My PC is very slow and it takes long time for surfing

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Hi guys,

I have Acer Iron Gray 11.6" C710-2856 Chromebook with Windows 7 installed in it.

I have not installed many programs on my laptop. But, it is very slow while bootup and also while browsing. I have AVG plus Spybot and also the CC Cleaner and I am using it daily. Sometimes I use malware bytes software to identify and delete any malware. Even after taking all precautions my system is very slow. I am not understanding what is the reason.

Can somebody help me on how to Make it speed? Please advise. Thanks a lot in advance!

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My PC is very slow and it takes long time for surfing


The laptop model that you just described does not come with Windows 7 installed. It is a Chromebook and it comes with the Chrome OS operating system.

The boot-up sequence will be slow because you have tampered with the laptop's stock settings. By installing a different OS on a system that was designed to work with a specific operating system, you have removed the valid warranty that you received when you bought it. 

Installing the Windows 7 OS on a Chromebook with conclude in faulty hardware that will not work properly and will also function with different problems.

I recommend reinstalling the Chrome OS operating system back on your Chromebook because its hardware was specifically designed to be used with that operating system.


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