What kind of blog topic do you prefer

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Hi guys.

I want to start a blog but I don't have any idea what will be the topic of my blog. Can anyone here suggest me what kind of blog I will create. So I can get a lot of traffic in my blog website.

Please also share what title of blog do you prefer.


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What kind of blog topic do you prefer



Well it doesn't depend actually of what type of blog people want , but what field are you good at, because if you make a blog it will take time and patience to populate it, so if you don't love what you do, you will not carry on for a  long time,

Now : supposing that you have kind of knowledge in programming you start a blog to give advices and tips and samples of project to help people master the programming language that you are providing and make cool things with it. The advantage of this kind of blog is that if you do a good job, you will gain a stable traffic to your website , because those who follow you will always come back to see what new things you did. An example of blogs of this kind will be : 



If you are good at photography, you can make a blog to show your work, and eventually to start a ecommerce with the images you are doing, an example of this kind of blogs is: 



this list will go on, but it depends really it depends on you !!

hope this helps!!


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