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How to split packets while downloading in terminal I have a terminal in Linux mint and wanted to split channels so as to get the83092WaitingMatthew I Mc...07-02-20157Debian Linux
How to safely remove specific files on Linux? How do I safely delete all files, on Ubuntu Linux,83178WaitingBrenda Lopez08-02-201516Debian Linux
Which Linux is the closest to Windows 7 or Windows 8? I need to install Linux/debian on my laptop at work but I've been using Windows since I've learned to use computer.I've heard that i82706WaitingDeborah Hall03-02-201534Debian Linux
Running 2 virtual machines in Linux I have a Linux kernel that I have installed a windows virtual machine, Is oit83312WaitingPetrusic Par...11-02-201512Debian Linux
Having problems with Virus All my browsers have been hijacked by the search engine, which has taken over83338WaitingAabel Maveri...11-02-201533Desktop Anti...
Computer Not Working Just Reboot? Every time I call in for help on my system when it is not working. They always tell me to reboot my computer. Why are they always saying that as83043WaitingTyrone E Lou...07-02-201517Desktops
Installing 64 bit system onto a 32 bit without formatting I have a 32 bit system that I wanted to upgrade to 64 bit, the problem is tha83075WaitingCarl D Small07-02-201510Desktops
Can I use 2 processors in my system, Intel+AMD? Is it possible to use 2 processors in a system. Nowadays, programming of high end applications requires best specs PCs and I want to use 2 proce83294WaitingLloyd S Lebr...10-02-201546Desktops
BCCode 3B error reappears again I had an error on BCCode on my PC but could not find an appropriate solution for it. I then formatte83731WaitingDerrick E Cl...22-02-201512Desktops
Unable to change BIOS boot option to USB flash drive. I want to run Linux on my system from USB flash drive but I cannot figure out how to to so. I have read that boot priority can be changed in BIO83291WaitingJose K Vince...10-02-201518Desktops
VPN Connection To Hook Up PS3 To PC? I would like to hook my PS3 to my gaming computer but everything says I need a VPN connection. What is the best way to set this up to get the fa82859WaitingLloyd S Lebr...05-02-201515Desktops
PC Starts Back Up After Shut Down I am really worried about what is wrong with my computer. After I do a complete shut down and wait for a few seconds. My computer will boot itse82856WaitingEdith J Tuck...05-02-201523Desktops
Steps To Do Before Cleaning Machine? Is it true that you need to unplug your PC and leave it off for several days before cleaning it?  I smoke so my system gets really dirty an82888WaitingJames D Cost...05-02-201544Desktops
No Idea What My PC Password Is? I have not used my PC in about three months. I went to log into it for a few files I needed and can not remember the password. There is only the82961WaitingLloyd S Lebr...06-02-201520Desktops
After using my computer for sometime, my computer randomly shuts down. I own a computer that i bought for home use and after installing an operating system in it and some other softwares, i found out that my compute83241WaitingMaurice B Ro...10-02-201556Desktops
Is This A Good Gaming Box For Steam Games?   I am looking to surprise my son for his birthday with a new gaming box. He likes to play games on Steam. Would these specs mak83206WaitingJoseph K Car...09-02-201527Desktops
Is The New Windows 10 A Linux Copy I have looked up the previews for the new Windows 10 on Youtube. Is it just me or does it seem a lot like Linux with the backporting feature? Th83203WaitingJames D Cost...09-02-201536Desktops
What are the steps to boost up a PC? My Desktop PC is running really slow these days. I'm unable to figure out the problem that is causing the PC to slow down desperately. What83339WaitingJoseph K Car...11-02-201515Desktops
How To Stop A Program From Loading At Start Up I downloaded a new free game to try out the other day. Now every time I go to start my computer this game loads which slows it down and seems to82729WaitingStephen R Ga...03-02-201529Desktops
How to fix prompt for pressing F1\F2 at startup? I'm having a problem with my desktop PC. Each time I start my PC, I always need to press either F1 or F2 in order to start the PC. 'Pres83293WaitingJoseph K Car...10-02-201524Desktops
A Forgotten Admin Password Help? I have a older pc that my kids have been using. I decided to upgrade their system to make it a better gaming machine. When I went to log in I co83175WaitingTyrone E Lou...08-02-201520Desktops
Windows Update Killed My Computer? I waited on my computer to finish updating after it rebooted. But instead of coming back to the main screen it is the bad blue screen. What coul82855WaitingJoseph D Sau...05-02-201529Desktops
Best OS For Gaming System? I am almost done putting together all the items for my gaming box. Now I am thinking about software and programs to make it super fast. Which OS82852WaitingMarco P Hamm05-02-201542Desktops
My computer generates unwanted noise Hello! When I use my computer for long hours, the CPU starts generating some strange noise as if it were to explode. It starts from a very low i82648WaitingEric E Ander...31-01-201538Desktops
Safely Get Rid Of Old PC? I have a older system that I no longer use. But do not want to toss it or donate it when someone could steal any old data left on it. How can yo83012WaitingPatricia C L...07-02-201515Desktops