What is suggested a Dual core or Quad core?

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For my home use and to work on Graphics what is suggested? A Dual core or Quad core? 

Can anyone suggest the difference as well please…

Thank you


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What is suggested a Dual core or Quad core?


A Dual Core is a processor that has 2 cores. A Quad Core is a processor having 4 cores. Of course, Quad Core processors are much faster than Dual Cores. The idea for a processor having multiple cores is that, when it is processing something, whether it is a movie being played or, a game with heavy graphics, a document that is being edited, the workload is being divided and shared between these cores.

When all cores are sharing and processing the load simultaneously, then it will have a smooth workflow and it will run more quickly and efficiently. This is actually not just an idea, this is how it actually works in real time. Unlike before with the single core processors where another procedure cannot start because a previous task is still running and still waiting to terminate so another one can start. Here, all tasks are running simultaneously that's why every program runs quickly and smoothly.

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What is suggested a Dual core or Quad core?



Hi! Good Day! I hope this will help you with your question.
The multi-core processor is a kind of CPU that provides and generates two or more independent cores. These cores are normally attached to a chip multiprocessor also known as the CMP.
For dual-core it includes 2 cores while on Quad-core contains four cores. They work in various ways such as a sharing cache but not all of them have this feature.  
If you are a gamer that wish to have higher video RAM or using 3D animation software I suggest you use quad core.
While for a non-gamer you can use dual core for faster clock synchronization and speed and large cache. Lastly,
Please try to use at least 4 GB RAM for maximum performance of your desktop or laptop.


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What is suggested a Dual core or Quad core?



The dual-core system is clear and substantial to all computer users that can be two CPUS running in the computer, instead of one but two CPU. I’m  using the Dual-core.  So far my processor runs perfectly.  It also depends on you what do,  what if you are a games fanatic, you may choose the Quad-core because it runs 4 CPU cores,  than the Dual-core but runs very rapidly after two cores on the Dual-core.

The Quad-core, they improved this processor from 2 to 4 cores faster and good performance rather than the Dual-core but has a higher price.  I'd choose the Quad-core.

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