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TeamViewer 7 appeared ID missing error Hello there, After I finished to work with Te77329WaitingTaylor B Cam...03-04-201444Hardware
AdobeInCopy error Cannot recover unknown document. Hi there, Today my Adobe had a crash and I cannot restore it. This error appeared after I opened a PDF file downloaded from a secured77438WaitingRaymond D Ca...09-04-201419Hardware
Ieuser.exe - Bad Image error Hi there, I have difficulties when I want to install some softwares. This is one of them. I don’t have any solution for this. C77512WaitingPaul S Dougl...13-04-201415Hardware
RunDLL error problem starting C:\Program Files (x86) I uninstalled a program and after I reboot my PC this RunDLL error appeared. This error appears every time I open my PC. After some searches on77586WaitingJonathan A D...16-04-201439Hardware Com...
USB Device Over Current Status Detected!! Hello, I bought a new motherboard for my PC and I have this error. I tried almost everything I know, reset the BIOS and change the ju77594WaitingJohn D Armst...16-04-201418Hardware Com...
VpShellRes.dll could not found on my pc Hi there, After I installed a game on my PC and rebooted the system I got this error. I pressed OK and everything is fine. The proble77325WaitingBerta R Cahi...03-04-201445Hardware Com...
Problem with NVIDIA GeForce driver Hello, Even if I did the updates to my NVIDIA with the latest driver available I still have this error. It doesn’t want to work77582WaitingDexter A Mil...16-04-201410Hardware Com...
KAV Script Checker error unable to load library For language Hi, My new antivirus Kaspersky offered me tonight this error when I opened my PC and the program closed when I pressed OK. I have thi77554WaitingJimmy G Hanc...15-04-201414Hardware Fir...
Microsoft Visual Studio error server version is not supported Hello, Microsoft Visual Studio gives me this error when I want to install it. I have the right version for my PC and it seems like it77497WaitingFrancisca R ...12-04-201419Internet
Server recovery complete Failure error Hello experts, I did some changes to my server and I wasn’t pleased about the result. It was with error and crashes. I tried to77474WaitingFernando W A...10-04-2014301Internet
IPad could not be restored as device isn’t eligible fo requested build. Hello there, Recently I have updated my iTunes and I now I have some difficulties to connect my iPad. I know what my device isn&rsquo77418WaitingSandra R But...08-04-201427iPad
The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-1). Hi, This evening I saw that my iPhone is rebooting repeatedly by itself and I turned it off and I let it off for almost 15 hours. Whe77416WaitingMarvin M Cal...08-04-201434iPhone
Access violation error with MediaMonkey Hi experts, I have this error with MediaMonkey and I can’t solve it. Is this access violation and I don’t that blurred me77397WaitingLucien A Nie...07-04-201414iPhone
The iPhone “VJ’s iPhone” could not be undated error occurred (3000). Hi there, I made some updates on my laptop&rs77420WaitingMarc A White08-04-201444iPhone
Problem shows with this disk image Hi there, I tried to make an update, but this error popped-up. I searched to make a download from different servers but nothing usefu77428WaitingDarrel R Gon...08-04-201419iPhone
ITunes error the app “Skype” was not installed on the iPod Hi there, I can’t install Skype on my iPod because of this error. I don’t know how can this be solved or if this Skype ve77501WaitingMarilou D St...12-04-201419iPod
The iPhone “Mark’s iPhone” could not updated error occurred (11). Hi there, I can’t install Skype on my iPod because of this error. I don’t know how can this be solved or if this Skype ve77421WaitingEdward S Ban...08-04-201426iPod
ITunes could not copy “Memories Are Made of This” to the iPod Today when I have connected my iPod to my laptop and trying to copy some songs this error appeared. I tried to copy my songs in many different w77417WaitingJeffrey L Ol...08-04-201425iPod
Attempting to copy to the disk “DAN HILL_S” failed invalid file name Hi experts, I am trying to copy a song from my disk to iPod. I have the same errors with another songs and nothing seems to work. I s77414WaitingMary I Pendl...08-04-201427iPod
Some of the file cannot be burned to an audio CD Hi experts, I have this error when I try to burn an audio CD. This is not the first time when I burn an audio CD and I never had any77579WaitingMoses V Patt...16-04-201411iTunes
Horrible iTunes Error 4014! How to fix!? Hi there, I have this Error 4014 on my iPhone 4 and after a long researches on the Internet no answer was found. I even spoke with th77486WaitingMaurice B Ro...12-04-201422iTunes
The attempt to burn a disc failed an unknown error occurred (4450). Hello there, I try to burn an audio CD but always I have the same error, this one. I am tired of this error and please can someone he77578WaitingLuz M Terry16-04-201412iTunes
Restoring time my iPad Fixing iTunes Error 17 occur Hello experts, I have this error on Windows Vista every time I want to restore my iPad. I want to restore my iPad because is not work77577WaitingBob T Smith16-04-201414iTunes
Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error occur Minecraft game installing time Hello, I have this error message box caused I think by Minecraft which is the latest game and program installed on my PC. Also I have77537WaitingBerta R Cahi...13-04-201419Java
Iw4m.dat - Entry Point Not Found Hello, I installed Modern Warfare on my laptop today, but when I tried to play the game this error cut all my dreams of playing. I do77411WaitingDuncan H Era...07-04-201427Laptops/Note...