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I saw this tab in the task manager called Networking and I'm just wondering what does Network Utilization mean. What if I have a 100Mbps link speed and a 5% network utilization, does it mean that my speed is 5Mbps?

How can I have 100% utilization? Does it affect my Internet connection?

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Network Utilization is the ratio of your current traffic up to the maximum traffic that the port can handle. The maximum speed still depends on the type of connection you have. If you are using a 3G mobile broadband modem and you are a 100mbps monthly subscriber, your maximum Network Utilization at 100% would be 100MB per second. But it doesn’t that since you are a 100mbps subscriber you will have a steady speed of 100MB all the time. The traffic speed still depends on the condition of the network. If your network happens to be crowded with internet users on that day then you will not have a peak of 100MB. And it’s not a guarantee that you will really have a 100MB per second speed. It is only the maximum speed that you can have in your network.

Upload speed is different from Download speed. Upload speed is quite lower than Download. If you can download at a speed of 100kbps, usually the upload speed in this connection only gets around 40-60kbps.

Sharath Reddy

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The network utilization is concerned with the process and threads of your computer. To view Task manager, press ctrl + shift + Esc at the same time. Select the Process tab and see the programs running during start up, until you open this window.

You can utilize  the computer by giving them enough memory while using many programs. It can be a big deal if too many processes are running in a low memory designation or sharing that can cause into dumping.