What One needs to know about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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I am currently using Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 for the past two weeks. I have a great issue with the battery. I would like to know the correct duration for my tablet to charge completely? My tablet takes close to 10 hours to charge when I plug my charger in the wall and I wonder if that is right? What could be the possible cause such a long charge duration?

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What One needs to know about Samsung Galaxy Tab 3



If you’re not charging properly, this problem will arise. Also, this might be the fault of your battery or your device’s OS.

First of all, make sure that your battery charges completely. Plug in your charger and charge your phone until it shows message that it’s fully charged. You can also see if it’s fully charged when the battery icon is full and tells 100% charge remaining.

Check your device for OS update. This is quite necessary as in some device, Samsung detected bugs that cause battery draining and fixed in newer software updates.

1. Connect your phone to internet.

2. Go to Apps >> Settings >> About device >> Software update >> Update.

3. Wait until the update downloads.

4. Install the update.

Some apps also cause this charge draining issue. If booting into safe mode fixes this charging issue, then it’s the problem of your installed apps.

1. Press and hold “Power” button until the “Device options” appear.

2. Long press “Power off” option until a warning message appears.

3. Tap “OK”.

Now, check if the problem still arises.

If still no solution, you should check your battery whether it’s in good shape. You might need to change your battery.

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