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What are the changes in MS Excel 2007 and MS Excel 2010Has anybody done detail analysis on differences between MS 2007 and MS 2010 Excel documents? I was working in MS 2007 on my project work since last tw85690WaitingCarl E Flana...22-05-20158MS Excel
How to create pdf of Excel selected sectionHi all, I have designed a nice time table in excel but while sending it online to my sister, it is losing the alignment and the table breaks. I though85675WaitingAnthony M Mc...22-05-201510MS Excel
How to search for non zero character in MS Excel I got this unique use case where I was supposed to copy certain number of rows from one master excel to a copy excel. I did it easily by selecting us85707WaitingJulius C Dia...22-05-201517MS Excel
Microsoft Excel freezes for every safe operationI have a datasets in csv format which I always load onto excel. I do some manipulations of the data and filter out a few rows based on the results I o85923WaitingAdrian M Cam...29-05-20156MS Excel
Does VBA code executes in MS Excel reader only with passwordI have written nice programs MS excel using VBA. I want to protect the code and also copyright it so that my name will always be displayed. But, my qu85704WaitingWilliam D Ch...22-05-201513MS Excel
Procedure to setup default row and column size in MS Excel 2010How to set the row size and column size? The size has to be big enough so that small children can easily work in excel. I have to create a excel assig85701WaitingChristian K ...22-05-201513MS Excel
Help needed to recover MS Excel file after system crashUrgent help needed. I had a full excel document sheet with several sensor data. After several calculations I had plotted all of them in Excel. Due to85698WaitingWillie C Dye...22-05-201513MS Excel
Steps to set default application to open in MS Excelthis is a problem for which I am trying to find a solution but all efforts went in vain. I have installed both MS office word 2007 and MS office word85692WaitingDennis A Rec...22-05-20157MS Excel
Automatically create several files in C or C++We are working on algorithm development for voice recognition and are in process of analyzing various notes of test set. We have identified 30 voices.85718WaitingGregory B Kl...22-05-201535MS Excel
HOW to copy entered numbers in text to MS excel automaticallyI have a hardware unit which logs the values from a FPS receiver every second in some standard format. The logging happens in text file. Every time I85712WaitingKatherine R ...22-05-201524MS Excel
Coloring MSExcel cells automatically based on the value enteredMy requirement is to add colours to the cells in Microsoft office excel, 2007 version, depending on the data entered by the user. I was asked by my co85671WaitingWillie C Dye...22-05-20159MS Excel
How to program VBA in excel MS excel 2007The power of MS office is endless but my limited knowledge on the Microsoft Excel is costing mow. I have a very important and urgent assignment to com85668WaitingMaria B Brun...22-05-20159MS Excel
Automatic insertion of excel sheet from one work book to anotherHi, I have been using MSword for quite a while but never MSExcel. I am very new to MSExcel, equations and functions. I could learn only to add cells,85665WaitingDennis A Rec...22-05-201517MS Excel
My SQL and MS Excel, I need help. If some body needs to convert data on Microsoft Excel to sql, how do they go about this? What is the85872WaitingDavid T Noon29-05-20159MS Excel
Can I set different passwords for different sheetsThis is the scenario. I have a Excel document with nearly 30 sheets. Each sheet belongs to a customer and the data is readable by customer. I am maint85688WaitingDennis A Rec...22-05-20157MS Excel
How to set MS excel cells as read onlyI have done a lot of calculators for engineers by referring to many books. Now, I want to share it with as many as students as possible. I want to pro85685WaitingKatherine R ...22-05-20157MS Excel
How increment the values in cells in decimal point orderingI have only used Microsoft excel during college days and now I really regret to have no expertise in the same. I have to enter a set of numbers, indee85717WaitingCarl E Flana...22-05-201534MS Excel
Is it possible to insert images and videos into cellsi am exploring features of Excel document properties one step at a time. I know a teacher who wants to teach kids about spellings. So I got an idea. K85682WaitingMaria B Brun...22-05-20159MS Excel
Unable to print only selected cells in excelI am working in a company and recently I was assigned to verify parcels and logistics. I work in mail room. My job involves reading the cells in the E85679WaitingGregory B Kl...22-05-201518MS Excel
Help required to insert new line input in Excel 2010 using formulaI appreciate your time in helping me in inserting a newline character in the formula. Is it possible to display the result in two lines? The two lines85740WaitingJulius C Dia...23-05-201526MS Excel
The Netflix app on my LG Smart TV Plays with Scrambled Images?? Recently, I can use the Neflix app on my LG TV (Wise); until suddenly, it stopped working properly. It plays and it loads scrambled graphics and85513WaitingKevin A Augu...03-05-201572MS Hardware
Lost the references of images I added in PowerPointI had added several similar looking images in the slides. The differences between the images are very minute and only after my explanation the audienc85798WaitingNick J Marre...26-05-20155MS Powerpoin...
Optimum size of the images I can insert in PowerPoint?What is the optimum size I can do insert in Microsoft PowerPoint so that all the TVs and different projectors and laptops with different screens can r85789WaitingDennis A Rec...26-05-20155MS Powerpoin...
How to allow user to edit text but not change formatting I am looking for help in finding a way to restrict the user of excel to only edit the text in the cells but retain formatting. The user can update his85786WaitingKatherine R ...26-05-20153MS Powerpoin...
Looking for way to apply common styles to all tables in PowerPoint This is my Setup. Windows 7 running on a laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. I have created a presentation with many pages/ Most of them have85777WaitingMaria B Brun...26-05-20153MS Powerpoin...