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Hi friends,

What is the difference between Simplex, Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex?

Need Urgent Solution and answer should be detailed.


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In case of simplex communication, one station is the transmitter and the other is receiving. Only transmitter sends data or information. So this is effectively a one way communication. Its most common examples include television, radio etc.


In half duplex transmission, two systems are connected by a point to point link to transmit and receive signals. Both can transmit but one at a time e.g. Walkie-talkie


In full duplex transmission, signals are transmitted in both directions; both stations can receive and send the data at the same time (simultaneously). This type of transmission is also referred to as two-way simultaneous. Full duplex transmission required two independent channels, one for receiving the data and one for transmitting the data.

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Thank you so much Mr. James,

Well it was really a confusing terms and i was searching for the differences.

Any way this post really helped me to understand each other separately.

Thank you so much for making this answer more simple!

Great Guys.


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Half-duplex is also referred to as HDX. This kind of communication allows communication on both directions. But the manner of sending and receiving the signal is only allowed to one direction only at a time. Meaning you cannot transmit and at the same time receive a signal all at the same time.

One good example of this type of communication is the walkie-talkie or the handheld two-way radio. When this device is used, you need to say “over” after you speak to let the other person know that you are finished speaking so he can now begin talking. When a person begins receiving the signal, he must wait for the transmitter to stop transmitting before he can begin a reply.

This is done so he can also transmit and receive the signal. Full-duplex is also termed as FDX. This type of communication doesn’t only allow communications on both directions but can also be done simultaneously. This means both parties can transmit and receive signals all at the same time. An example of this type of communication is the telephone.

Simplex is the communications mode where only one signal is transmitted and it always goes to one direction only.

Sharath Reddy