What causes the laptop LCD to solidify

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What causes the Laptop’s LCD to solidify?

My friend who was working abroad sent me a box containing his laptop which he is going to get from me once he has gotten home. After five months he was back home and came to me to get the laptop which was still in the box that I had kept in a glass cabinet.

When we opened the box we were shocked to find out that the laptop’s LCD screen had crystallized or solidified. What caused this?

Can it be repaired or replaced?

Please help.


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What causes the laptop LCD to solidify



This problem creates when you dropped your laptop for sometimes. Otherwise I had not seen this type of problem before. It may happen for another reason if you your laptop were packed in for a long time. LCD has some limitation of its component. It’s really sensitive for many cases. If your LCD screen had crystallized or solidified then I don’t thing either possible to repair it by you or your friend.

The best way is to take that laptop to nearest service center immediately. How old is your laptop? If it is 6 month or less than one year then you may have warranty. Just contact the showroom from where you buy it. 

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What causes the laptop LCD to solidify


Dear Angelo,

By some reason, the lcd is broken. Depending on its brand and support, you can get a substitution from the manufacturer of the laptop or an official repair shop. Repairing the lcd is not possible or very expensive.

You can connect the graphics card output to a tv set and work with it until you get a subtitution.

Best luck with it!

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