Cannot create Map Network for Windows 7

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I try to create Map Network for Windows 7 and I am getting this problem every time I turn on my PC and try to access, it worked fine first time. Now it appears disconnected in Windows Explorer and I can’t access this driver map. Also, I don’t have Administrative Rights because it changed my rights in the first run. How can I solve this without reinstalling my Windows 7 and how I can get back Administrative Rights on my PC? Thanks!


MapDrive1.00© 2010 Zom Software

http: zornsoftware.

Makes mapping network drives on Windows7 startup reliable. If the drive mapping fails, the program will keep attempting to create the mapping until the specified timeout is reached. This is a solution for the poor reliability of mapping network drives on startup in Windows 7.

Syntax: MapDrive.exe ‹driveLetter:› ‹serverShare› [timeoutSeconds]

Example: MapDrive s:\servershare 20

This will keep attempting to map s: to the specified path for up to 20 seconds before giving up.

You can run this program via a shortcut in your Startup folder to map drives for non-elevated processes and/or via a group-policy logon script configured via gpedit.msc for elevated processes. See the above website for more information.

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Cannot create Map Network for Windows 7


I don’t think the problem is with the software because it is only a mapping tool in the first place and it only maps network drives. Its main function is to map a drive from the server and share it on your terminal and is best used if you are in a local area network where you can map different drives.

If you are the one who installed it then I’m sure you are the administrator and obviously you have administrative rights. I don’t think the program will edit and change your user permissions and remove all your administrative rights because I haven’t heard and encountered a program yet that intends to modify the user’s permissions but if this thing did happen to you then something really went wrong.

To fix it, try uninstalling it since it already changed your user rights and use a different drive mapping tool on your computer. If you can’t uninstall MapDrive because you don’t have administrator rights, try restarting in Safe Mode. When prompted to login, select Administrator instead of your user account. Go to Control Panel, User Accounts, and then restore your account’s administrator rights.

Instead of using MapDrive from Zorn Software, download and install a different tool like MapDrive from SourceForge.

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