What is the Mac equivalent for ChkDsk?

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I'm using a MacBook Pro, 10.6.8. I'd love to check my disk for damaged files.

What is the MAC equivalent for ChkDsk?

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What is the Mac equivalent for ChkDsk?


Disk Utility”It's the accepted MacOS X sweat to verify and bushel volumes

(=drives / partitions).

Just require to swill out from a MacOS X position DVD, Best the one that came with the Mac, when you bought it. Start your Mac on and place in the DVD spell pressing the C button.

Disk Utility”It's the accepted MacOS X

Choose native Language, you unfasten the “Disk: Utility” exertion from the screen listing bar.

And choose the begin volume and emit on “Repair Volume”. On getting it, also run Repair Permissions.

If you want everything in detail Download lessons from here:

And if your Mac is in succession on previous MacOS 9, run from that plate and employ the First Aid Application”.

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What is the Mac equivalent for ChkDsk?

  • Go to Disk utility in Mac.
  • See the First Aid tab.
  • Select the drive from the left pane
  • Click Verify Disks

It will display the results and let you know about the damage done to the disk.

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