My 8 cores PC feels like 2 cores processor

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I bought a Novatech Barebone. It comes with ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 Motherboard and AMD FX-8320 8-core processor, 942 CPU and 8GB DDR 3 RAM. When I purchased it, everything comes pre-installed and they told me this is the best specifications in pre-over clock. However, it doesn't work like an 8-core CPU. Just today, I tried to render a 5-mins. Fraps recording from the MMO game. During the process, my CPU usage became 99% in an instant. The 8-cores max up and the temperature on my CPU became 79 degree Celcius.

I wonder what could be the problem here?

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My 8 cores PC feels like 2 cores processor


It looks like you are concerned about heating up and mixing out CPU use while rendering your Fraps recording.

But I think you don't need to be concerned about neither because the rendering programs are usually built to use all the processing power they get, while Frape rendering 99-100% of CPU use is what it should be.

And for the part where your CPUs are heating up to 79 degrees, it also is pretty normal, because as you said you haven't installed extra cooling except the one that came with the system.

As for the system too slow, if the rendering of some 5-6 min. of 1080p and 30fps should be expected to be done in some 15 minuites, and I really think your system might do it even faster.

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