What is the best audio player for Windows 7 Ultimate

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After I cleaned up my PC, reinstalled Windows and everything, I started listening to music online, on YouTube or Sound cloud.

I got kind of bored to always create a playlist and load it, and there are chances that the internet goes down, and in that case I don't have access to my playlists.

So now I want you guys to tell me what is the best audio player for Windows 7 and in my case Ultimate edition, because it is the best one. Please recommend me what you think as to be the best, but don't just tell me the name of the software and the link to download. Explain a bit why is it the best.

What features does it have or what plugins can I get for it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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What is the best audio player for Windows 7 Ultimate


Hi Richard! Well, what you're asking is a pretty difficult question, because there are so many things to take into account, but I'll give you a top three of the best music players on Windows 7, and you will choose the one that suits you most.

One of the most used players is Winamp, which is great if you get bored quickly and want to change the skin every other day. It has a lot of skins, services and extensions that will help you customize everything you want. You can also use media catalogs for a good management of your songs, podcasts or radio stations.

The most recent versions even allow you to import files from the iTunes library, and you can also play with the settings of equalization, for instance. The downside is that you have to pay for using it, and the sound quality isn't exactly the best on the market, even though it's pretty good.


Another player that is largely downloaded is the AIMP. The best thing on this one is that it has a sound quality absolutely impressive, and it can support more than 20 different formats. It also has extra sound effects and, of course, a graphics equalizer.

It is also very customizable (although not as much as Winamp), you can download further plug-ins and another important feature is that you can convert an audio CD to MP3, WAV or other types of files. The downside is that it can get pretty complicated to use, but if you're not interested in particularly organizing everything, it's okay.


The last player I would suggest is foobar2000. It is also free, and it was created especially for Microsoft, so you shouldn't encounter any compatibility problems, like you might have, for instance, with the iTunes music player.

Some of its advantages are: customizable shortcuts for keyboard, it's also customizable, and an open component architecture. It doesn't support that many audio formats like the AIMP, but it still has a good sound quality and a good playlist management.


Good luck with finding the right music player for you!

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