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Sequence and structure of booting system & processing Briefly about the initial process sequence while the system boots up. What are various IDs associate80193WaitingJames J Khan17-09-20148OS
Window 8 Upgrade Information and Windows 8 Tips I am trying to learn about windows tools so please help me.I h80192WaitingMargarete S ...17-09-201411OS
What are the new features in Kali Linux according to backtrack. I am a user of Backtrack 5 OS. Now days when its latest version released with the name of Kali Linux80157WaitingJason K Shiv...16-09-201424OS
Uninstalling Linux from dual boot system without formatting I am using a dell inspiring 15r laptop with 4gb ram, 500gb hard disk and i5 processor. I already ins80156WaitingJoseph H Hig...16-09-201412OS
Toshiba Laptop getting errors due to win 8. Hello. I am very pleased with my laptop Toshiba I bought a year ago. But since Monday my Windows 8 stoped to boot. After recovery I got error &q80214WaitingGary B Graha...17-09-201414OS
Mc Affee VS Spyhunter 4? Which one is safe Hi guys, I have windows 8.1 and Mc affee installed in it already as my PC was infected with root kits and other virus my friend80180WaitingCarmen A War...17-09-201421OS Security
How to test for a hardware failure in my PC? Hi friends, Hi I windows XP 2003 and I'm experiencing many problems with this PC every day there is a new problem and I want to g80170WaitingMaurice M Pe...17-09-201411PC Laptops
Windows getting error when games are running. When playing videos on my Dell Inspiron  running windows 8 all of a sudden the video screen goes green and the only way to get a video to p80203WaitingLloyd S Lebr...17-09-20148PC Laptops
How do I preserve my laptop battery for longer? I just bought a new laptop because the battery on my old one was useless. I would like to do everyth80268WaitingAmber Ward23-09-20146PC Laptops
How can I identify a USB 3.0 port on my computer? My laptop has two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports. The problem is that I never seem to remember how th80284WaitingAngela Marti...23-09-20141Peripherals
What is the difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0? I want to buy a new laptop, but most of those I have seen sport USB 3.0 ports. 80277WaitingAndrew Word23-09-20143Peripherals
Paint fails to open a bmp file extensionHi there, I have this error when I want to open a .bmp file with paint. Paint is working just fine when I want to open the any files and I79975WaitingMary R Sutph...27-08-201413Photos / Gra...
HP Printer driver installation issue. HP business inkjet 1200: So the drivers are nowhere to find.. My printer says "driver unavalible" I just formatted my PC was working f80205WaitingDonald G Gib...17-09-201410Printers
Connecting two computers with one printer. I have 2 computers in the same room. I use a USB cable to connect the printer to 1st computer. I prefer to not use wireless. How do I connect th80215WaitingJohn L Krug17-09-201417Printers
Printer connectivity from android phone with or without cable. I have an HP printer m1005 which is connecting my computer. I want to print some files which are in my android phone. I have no Bluetooth device80159WaitingBerta R Cahi...16-09-201426Printers
Microsoft MSE installation problem occurring What happened when using the Microsoft Fix It to verify that MSE is uninstalled?  Sometimes, pr80201WaitingJose K Vince...17-09-20149Protocols
Is YubiKey worth the price and the hassle? A friend of mine suggested YubiKey as a more secure way for password identification. I am looking at80280WaitingAndrewjohn23-09-20143Security
Tomcat server running failed due to use ports. When I run my tomcat server its says port is already in use then how can I find which software is us80137WaitingTaylor B Cam...15-09-201410Server Softw...
How to add Skype to firewall exceptions?help Hi guys, I want to know how to add Skype in firewall exceptions. I formatted my Pc just two days ago and now slowly installing all re80184WaitingRosalie C Gr...17-09-201414Skype
Transfer files between my PC and mobile fast without using data cables I want to transfer files like audio, videos between my laptop and android mobile phone. I don’80132WaitingCoury Timmon...15-09-201417Storage Misc
Need Storage suggestion in window phone. Windows Phone 8: I've heard that using One Drive, Auto-upload fills up my "other" storage. Is it safe to turn on Auto-upload? What80226WaitingGeorge J Lay...17-09-201426Storage Tech...
Help Xperia C3 VS Z which is recommended? Hi guys, I have a doubt so I need your suggestions please answer me. I want to buy a new smartphone and Xperia Z & Xpe80164WaitingMargaret M G...17-09-201411Suggestions
App or device for blind people to read printed text I was wondering if there was any device that would enable a blind person to know what is written in80131WaitingCoshaun Jame...15-09-201414System Utili...
Manually disable integrated video card on Dell desktop? My integrated video has died. I have no video, so cannot disconnect using a screen. I have a new vid80200WaitingEdith J Tuck...17-09-201411Video Cards
Hotspot cannot create a connection due to network errorHello, I want to create a Hotspot using my phone which supports to create Hotspot. First time when I tried to create this it worked just fi79926WaitingClarence A B...25-08-201426Virtualizati...