blogger since 2 years and never had any problem though in the starting79833WaitingXavier B Fis...07-08-201426General
How to install Whatsapp plus on android phone?Hi guys, I want to know how to install whatsapp plus on android devices I know that any android smart phone is capablr of downloading Whatsapp but I l80065WaitingDavid T Noon12-08-201424General
Why my Internet connection is so slow? Hi guys, I use Beam connection which is a cable one since I started using it the connection is slow only except sometimes when its speed is incr80021WaitingLance A Manr...10-08-201420General
How to use HTML and CSS in one web page? Hi guys I want to know whether both html and CSS can be used to create a single web page or web site.I f so then do I have to write the CSS form79888WaitingLarry H Bunn...08-08-201422General
How to remove default social network sharing buttons from my blog?Hi guys I want to remove default social networks sharing buttons from my site but don't know how to do it.As I already created social networks sharing79779WaitingXavier B Fis...04-08-201433General