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Manage Exchange 2010 Calendar Permissions How do I manage exchange 2010 calendar permissions? I want to set custom permission and also want to set the default permission to Reviewer. Is89027WaitingFolseo Fath31-08-201615Exchange Ser...
How To Find Your Microsoftexchange Serverto Troubleshoot Problem. Microsoft Exchange server is a communication tool used by many provides any features including email client, list of task etc. to89654WaitingS.Jabeen16-09-201615Exchange Ser...
How to become a Microsoft partner- Keys to remember. I am a businessman.I want to make my business large and I am planning to join with an IT company. How to become a Microsoft partner?88638WaitingK.O Coronel17-08-201620Feedback
What Is Mas90? Need An Answer? I am studying to be a CA (Chartered Accountant). For future reference, I need to know the answer to one question i.e. what is mas90? Please expl89038WaitingSaad Kalwar31-08-201621Feedback
The Certificate Is Not Trusted Because It Is Self-Signed Fix? Hi. I am a first year student. I am interested in the software and its related fields. I want to know why does the error the certificate is not89278WaitingA Cameron07-09-201613Feedback
Free Certification Courses Online By Microsoft: Time, Duration, Course. Which are the free certification courses online by Microsoft? Discuss how is it useful to you? How much time will you need to spend? What is the88907WaitingNLeigh23-08-201639Feedback
Explain About The Value Of ITIL Certification? Hello experts, I am into the IT field, fascinated by the huge lump of sum, high standard of living acquired by IT professionals and m89042WaitingDobik Triko01-09-201611Feedback
Honest Review Required For Extreme Networks Vs Cisco. I am currently using cisco network. It works fine for me, but if extreme networks is better, I can consider migrating. Thus, I require an honest89365WaitingFg.Lillian08-09-201618Feedback
Techforums- Know Aboutasa 5510 End Of Life Hi. I would like to know about the ASA 5510 end of life. Also, what are the features of the product? What does ASA stand for? Please reply ASAP.88459WaitingA Williams05-08-201635Feedback
Disable Save As In Pdf: Method To Do It. As my pdf file contains lot of important documents. I want to know if there is any option available to disable Save As in pdf. If yes, then how88892WaitingRob Bell23-08-201619Feedback
Free SMTP Relay Service Providers And Their Features. Why do we need SMTP. Who are the some of the free SMTP Relay Service providers? What are the features provided by them in sending emails?88906WaitingNibeedisy23-08-201634File Servers
Learn The Steps How To Build A File Server Hi. I am a college going student currently pursuing my BTech. I have been trying to build my own file server but I fail every time. How to build88434WaitingJuan K Haygo...04-08-201621File Servers
Your IMAP Server Wants To Alert You To Follow What is this error “Your IMAP server wants to alert you to follow”? And it occurs in Microsoft Outlook.89006WaitingDiamante Ada...31-08-201617File Servers
Compare Google Docs Vs. Google Drive As a naïve user, I didn’t find any crucial difference between Google Docs and Google Drive. To me, we can upload and share documents88489WaitingG Racho05-08-201624File Servers
How to resolve 403 Forbidden Error during Wamp Server Installation for phpmyadmin I am attempting to install Wamp Server, but I am encountering89177WaitingLarry Lohan03-09-201628File Servers
What Are The Recommended Network Cable Color Scheme? I am working on a networking project that's why I want to know the recommended color scheme for the network cables and their different appli89171WaitingA Williams02-09-201627File Servers
How To Read XML File Us7ng Simple Methods Hi. I am not very hands-on with XML and the other software. I want to learn how to view the files which are in XML. How to read XML file? Please89116WaitingNibeedisy02-09-201612File Servers
Learn How To Open A Zip File On Mac Using Simple Ways Hi. I have recently bought a Mac. I don’t even know how to operate it properly. I need to open a zipped file on my PC. How to open a zip f88941WaitingGoaran Andrw...25-08-201619File Servers
Learn About How Do I Find Duplicate Files On My Computer online Hi. I am a student and I use MS Office. However, at times it so happens that there are some duplicate words or images which are a part of the sa88463WaitingGoatham Chan05-08-201619File Servers
How To Convert Mp3 To A Text File? I want to convert mp3 to a text file in my Windows 7 Personal Computer, please suggest me one of the comfortable as well as a useful method to c89142WaitingUbaid02-09-201614File Servers
How To Move Large Files Using These Simple Methods Hi. I am not very knowledgeable about computers and the latest technologies prevalent. I have some important files which need to be forwarded bu88935WaitingGoatham Chan25-08-201617File Servers
The Data Warehouse To Understand The Quality Of Source Data. When an IT company wants to make a new data warehouse, data profiling is required to understand the quality of source data. Explain about data p89219WaitingGianetta07-09-201615File Servers
Learn How To Open A GIF File Using Some Simple Steps Hi. I am not very comfortable with computers and so I am not aware of all the functionalities and file formats. I want to open a GIF file. How t88937WaitingMia Grey25-08-201616File Servers
Install Hp Designjet 500 Network Card Firmware Using FTP Network Hi. I am not very familiar with the network cards and firmware terms. What are the steps to install HP Designjet 500 network card? Please reply89467WaitingToasty Guru10-09-201614File Servers
Learn About The Automatic Network Diagram Software Hi. I have interest in the design domain of software. I would like to know about the automatic network diagram software. What are its uses and i88453WaitingEaan Rickcha...05-08-201618File Servers