Getting multiple problems with Windows 8

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My computer is losing its functionality at an alarming rate. Well, my computer is not old yet some parts just stop working suddenly. A few days ago, the Windows button stopped and just the other day, I could not open pearls. Two days later, I could not access PC settings. When I open cmd as admin, I am not given access to UAC since it regards me as a normal user. I have Norton antivirus that is paid and a Windows 8 OS that I bought. At present, I cannot uninstall any app from my computer. What is wrong with it? Could this be a problem with Windows or Norton? Assuming it is a virus, is there a way to get rid of it and save my files? 

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Getting multiple problems with Windows 8


If you are the only one using your computer then supposedly you should be the administrator and your user account should have administrative privileges. Normally, any user with administrative privileges can run programs as administrator to give the application full privilege. But in your case, the computer won’t even allow you to open the CMD program as administrator and this is very odd.

Also, it is not normal for the computer to restrict you from uninstalling any programs on your computer because this thing only happens on an infected computer. Since I think it is a sign that a virus is starting to mess up everything on your computer, you probably need to try using the Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

It is a tool that can help you fix things up on an already infected system. There is no problem even if you already have an antivirus because it works alongside any antivirus program that you may have. To fix your problem, download and install the tool. Once it is downloaded, don’t disconnect from the internet yet because it requires internet connection during the installation.

After the installation, it will automatically update its virus database. When it is finished, start scanning your computer. When a virus is detected, repeat the scan after removing the virus until no more infections are detected. If you want to use Sophos for a long time, you need to replace it every 2 months because the program automatically expires and stops working after that period.

When the program stops working, uninstall it and then download the new version from the same link to install the tool again.

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