How to boost laptop audio output quality?

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Hi guys. I have a very serious problem with my laptop. I am watching movie but audio is not clear and while it works fine with headphone. Usually I keep the volume to maximum level watching video or song. I have checked all settings related to sound and even reinstalled sound drivers again and again but it did not work. Please tell me any method to boost laptop audio output quality.

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How to boost laptop audio output quality?



Laptop speakers are not loud. Laptops are portable so manufactures don't really care about speakers, they expect consumers to use external headphones or speakers. You can still optimize your sound settings to get pretty good sound quality.

1) Use VLC player. You can increase the volume up to 400%, which is the best compared to other players. I push the volume to 400% while watching movies and still get good clarity. Adjust the equalizer settings to get more bass or treble according to your needs.

2) Buy external speakers. Speakers are very affordable these days, you can buy a new set of 2.1 speakers for less than $20.


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