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I am very confused about this error. I am a web designer and use Xampp server as localhost but from few days I am receiving this error again and again. Detail of error is below.

XAMPP Control

XAMPP Component Status Check failure [1960235489],

Current directory: C:\Xampp

Run this program only from your XAMPP root directory.

                             OK                  Cancel

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I don’t know what the conditions of your computer are and you are trying to run Xampp from which user accounts. You must need to run Xampp from your administrator account. Because that is the root directory for Xampp. If you are not using Xampp from that user account then use it from there.

There is a progress for run Xampp. If it is not working then use this progress again. Go to Xampp control panel application and run it then click on setup button and again finish final progress. Then try to run Xampp. When you have done this with the command window will be like this.

Xampp can not run when the operating system is corrupted by virus. So clean all viruses.

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Just remove Key "Install_Dir" completely from Windows Registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\xampp] and Xampp Control will start without error message. Xampp Control then shows "No installer package found" in status window after start.