Which architecture to choose among x86 and x64?

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There are two architecture of operating system available. One is 32 bit OS and the other is 64 bit OS. Which one is the best among the 32 and 64 bit versions of an Operating System? What are the things which make 64 bit OS more powerful than the 32 bit version?

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Which architecture to choose among x86 and x64?

Hi Patricia,
The processor not only influences a computer's overall performance, but it can also help to decide the type of software used.
1 32-bit processors are not compatible with programs with 64-bit processors whereas the reverse is true.
2 These can support a maximum of 3 to 4GB of memory (RAM ) whereas their counterpart can support memory size more than 4GB.
RAM plays a pivotal role in software programs that are used for engineering or graphic designing, editing video footage and        rendering images.
3 In the case of 3D graphic programs, it makes more sense to upgrade the existing video card in a 32 bit processor instead of changing to a 62-bit OS.
4 64-bit processors are available in dual, quad , six core and eight core versions for computing at home. Multiple cores make increased number of calculations per second possible, which in turn improves the processing power.
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Which architecture to choose among x86 and x64?


I don’t think you can classify which is best between a 32-bit operating system and a 64-bit operating system because that will depend on the requirements of the user. These operating system architectures were also created to better manage the physical memory of the computer. The 32-bit operating system can only efficiently manage the physical memory up to 3.2 GB.

So, if you have 4 GB of physical RAM on your CPU, the amount exceeding the 3.2 GB capacity will be useless. Also in 32-bit operating system, even if you have 4 GB or 8 GB RAM, you cannot use applications that are memory hungry or the ones that require above 3.2 GB because that will only hug all your memory and make the system slow.

A 64-bit operating system is best if you need to use applications that require high memory usage because it will not only allow you to use more memory but it will also add speed to your processing. But in order to use 64-bit operating system, your hardware needs to be 64-bit as well because the architecture of the operating system to be installed will depend on the hardware you are using.

In order to install a 64-bit operating system, your motherboard needs to be 64-bit, your processor needs to be 64-bit, and the rest of your devices need to be compatible with 64-bit operating system. And also, it will depend on the CPU you are using because most of the time branded CPUs are built with limited memory slots.

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Which architecture to choose among x86 and x64?



The main difference between an x86 [32-bit] and an x64 [64-bit] Microsoft Windows is the amount of RAM they can both handle. Go that page for more information.

Difference of 64-bit and 32-bit Operating Systems

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