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Laptop Failed in Short DST, any Threat to Data on HDD I tested my laptop for Hard Disk test i.e., Short DST, it failed in this test and sometimes my laptop shuts down before giing any warnings. I am80675WaitingDawn Knopf19-10-20149Hard Drives
Having hard drive formatting issues in windows 7 I want to partition my hard drive but facing a problem with formatting. The problem is that when I tried to make partition it does not allow me80772WaitingJeffrey M Sa...20-10-201422Hard Drives
Expansion of C drive for refreshing the PC I have an HP laptop having Windows 8 inbuilt. There were so many problems with it that I calle80606WaitingFinlay17-10-201472Hard Drives
Need SATA hardrive jumper information which is at the back I have bought new SATA hard drive for my personal computer. I want to know is what is the main function of jumper behind the hard drive ? Actual80765WaitingSean A Fulto...20-10-201423Hard Drives
Using External Hard Drive when Connected to the Internet Can people have access to my external hard drive when I80972WaitingBerta R Cahi...22-10-201440Hard Drives
Recover the data from old CDs. In my earlier times, I used to sing in cultural programs. All those functions were recorded an80939WaitingNorman M Bri...22-10-201426Hardware
White and Black rings on 3.5mm headphone Pin. I have recently purchased a head phone for my iPod, but to my disappointment, the iPod doesn&#80891WaitingLawrence V M...22-10-201419Hardware
PS Vita losing connectivity in some specific games I have the Sony PS Vita and it works perfectly fine until I play some specific games in which80847WaitingGabriel C Do...20-10-201437Hardware
The necessity of safe ejection or removal of hardware and media Why is it necessary to remove safely hardware and eject media at all in computing? When I eject safely my pen drive from the USB port of my comp80546WaitingRichard E Do...08-10-201447Hardware
The distinct functions and features of TP-Link and D-Link What are the clear distinctions with respect to their functions and features among a D-Link and a TP-Link? Apart from each been a link, does eac80849WaitingDana B Reid21-10-201437Hardware
HP 8X External multi-format DVD/CD(DVD550s) writer not reading in Linux(Ubuntu). I am using HP DVD/CD writer with my PC. My HP DVD/CD writer is working fine in windows 7 opera80636WaitingAvery Brando...18-10-201425Hardware Com...
Multiport USB, how Voltage is distributed? I was using multiport USB port cable, with capability to hold further 5 more ports for connect80594WaitingCoshaun Jame...17-10-201435Hardware Com...
My Nexus 5 camera is not working properly I have Google Nexus 5, whenever I click pictures I have to face a relatively longer shutter la80835WaitingEdward K Ree...20-10-201430Hardware Com...
Galaxy s5 wifi connectivity issues need help I just got a new Samsung Galaxy s5 some days ago i have many times come across the Bluetooth connectivity issue. I have tried many times to conn80718WaitingAlan Farrer19-10-201411Hardware Com...
Need to know about Process Modeling for SE I am a student of computer science and now learning about software engineering. I need to know that what is Process Modeling and to what extent81016WaitingNed J Palmer27-10-201444Informix
Tell me some Facebook Shortcuts like Windows I am addicted Facebook user. I manage more than 12 pages on Facebook, so to manage and update80957WaitingEdward W Bow...22-10-201440Internet
Experiencing Facebook will be back soon Issue. Whenever I try to login to my Facebook Account using any browser on my Laptop, it shows "80948WaitingFabian I Par...22-10-201429Internet
Detailed guidelines to follow to design HTML web pages What are the detailed steps to follow to be the best designer expert in creating HTML5 web page design with CSS3 transition effects? Where do I80986WaitingRonnie E Ban...24-10-201441Internet
Steps to follow in configuration of TP-Link to one’s specification What are the procedures to follow to configure a TP-Link to your specification? What are the vital steps to be noted in performing such task? Do80974WaitingAngie C Blak...22-10-201430Internet
Versions of the Internet Explorer Browsers and their uniqueness What makes Internet Explorer 10 Browser version different or unique from Internet Explorer 11 Browser version? I am operating Internet Explorer80473WaitingThomas O Nee...03-10-201440Internet
Elance Referrals converted into accounts but status not updated. I shared my Elance's referrals link on Google plus and three of my friends joined Elance u80959WaitingDarrell N Mo...22-10-201434Internet
Hotmail Account changed to Outlook, contacts lost I am using Microsoft e-mail service Outlook which is known as Hotmail service in past. I have80821WaitingHiram B Nunn20-10-201432Internet
The detailed functions of the Extensible Storage Engine How does the Extensible Storage Engine also known as ESE works? What is the main functions of the ESE? How will you define Extensible Storage En80571WaitingMildred B De...16-10-201442Internet
Upgrading of the Internet Explorer Browser Version to the latest Version What are the steps to follow to upgrade my Internet Explorer Version to a latest version on my Desktop Computer? I am currently using Internet E80475WaitingKenneth A Wa...03-10-201458Internet
Unwanted recommended videos on youtube everytime I am in a big problem. I thought Google Chrome is the best browser in the world and when I wil80739WaitingLance A Abre...19-10-201424Internet