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The Technique Developed by Hitachi To Anonymize Encrypted Data Recently, HITACHI has announced its technique to securely anonymize the encrypted personal data. What is its purpose? What are its advantages an86389WaitingNeal K Taylo...06-04-201674Storage
The Term Data Abstraction With Respect To Dbms What do you mean by the term Data Abstraction used in DBMS? How is it useful? Why is it used? What are its advantages?86382WaitingJohnny S Fea...06-04-201664Others
The Terms Of Hosting And Domain In Web Designing In web designing, after the web page has been designed, we need to buy a domain and we need to host the webpage on the Internet. What do you mea86379WaitingJohnny S Fea...06-04-201653Networking
The Use Of Assembler In A Computer What is the purpose of having an assembler? Is it necessary to have an assembler in every computer?86200WaitingDustin T Do29-03-201675Hardware
The Working of the Google Search Engine The Google Search Engine, is the most popular one out there. How does it work? How does it manage to carry out searches in really short time?86394WaitingTerrance C D...06-04-2016213Networking
Trend Micro Internet Security Installation Error Hi, I am trying to install Trend Micro Internet Security error using 32 bit Windows operating system but having the installation prob86262WaitingChristian M ...31-03-201686Software Oth...
Trojan Horse With All Its Specifics How does the Trojan Horse attack a processor or a computer in general?How does it enter the computer or any other device? Does it spread or no?86212WaitingRex M Patten29-03-201669Virus & Spyw...
Types Of Processor Architecture With Comparison Hi There are two types of processor architecture: Von Neumann Architecture and Harvard Architecture. Which of the two processor archi86198WaitingLarry L Poli...29-03-201680Hardware
Unable To Copy My Data From MyOold Android To New One Brought a new android mobile phone, having a hard time to copy all my contacts, messages, song and v86407WaitingEric S Vazqu...28-04-201684Apple
Use Of An Architectural Register In Processor In a processor what is an Architectural Register and what is its purpose? Why is it necessary to make it available to the compiler or programmer86203WaitingKevin A Augu...29-03-201662Hardware
Use of page replacement algorithms inside a cache In a cache memory, page replacement algorithms are used very often. What is a page replacement algorithm? What function does it perform? Which a86385WaitingJack M Gates06-04-201678Prog\Scripti...
VIP Software Package Setup Failed Hello, I have received this error message when I tried to install VIP Software Package Setup but it failed several times. How can I f86294WaitingTomas M Hoot...31-03-201650Software Oth...
Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Setup Error Hi every one, I am trying to install Microsoft visual Studio 6.0 but receive an error message every time I try to install the setup.86260WaitingChristian M ...31-03-201673Hardware
Vulnerability In The Secutity Method Used For Common Online Security According to recent research; a vulnerability has been found in the method used for common online security. What is this vulnerability? In what86369WaitingMiguel W Mur...05-04-201650Others
Wav to text converter online ( Chrome Extension) Hello, I was wondering if there is any wav to text converter online as I need to calculate the spectrum and other stuff of the sound?86500WaitingPaul B Barto...22-05-201635Others
Web Secutity Protocol Of TLS: Is It Really Effective? Is the TLS web security protocol really effective or has it been compromised? How does it change the security of our personal information? Can w86370WaitingMatthew S Cr...05-04-201656Security
What are Solaris interview questions and answers? I’m about to install Solaris as guest OS through VMware, so I wanted to know about the Solaris86494WaitingAlbert N And...22-05-201616Anonymous
What Is The Functions Of Processor What is the use of router system, a hard drive controller, and a CD player driver out of these: DATA CONTROL, DATA PROCESSING, DATA MOVEMENT OR86201WaitingMatthew M Sl...29-03-201658Hardware
Windows Defender The actions you selected couldn’t be applied. Hi, I recently installed Microsoft Security Essential for my Window and found some virus during scanning process but when I click on86289WaitingNorman M Bri...31-03-201653Windows OS
Windows Script Host Error Cannot find script file Hello everyone, I am worried while getting this windows script host error. I don’t know how to fix this issue. I have showed yo86284WaitingAndre J Park...31-03-201636Anonymous
Workbook Links error need help Hello, I am using Windows 7 Operating System and have installed Microsoft Excel 2016 but working on excel sheet an error message show86314WaitingKenneth A Wa...01-04-201667Windows OS
Your Graphics Drivers seem to be out-of-date Hello, I have Windows 7 Operating System having BlueStacks App Player but today it shows an error message “Your Graphics Driver86277WaitingRoberto P Wa...31-03-201641Software Oth...