What is the difference between AMD and Intel processors?

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I am a little confused about the two processors manufactured by Intel and AMD. As per I have known before, this is one company before but time happened to break-up their team developer of the processor for a certain reason. Since then, I had to buy a lot of computers but now the quality and performance of the two differs.

What is the difference between the two processors? 

Which one would be good in terms of usage in longer period of time?

I need to know the quality and performance of the Intel and AMD processor.

Any body who can give me a broad idea on these matters?

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What is the difference between AMD and Intel processors?


Hi Jensean,

I am glad to give you my ideas about the two processors. Yeah, that is true that they were one company before but they split for certain reasons and they are the competitors in business. For you to know about this two manufacturer, I will have to give the comparison of there different product releases. Let's start with,

Basic Processors:

Intel atom and AMD Athlon NEO and NEO x2. These two processors are commonly found in Netbooks and nettops. Intel atom is designed to keep the power consumption and the price as compared to other Intel. It has got lesser processing power. It is usually made as user but the quality type of AMD Athlon and Intel are equivalent because they integrate with ATI and graphics.

Intel Centrino/Centrino Dou and AMD Sempron. Intel centrino were the best for mobile – computing. The AMD Sempron is found to be low budget for laptops and desktop. These two processors usually are used for some basic computing uses such as internet browsing, basic office work and email.

Midrange processors:

Intel Pentium Dual Core and AMD Turion II /Ultra:

Intel dual core is a predecessor of the Core 2 Duo chipset. AMD Turion /Ultra give a good business to AMD because of being excellent multimedia output.

Intel Core 2 Duo and Phenom II X3 & Phenom II X4
Intel's Core 2 Duo has a good reputation as the most sold out processors. In 64 bit computing capabilities, they are triple and quad core processor.

High End Processors:

Intel Core iSeries and AMD Phenom II X6

When it comes to high end processors the Intel has i3,i5 & i7 that is relatively economical processor. It is the latest and the newest technology in Intel. AMDs Phenom II X6 is its first six-core processor, increases the overall performance and takes into consideration number of active cores, power consumption, processor temperature etc. On the other hand it is optimized the highest level of performance.

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What is the difference between AMD and Intel processors?


Hi Russell,

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. Now I have an idea, what type of processor is to be used in a certain conditions. Either AMD or Intel, depends on what was the particular usage of that computer after assembling.



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