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What is the problem with Acer TravelMate touch pad?Hi guys, I want to buy acer travelmate obviously its suitable and specially launched for business perspective and when searched online most of the rev80007WaitingMary J Duckw...10-08-201422Feature tips
Wireless controller with Nvidia shield?help Hi guys, I want to buy Nvidia shield tablet which is compatible of playing games specially designed for gamers but I have a doubt that as its sp80045WaitingYvonne C Ath...11-08-201419Feature tips
What is the operating system of Fujistic Stylix Tab?Hi guys, I want to know what is the operating system of fujistic stylix tab in which it runs and what is its brand and most importantly I want to ask80004WaitingFrank A Cart...10-08-201434Feature tips
How to switch on gesture controls in S4? Hi guys, I heard about gestures controls in smart phones but never used them and don't even know how to switch them on I mean how to switch80036WaitingMatthew M Ch...10-08-201429Feature tips
What is the optical zoom offered by Nikon CoolPix? Hi guys, I want to buy Nikon Cool Pix cam i love this digital camera and heard lot about its superb quality but I don't know that what is th80030WaitingJoe J Johnso...10-08-201427Feature tips
Why Archos 9 tablet gets warm soonwhile charging? Hi guys, Have anybody used Archos 9 tablet PC please tell me does your PC tablet too gets hot79995WaitingMitchel J Mc...09-08-201429Feature tips
What is the battery life of Sanyo Xacti? Hi guys, I want to know what is the battery life of Sanyo Xacti camcorder any body here who knows the answer and used this cam corder pleas80027WaitingAnthony K Ma...10-08-201428Feature tips
What is NFC in HP Envy X2 tab?any help! Hi guys, I was reading reviews on HP envy x2 tab so came to know that it has new NFC feature???? what actually is it I don't know anybody he79992WaitingJon L Sturm09-08-201419Feature tips
Why my website login form not working?please help Hi guys, I have a problem with my Log inform on my website I don't know why its not working I check my site once in a while so that I can kn80059WaitingMatthew M Sl...11-08-201430Feature tips
What is the new scanner feature in galaxy S5? Hi guys, I want to know what is the new latest feature that Samsung Galaxy S5 has in it as a addition to Galaxy S4.I came to know that it h80056WaitingJimmy L Merr...11-08-201425Feature tips
Why shockwave flash player keeps crashing?plese help Hi guys, I have shockwave player downloaded and installed don't know since when may be it was already done by the person I downloaded all th79859WaitingRaymond D Sm...08-08-201423Feature tips
Please suggest me a graphic card for playing games? Hi guys, I like playing games a lot and I have windows 7 as I play games I'm keen on buying a graphic card for my PC please suggest me a gra80018WaitingVera C Forge...10-08-201428Feature tips
What is display, resolution and processor of galaxy S4? Hi guys I want to know what is the display size and resolution of the screen in Samsung galaxy S4. My requirement is at least 4.5 inch display w80053WaitingMargaret G L...11-08-201420Feature tips
Why Nook Glow light does not have memory card slot? Hi guys, I liked Nook Glow light better than Amazon white paper for its sleek look and new design also for its light weight quality but what I f79983WaitingGrover L Pyn...09-08-201432Feature tips
Help my Sony S3000 SD card not working? Hi everyone, I have sony s3000 digital camera which my dad gifted me and I'm using it since 2 years and it was working great till now.B79853WaitingNelson M Can...08-08-201416Feature tips
Does Vibe Z2 Pro supports 4G?Please help Hi guys, I want to know does Vibe Z2 pro supports 4G or not as fast connection is must for me and when 4G has launched everywhere now avail79980WaitingMary M Derr09-08-201424Feature tips
What is aperture mentioned in smartphones specs? Hi guys, I want to know what is aperture mentioned in most of the smart phones specs when I read most of the reviews they state the specs relate80050WaitingOrville C El...11-08-201418Feature tips
What is the RAM of Lava Iris X1?please help Hi guys, I want to buy the brand new Lava Iris X1 I liked its look and feel but what I want in any smart phone is it should have good RAM at lea80047WaitingBruce L McLe...11-08-201418Feature tips
Does Pebble smart watch receive full message notifications?Hi guys, I have seen pebble smart watch and read its features on google which says it works like a satellite to receive messages notification via blue79847WaitingAlfred G Pot...08-08-201498Feature tips
Huawei Ascend G6 operating problems?Hi guys, I buyed huawei ascend G6 because it supports 4G so thought why not to try it but guess what came as a surprise is its operating is so hard I80006WaitingBilly M Gamb...10-08-201425Feature tips
Which is good laptop Vs gaming console?help Hi guys, I want to know which is better to buy laptop or gaming console as I love playing games and I was considering buying laptop which suits80044WaitingDiego L McGu...11-08-201414Feature tips
Is it possible to create template using HTML? Hi guys, I want to create a template using HTML for my blog as I only know HTML programming and working with it but the problem is I don't k80076WaitingDennis S Sta...12-08-201462Feature tips
Why Google Nexus 10 tab has few connectivity options? Hi guys, when searching online I found that Google nexus 10 tab has few connectivity options but its not stated in detail what are those connect79876WaitingBruce M Tool...08-08-201417Feature tips
Does Sony Cybershot has image stabilisation? Hi guys, I want to know whether the new Sony Cyber shot DSC HX7C has image stabilization or not as it has 10* optical zoom and is said80035WaitingRobert A Bar...10-08-201425Feature tips
Does Garmin Nuvi GPS supports portability and how is its clearity? Hi guys, Please tell me that does Garmin Nuvi has portability options and how is its display or screen quality I came to know that is one o80032WaitingSalvatore S ...10-08-201433Feature tips