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How to use wine in linux I have a windows and I loved the interface, I had to migrate to Linux and im83103WaitingAlvin M Gree...07-02-201520Fedora Linux
Is there a place for data scientists in NPC? I work as a data scientist. I am interested in helping a non-profit company, such as a researc83179WaitingAny Hill08-02-201526Feedback
How to remove a computer from a domain I have worked group business domain. They I am using for the many years. But now I have left t83377WaitingMaurice B Ro...12-02-201560File Servers
Firefox- what are scripts and how can they block ads  I am a fan of Firefox browser and I hate being targeted by ads when browsing the interne83020WaitingScott P Dani...07-02-201518Firefox
Cannot register for Firefox account Hello, I have registered for Firefox but I have not received my confirmation email. I only have one email account and I have checked my junk fol83455WaitingKeith A Brid...14-02-201543Firefox
Firefox page debugging- What is it? 83887WaitingJoe T Jones28-02-20159Firefox
Firefox versus Google Chrome for browser I use Google Chrome as my browser, but I am hearing more and more about Firefox and the benefits.  Does anyone have a recommendation or any83449WaitingGary M West13-02-201531Firefox
Firefox Saying Updates Needed But Everything Is Updated I keep getting a notification that my Adobe Flash player need to update. But when I go check for updates there is not anything t83122WaitingJose K Vince...08-02-201524Firefox
How to get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox? I really don't know what's wrong with my PC or with Mozilla Firefox. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox from but w83440WaitingLloyd S Lebr...13-02-201527Firefox
Maximum phone verifications when setting up gmail account I have relatives that I had opened for them an email, the problem is that sin83317WaitingJermaine Mor...11-02-201541Firefox
How can I Sync certain items with Firefox I'm setting up Firefox Sync but I do not want to sync bookmarks.  I use my tablet for certain things and my laptops for others.  D83457WaitingDonald V Mar...14-02-201568Firefox
How do I configure Firefox hello I have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox installed and with it came Firefox hello, a messaging a82825WaitingJustin C Ama...05-02-201522Firefox
Should I refresh Firefox to troubleshoot? I am having issues and I think I need to refresh Firefox, but if I reset back to factory default, I'm afraid of the repercussions.  I l83454WaitingEric E Hundl...14-02-201540Firefox
Chrome Vs Firefox as at 2015 I am currently using google chrome but recently with the83642WaitingAlex I Fee19-02-201550Firefox
My IE and Firefox settings overrun each other I discovered recently that my Firefox startup page emulates that of IE. For example, if I set my IE83344WaitingMaurice B Ro...11-02-201511Firefox
Trying to get Firefox Sync set up on devices Hello, I am trying to get Firefox Sync set up on all my devices so I can use them all the same.  However, I am not seeing the same informat83456WaitingMaria P Gibb...14-02-201540Firefox
Having Script Errors Using Firefox I keep having major issues with Firefox freezing up. When I try to enter any text into the search bar or text on a page. Is this a Firefox issue82882WaitingEdith J Tuck...05-02-201530Firefox
Firefox OS- the advantages and disadvantages of the new OS I heard that firefox is currently making an OS for mobile platforms. Do any of you have any in83143WaitingLarry B Mend...08-02-201516Firefox
Firefox or Chrome For Safety? I do a lot of personal banking and work on my computer. So I need the safest browser to keep from getting hacked or identity theft. Is one brows82802WaitingTyrone E Lou...04-02-201533Firefox
Failed to load popup blocker assistant activex control I'm sure others will have already asked how stop the above warning from happening, the previous thread is expired. I would be very, ver83950WaitingTyrone E Lou...01-03-201529Firewalls
Basic knowledge about windows firewall Hello! As we all know there is a default windows firewall which can be turned on in settings and windows keep on suggesting that I turn it on. B83949WaitingTony E Dunca...01-03-201528Firewalls
What to expect in sending FoxPro back Hello, my FoxPro is out of warranty and it looks like my only option is to send it back.  What can I expect and what is the typical turnaro83492WaitingPhilip P Riv...15-02-201529FoxPro
Samsung blu ray player not connecting to internet I got an internet capable Samsung Blu ray entertainer equally an Xmequally existing. Had ATT DSL. Wired connection toward that router modem comb83980WaitingAbbigailanto...02-03-201514FTP Clients
X-Box 360 Doesnt Access WiFi I own an X-Box 360 that allows internet access through an Ethernet port. I have shifted houses so I83463WaitingTyrone E Lou...15-02-20158FTP Clients
Best free help desk software I need help regarding the help desk ticket software. As I need a software for the remote connection and I want a secure connection for that. Can83631WaitingTyrone E Lou...18-02-201551General