What are the rumors about iPhone 5?

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We all heard about iPhone 5. It is strongly rumors to be released in the mid of this year. What are other rumor about this new gadget and what is the big difference of this gadget from others that are already released?

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What are the rumors about iPhone 5?


Hello Friend,

You say it correct, the rumors are flying in about the iPhone 5. Apple is in its creation, but we are getting news which is leaked from their labs. The main news are as follows:

  1. iPhone may launch in the September this year. This is the latest and most discussed news about iPhone 5. Because instead of iPad mini Apple is trying to launch iPhone 5. Which is double enjoyment for the users.
  2. iPhone 5 have more RAM and some map tweaks. The rumors saying that new iPhone will have more RAM and iOS 6. And they add also some map tweaks of Apple Map.
  3. Have big screens and there will be a Face time camera on the top side.
  4. iPhone owns iPhone5.com. This is an old news which proven to be true.
  5. iPhone 5 will have a taller screen which was an unexpected change.

Those are the updates and rumors about iPhone 5. It is still being discussed by the Apple lovers.

So the rumors saying that we have to wait until the September for the launch of iPhone 5.

I hope you get the answer. Have a nice day.

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What are the rumors about iPhone 5?


Hi Zalvahegracie,

Thanks for your question for sure iPhone 5 is likely to be launch in September 2012, since your biggest concern is on the rumor about this gadget, the rumor has it that it is really a nice roundup, it has a better camera compared to the iPhone 4S, coupled with a better resolution, bigger screen, scanner camera, it has no home button, though with the new design.

The rumor further has it that iPhone 5 is a product of the same company Apple and the details posted indicate that the version of the hardware, and iOS 6, the next major version of iOS. Among the details is that the next iPhone will sport 1 GB of RAM up from the 512 MB found in the iPhone 4 to around 4G capabilities, and one can wonder how much faster the processor will be.

The changes noted on iPhone 5 indicate that the screen is taller, and that the Face Time camera has been moved to the very top, center of the device, like on the iPad. The rumor has it that the device will sport 4G/LTE technology and be fully redesigned.

iPhone will have a 4-inch screen and a thinner, taller body according to lounge iPhone will be 10 mm taller, and 2 mm thinner than the iPhone 4/4S.

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