HP Pavilion black display issue

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I have HP Pavilion dv 5 core2duo model.

I have been using it from almost 8-9 months without facing any problem.

But today its display got black all I can see is the CAPS and NUM lock lights flashing only.

What should I do any expert help please.

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HP Pavilion black display issue


Almost all new laptops have a secret CAPS and NUM lock blinking codes for different issues. This issue can be judged by

debugging such codes. Issue can be as little as insufficient battery charge and can also be as serious as CPU failure.  You

can debug the code by counting the number of blinks of the lights. Use the following link from HP official site to check your issue.


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HP Pavilion black display issue


It is a common problem for computers, its either desktops or laptops. Devices or gadgets are like humans that knows where there is wrong in or body.

You told that the CAPS and NUM locks are flashing, due to the reason that your device detects some error on some components inside. I hope that the following instructions will help you to solve your problem and I not telling you that this will work 100 percent:

1.   If the CAPS and NUM locks are flashing and there is no display on the screen, long press the power bottom until the flashing of the locks turn off (this will turned off the whole system). Then turn it on again. (If there is no improvements proceed to step #2.)

2.   You need to remove the entire power source connected to the device before performing this step. Be sure also that you are an expert on troubleshooting electronic circuits and know how to hold electronic components of the device. Remove the memory, and clean it with white erasers only on the gold part of the Memory or RAM. If still not worked ask for an assistance for of an expert.


1. Static electricity on human body can destroy the IC of devices. It is advisable that you need to use anti static strap before performing the 2nd step.

2. The flashing of the NUM and CAPS locks corresponds to some errors on you device depending on the kind of BIOS your device has installed by the manufacturer.

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